Ancestor List (Gedlist)


The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR) Ancestor List, also known as the Genealogy Database List (Gedlist) has been developed from the family history data submitted by members of AHSGR. Members are encouraged to submit complete sets of genealogy forms.  Members using genealogy software are encouraged to also submit GEDCOM format files of their German-Russian genealogical data.  If you need help searching our ancestor list, please view our search tips sub-section.


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Aab-Adamo  Adams-Adrian  Adrieno-Alden  Alder-Alten  Altep-Amen Amend-Ander  Andes-Appel  Appelgren-Arnh  Arno-Aszter  Atch-Azey

B-Barkm  Barko-Baum  Bauma-Beierb  Beierl-Bergm  Bergme-Bill  Billa-Boesc  Boese-Brackel  Bracken-Britt  Britz-Bujo  Buka-Bzz

C-Carlo  Carlp-Chilk  Chil-Claa  Clab-Clau  Claw-Cold  Cole-Conw  Cony-Cory  Cosb-Cree  Cref-Czop

D  D-Dani  Dank-Decker  Deckert-Denne  Denni-Dick  Dicke-Dirck   Dircks-Dobler  Dobn-Doug  Dough-Drus  Dry-Duo  Dup-Dz 

E  E-Eckhard  Eckhardt-Ediger  Edigh-Ehrlick  Eib-Elg  Elh-Emig  Emil-Enlo  Enn-Eply  Epp-Erdm  Erdn-Ess  Est-Ezz 

F-Fas   Fat-Fert   Ferz-Fishel   Fisher-Flinn   Flint-Frani   Frank-Fredo  Fredr-Friese   Friesen-Friesj   Frieske-Fuhrer   Fuhrm-Fzz

G-Gasp  Gass-Geoh  Geor-Getz  Geu-Gint  Gioa-Goeh  Goek-Goo  Gop-Grap  Gras-Gres  Gret-Grov  Grow-Gzz

Haa-Hamm  Hamma-Hart  Harte-Heids  Heidt-Hella  Hellb-Hern  Hero-Hiedd  Hiede-Hochh  Hochn-Hohl  Hohm-Hots  Hott-Hz


J-Jeh   Jek-Jz

K-Kaufe  Kauff-Kempe  Kempf-Kiri  Kirk-Klas  Klat-Klim  Klin-Koch  Kocha-Korna  Korne-Krein  Kreis-Krug  Kruge-Kys

  Lane-Laub  Lauc-Lech  Leck-Leik  Leil-Lesp  Less-Lind  Linda-Loco  Lod-Loho  Lohr-Loux  Lov-Lyv

M-Mans  Mant-Marti  Martn-McB  McC-Mehl  Mehla-Merl  Merm-Micha  Miche-Miller  Milles-Moos  Moot-Muel  Muen-Mzz

N-Nas  Nast-Neiz  Nel-Neue  Neufeld-Neufeld  Neufeldt-Neume  Neumi-Nick  Nicka-Niedens  Niedent-Nikk  Niko-Nord  Nore-Nzz

O-Obrid  Obrie-Odeg  Odel-Ohei  Ohl-Oli  Olk-Ols  Olt-Orth  Orti-Oster  Ostere-Osz  Ot-Ott  Ou-Oz

P-Parkh  Parki-Pay  Pea-Penne  Penni-Peters  Petersa-Pfan  Pfau-Philb  Phili-Pits  Pitt-Pop  Por-Prib  Pric-Pzz


R-Ratt  Ratz-Regh  Regi-Reimen  Reimer-Reisd  Reise-Reum Reus-Rieh  Riek-Roge  Rogg-Rotg  Roth-Rudz  Rue-Rzz

S-Schai   Schal-Schleh   Schlei-Schmidt  SchmidtB-Schorz  Schott-Schwab  Schwaba-Shen   Shep-Smith   Smithe-Stark   Starl-Stork   Storm-Szz

T-Tay  Tca-Thes  Theu-Thiess  Thiesz-Thom  Thon-Tif  Tig-Toe  Tof-Traud  Traue-Trip  Tris-Tsa  Tsc-Tz

U-Ulm  Ulr-Unroe  Unruh   Unser-Uzz

V-Vau  Vav-Vin  Vio-Volk  Voll-Vonf  Vonl-Vzz

W-Waldn  Waldo-Wann  Wans-Webe  Weber-Weidl  Weidm-Weiz Wek-Whitm  Whitn-Wien  Wiep-Winc  Wind-Wole  Wolf-Wzz



Z-Zes  Zet-Zim  Zin-Zyl


Using the Ancestor List (Gedlist)

It is also recommended that users browse through the Ancestor List for the name being sought since there can be many variations in the spelling of some names.  Use the "find" function on the browser on individual pages.

Birth and death dates are provided when available for individuals who are no longer living. AHSGR has sought to protect the privacy of individuals included in our database; therefore, entries for individuals included in the database who are still living do not indicate dates or places of birth. When users find entries for an individual or individuals on the gedlist and are interested in obtaining more information, a Research Request Form may be submitted to AHSGR. Be sure to indicate the name of the specific individual(s) for whom information is. Questions on this and other resources may be directed to the reference staff at AHSGR.

The Ancestor List (Gedlist) is a list of all the names in the database and includes many duplicate entries, as information on many individuals has been submitted by more than one person. Because of the multiple submissions for many entries in the database, some inconsistencies exist. Duplicate submissions from different individuals often contain conflicting data, such as dates of birth or death, or spelling of names. AHSGR lacks the means to check all records for accuracy; therefore, it is each individual's responsibility to determine the validity of the data by checking birth and death certificates, and other documents used in genealogy research.

Each name is coded with the member SEN number to identify the person who submitted the information. The SEN (Surname Exchange Number) identification code may be deciphered by reading the AHSGR Clues document. If the person who submitted the data has died or is no longer a member of the Society, the code may not be in the latest Clues issue. Examining your Clues back issues or contacting AHSGR may be necessary. Additional coding is present for some names to indicate a religious affiliation: C (Catholic), M (Mennonite), P (Protestant) followed by a dash and the SEN coding as shown in the following examples: ATKINSON, Deanna K –P-Z005; Atkinson, Dennis –H402

Because of the large volume of member-submitted genealogy data and the human resource limitations at AHSGR Headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, some of the member-submitted data has not yet been entered to the genealogy database and therefore does not appear on this list. Any question about data that has been submitted but cannot be found in the list should be referred to AHSGR. It is advisable to also utilize AHSGR's reference services to search the Family Group Card file, the predecessor to the genealogy database, for information submitted prior to 1990 that is not found in the list. The AHSGR staff and volunteers are continuously working to enter this backlog of genealogy data. Any AHSGR members interested in assisting with this effort may refer to our Volunteer page.

Search Tips

Search for various spellings of the names you are looking by using the search function in your browser (usually under Edit). The letter C and the letter K was often used interchangeably such as Conrad and Konrad or Catherine and Katherine. The letter Y and J were also interchanged such as Jungman and Yungman. Also search for both the German and American versions of a given name such Heinrich and Henry or Maria, Marie and Mary. Don't forget about looking for shortened names such as Kate or nicknames such as Jack or Harry.

For surnames with umlauts the proper spelling would be: ä = ae, ö = oe, ü = ue. As an example, the surname Görlitz should be spelled Goerlitz. However,  Görlitz is just as commonly spelled Gorlitz, or Gerlitz, so be sure to look for those spelling variations. Only the find button will allow a search for a part of a name, such as the "litz" in Goerlitz, and will help to find all the spelling variations.