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BV=a German village near the Black Sea .  
FN= German family name.   
FSL= First Settlers’ List.   
GL= a locality in the Germanies.   
GS= one of the German states.  
ML= Marriage List.  
RN= the name of a researcher who has verified one or more German origins.  
UC= unconfirmed.   
VV= a German Volga village.

Names in bold are an entry or a cross-reference to an entry. 
Red text calls attention to information for which verification is completed or well underway.

Q                 last updated Jan. 2015

QadeFN: see Quade.

QuadeFN: the GCRA found records indicating that this family was fromUC Heidelberg, Baden and was in Kassel from 1822 to 1842 when it went to Arcis, Bessarabia.  Also spelled Qade and Quady.  See their book for more.  A possibly related Quade is mentioned in KS:396.

QuadyFN: see Quade.

Quant{Michael}FN: his daughter was listed in Susannental in 1790 as going to Graf  to marry (Mai1798:Mv1877) however I could not locate a Quant in any FSl, and the daughter’s maiden name is given as Bader in Graf in 1798( Mai1798:Gf38).  Perhaps she was the widow of an unknown Bader born after the T list was done?

QuastFN: said by the Kano FSL to be fromUC Moitzfeld.  The 1798 Kano census gave frau Quast’s maiden name as Auerbach (Mai1798:Kn23).

Queck: KS149 says he was from Schitzerland in Oberhessen.

QueckbornGL, [ probably Hessen-Darmstadt Landgraviate]: is some 11 miles E of Giessen, Hessen. Said by the Ernestinendorf FSL to be homeUC to Reis{Johannes}, and possibly Reis{Johann,Conrad} and Reis{Maria} families.  Said by the Buedingen ML to be homeUC to a Schmidt woman who married a Krueger man in 1766; by 1767 this couple was in Goebel (Mai&Marquardt#515).  Said by the Kraft FSL to be homeUC to a Springel family.  Said by the Buedingen ML to be homeUC to Boecher/Becker{Jost Conrad}who married Ruehl{Eliesabetha}in Buedingen 27 May 1766 (Mai&Marquardt#669).

Quedlinburg [Abbey]: this small country centered around the city of the same name which was 12 km SSE of Halberstadt city, throughout the 18th century disputed its independence from Kurbrandenburg which claimed it had purchased it in the previous century.  Said by the Katharinenstadt FSL to be homeUC to a Jarke? family.  Said by the Stephan FSL to be homeUC to a Wesch family.

QueisnerFN: see Queissner.

QueissnerFN: said by the Doenhof FSL to be fromUC Kurpfalz (no locality mentioned).  Later spelled Queisner.

QuellendorfGL, [Anhalt-]Dessau [Principality]: is some 23 miles SW of Wittenberg city, and said by the Boaro FSL to be homeUC to Fessel, Koenig, and Paris families. Said by the Neidermonjou FSL to be homeUC to a Passel family.

QuellendorfGL, [Anhalt-Dessau Principality]:  is 6 miles SW of Dessau city, and according to Anhalt-Dessau records abstracted by Dr. Waeshke and annotated by Dr. Lippert, a Wartmann family movedUC fromUC Oster-Nienburg in 1754 to Quellendorf (Mai&Marquardt#1169).  From there they moved to Paulskaya.   Said by the Kano FSL to be homeUC to two Tenerkauf families.

QuellendorfGL: also see Wallendorf.

QuenzerFN: in 1819 settled in Gueldendorf, Odessa; family records found by Curt Renz in Hoffenheim, Sinsheim parish, Wuerttemberg.  Stumpp, p.599, mistakenly lists this family as Ganzer.

QuerfurtGL/GS, [Kursachsen]: from just after 1635 – 1746 this was a small country centered on the town of the same name situated some 16 miles SW of Halle city.  In 1746 it was absorbed by Kursachsen but kept on for some administrative purposes.  It was said by the Orlovskaya FSL to be homeUC to a Weise family. 

Querfurt, [Kur-]Sachsen: said by the Pleve version of Stahl-am-Karaman (#15) to be homeUC to Straub{J.Christian}.  Said by the Urbach FSL to be homeUC  to Zahn family.  Same place as the preceding entry.

QuestenbergGL, Stolberg County: is some 9 miles SE of Stolberg city; see Ottenberg.

Quindt/KwindtFN{Andreas}: married Loeber{Charlotta Sophia} in Rosslau 9 April 1766 (Mai&Marquardt#928).  KS143 has {A.Elis.Charl.Sophia} and the wrong year: 1765. On 4 July 1766 {Andreas & Anna} arrived in Russia, he said to be fromUC Zerbst (Kulberg1561).  Later in 1766 {Andreas & Sus.Wilhelmi.) with no children took transport in Oranienbaum for the Volga on which trip she died (T5936-5937).  By 7 June 1767 {Andreas & Anna} had setteled at Boaro FSL #4, he said to be fromUC Zerbst (no locality mentioned).   In 1777 {Andreas} and his Koch wife {A.Rosina} and 2 daughters moved to Dreispitz (Mai1798:Mv291), where the widowed {Rosina} was still living in 1798 (Dr42). Gary Martins found that this name was also spelled Kwindt.

QuindtFN: also see Quint.

Quint/QuindtFN{Jacob,Matthias,Nicolaus,A.Christina}: four siblings said by the Louis FSL #56 to be fromUC Bernkastel, Kurtrier. In 1798 the family name was spelled Quindt (Mai1798:Ls11,17).  Not found in Kulberg or in T.  Using LDS film #585928 Denise Grau found the baptisms of these siblings respectively in 9 Mr 1753, 4 Mr 1755, 4 Nov 1758, 9 Mar 1760 and 21 Mar 1751 in Morscheid, [Kurtrier] to {Carolo} and his Berlinger wife {Angela}.  In the the Famlienbuch Morscheid-Wahlholz 1647-1798 in film # 1336855 she found that {Carl} first had married {Otilia} producing  3 children during 1734-1743, then second married {Angelia} daughter of {J.Heinrich} 7 April 1750.  In addition to their 5 chidren listed above the had a daughter {Margaretha} bapt. 4 Nov1758.

QuintFN{Margaretha}: in the Phillipsfeld FSL #32 she was the mother-in-law of Schaefer{Andreas}, so was the likelymother of his wife {Elisabeth}.  In 1766 this name seems to have been spelled Kind (Mai&Marquardt#183). 

Quint{J.Andreas}: he was a godfather at the 6 May 1766 Wachsmus-Hornsch baptism in Luebeck (Mai&Marquardt#1350).  On 4 July 1766 {Andreas & Anna} with no children arrived in Russia, he said to be from Dessau (Kulberg1561-1562).   Later in 1766 {Andreas & Sus.Wilhelmi.} with no children took transport in Oranienbaum for the Volga on which trip she died (T5936-5937). Not found in any later source.

QuiramFN: listed by the 1816 Kassel census (#90) without origin, and by KS:397 as having come fromUC Polen.  The GCRA thinks they probably came via West Prussia; see their book for more.



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