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Birth/*Chr Date and Place not listed for living persons!

SURNAME, GIVEN Birth/*Chr Birth/*Chr Place Death/*Bur Death/*Bur Place

CLAWSON, Anna -W498

CLAWSON, Elizabeth -K259

CLAWSON, John C -P-B441

CLAWSON, Nancy Ruth -T148

CLAWSON, Patric Brandley -P-S142

CLAY, -U-T040

CLAY, Erin -H476

CLAY, Gabriel -H436

CLAY, Ivis -H476

CLAY, Joseph -H436

CLAY, Larry -H436

CLAY, Megan -H476

CLAY, Rosemary -C-S687

CLAY, Rosemary -S663

CLAY, Russel Norman -S732

CLAY, Wayne -H476

CLAYBORN, Emma Lou -M-F170

CLAYBURG, Tommy Dale -P-B187


CLAYCOMB, Stewart -P-D102

CLAYMORE, Mary -E101

CLAYPOLO, Darlene M -P-S214

CLAYPOOL, Maxine -P-B148

CLAYTON, Alice Sarah -M027 11 Sep 1864 Montello, Marquette, Wisconsin, United States 20 Dec 1914 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States
CLAYTON, Charles -P009

CLAYTON, Earl -H222

CLAYTON, Florence Bell -E083

CLAYTON, Forbush Ellie -P-B454

CLAYTON, George -H436

CLAYTON, Lucille S499

CLAYTON, Mary -S690

CLAYTON, Mary Ellen -P-D027

CLAYTON, Pam -R378

Abt 1990
CLAYTON, Philander Alfred M207 11 Aug 1839 Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States 17 Sep 1912 Waseca, Waseca, Minnesota, United States
CLAYTON, Shirley Mae -D441 2 May 1932 Ft Lupton, Colorado 24 Aug 1962 Denver, Colorado
CLAYTON, Winnie -C134

CLEAR, Anna Marie -D208 1879 Norka, Saratov, Volga, Russia 6 May 1956 Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska
CLEAR, Christina -P082

CLEAR, Edward D -P-C069 1899
CLEAR, Ludwig -D208

CLEAR, Ludwig -S310

CLEAR, Taylor Jesse -P-C069

CLEARWATER, Gladys -P-B394


CLEASON, Robert Werner -P-G213

CLEAT, Catherine -L204

CLEECK, Ruth -P057

CLEER, Amalie -W466 1739

CLEER, Catharina Margareth -B432 24 Dec 1838

CLEER, Catharina Margaretha -K317 24 Dec 1838 Norka, Saratov, Volga, Russia

CLEER, Helena -H436 15 Apr 1822
22 Feb 1873
CLEES, Mary -P138

CLEGG, -M-F170 Abt 1888

CLEGG, Bonnie -M-F170

CLEGG, Edward F C -P-Z048

CLEGG, Gloria -M-B338

CLEGG, Kenneth -R122

CLEGHORN, Edwin George -P-S220

CLEGHORN, Leona Mildred -P-S220

CLELAND, Brian -P-N045

CLELAND, Dorthy -M-F170

CLELAND, Gaylene -P-N045

CLELAND, Gertrude -M-F170

CLELAND, Jack -T119

CLELAND, John -M-F170 Abt 1895

CLELAND, Josephine -M403 28 Mar 1835 Herkimer, New York 3 Jul 1917 Lockport, Niagra, New York
CLELAND, Margaret -S732

CLELAND, Willard -M403 1 Jan 1802
25 Aug 1895
CLELAND, Willard -P-N045

CLEM, Kathleen -P-H042

CLEM, Larue -P-D165

CLEMEN, Evelyn -B299

CLEMENCE, Dean LeRoy -P138

CLEMENS, Frank -R265

CLEMENS, Jason Michael -P-D095

CLEMENS, Josephine -P-D095

CLEMENS, Richard -S690

CLEMENS, Vern -P-D095

CLEMENS, William Helms -P-M169

CLEMENS, William Helms -P-M169

CLEMENSON, Arlene L -P-H407


CLEMENT, Agnes -C134 Abt 1215 Willenhall, Saffordshire, England 1300 Willenhall, Saffordshire, England
CLEMENT, Connie Mae -P046

CLEMENT, John C -L280

CLEMENT, Marcia -C-S452

CLEMENT, Martin -L065

CLEMENT, Michael -P-S653

CLEMENT, Mike -H436

CLEMENT, Misty -P-S653


CLEMENTS, George F -P-H407

CLEMENTS, Gerald Dean -E134

CLEMENTS, Jasper -F224 1614
1678 Ct
CLEMENTS, Joel -K287

CLEMENTS, Margery -C134 Abt 1270 Wolverhampton, Saffordshire, England Abt 1340 Willenhall, Saffordshire, England
CLEMENTS, Mary -S1395

CLEMENTS, Niland R -D193

CLEMENTS, Niland Sylvester -D193

CLEMENTS, Sandra Elaine -L039

CLEMENTS, Thaddium McKinley -P-S214 23 Jun 1893
11 Jun 1958 Humboldt, Allen, Kansas
CLEMINGS, William George -M358

CLEMMENT, Marie -P-R287

CLEMMONS, Gregory -P070

CLEMONS, Laurie -K287

CLEMONS, Lawrence John -R252

CLEMONS, Oscar -P-K130

CLEMONS, Ralph -S690


CLENDON, Yvonne -H131

CLEP, Olga -P-S191

CLER, Alice -P-S167

CLER, Anna Marie -P-S167

CLER, Catherine -P-S167

CLER, Dorothy -H657

CLER, Dorothy -P-S167

CLER, Elisabeth -K317 5 May 1844 Norka, Saratov, Volga, Russia 15 Sep 1894 Norka, Saratov, Volga, Russia
CLER, Elizabeth -P-S167

CLER, Emma -P-S167

CLER, Frieda -P-S167 14 Jan 1925
CLER, Henry -H657

CLER, Henry -P-S167

CLER, John -P-S167

CLER, Lena -P-S167

CLER, Molly -P-S167

CLER, Philip -P-S167

CLER, Phillip -H657 26 Apr 1927 McGrew, Nebraska 18 Jun 1983 Gothenburg, Nebraska
CLERIC, Lewis -P-S344

CLERICO, Charles John -C-C060 1 Sep 1891 Osage City, Kansas 3 Oct 1958 Topeka, Kansas
CLERICO, Delores Teresa -C-C060 20 Jul 1916 Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas 20 Jul 1975 Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas
CLERICO, Kenneth J -C-C060

CLERICO, Leon Charles -C-C060

CLERICO, Leroy Louis -C-C060

CLERICO, Louis -C-C060

CLERICO, Richard Francis -C-C060

CLERICO, Vincent James -C-C060

CLERMONT, Alfred -L303

CLERY, Marie Margret -D193

CLET, Anna -P-R002

CLETUS, Sophine Brady -M-F170 Abt 1880

CLEVELAND, Edith Elizabeth -M165 29 Jun 1891 Conde, Sd 30 Oct 1953 Conde, Sd
CLEVELAND, Harry -M-F170


CLEVELAND, Jeannie -R313

CLEVELAND, Mary -X001 Dec 1872 , , Minnesota 1923 , , Minnesota
CLEVELAND, Melinda -P-L023

CLEVELAND, Walda -P-W147

CLEVELAND, Walda Eveyln -E129

CLEVELY, Marguerite -B515

CLEVENGER, Bethany Suzanne -E132

CLEVENGER, Leslie -E134



CLEVENGER, Mary Luellen -H224

CLEVENGER, Virgil -R316


CLEVERLEY, Kevin -P-H042

CLEWETT, Jack -M-F170

CLEWETT, Kenneth Alan -M-F170

CLEWS, Earl W. -G175

CLEWS, Earl Wayne -P-W225

CLEWS, William C -M153

CLIAME, Charles Fred -C154

CLIFF, Russell -M-G188

CLIFFORD, Albert Agustus -M-L251

CLIFFORD, Albert Alonzo -M-L251 27 Jul 1869/1886 St Paul, Minnesota 1 Nov 1939 Minneapolis, Minnesota
CLIFFORD, Andrew -N143 Abt 1309 Of, Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England

CLIFFORD, Daniel -P-N045

CLIFFORD, Elizabeth -M-L251 10 Dec 1906 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri 21 Jan 1990 Rochester, Minnesota
CLIFFORD, Francis Frank Joseph -E083

CLIFFORD, Glen -W406

CLIFFORD, Idonea De -N143 Abt 1300 Of, Appleby, Westmoreland, England 24 Aug 1365 Beverley Minster, Beverley, Yorkshire, England*
CLIFFORD, John De -N143 Abt 1307 Of, Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England

CLIFFORD, Leroy -M213

CLIFFORD, Margaret -N143 Abt 1307 Of, Appleby Castle, , Westmorland, England 8 Aug 1382
CLIFFORD, Monty Jason -P-P083

CLIFFORD, Robert De -N143 1 Apr 1274 Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England 24 Jun 1314 Bannockburn, Stirling, Central, Scotland
CLIFFORD, Roger De -N143 21 Jan 1299/1300 Of, Appleby, Westmorland, England 23 Mar 1322 Sp, York, Yorkshire, England
CLIFFORD, Thomas John -P-C087

CLIFFORD, Thomas Joseph -P-C087

CLIFT, Edith -G267

CLIFT, Leon Lincoln -P082

CLIFT, Patricia Toy -P-L023

CLIFTON, Elizabeth -S690


CLIFTON, Janet -C-S537

CLIFTON, Judi -P-S181

CLIFTON, Judi -S173

CLIFTON, Lynn -C-S537

CLIFTON, Robert Bob -C-S537

CLIFTON, William -S690

CLINE, -P-B166

CLINE, ? -F224

CLINE, Alvin Kenneth -P138 1 Aug 1908 Louisville, Cass, Nebraska 15 Jan 1983 Bridgeport, Morrill, Nebraska
CLINE, Anna Marie -P-D014

CLINE, Anna Marie -P-D025

CLINE, Athalie Arlene -P138 22 Apr 1938 Bayard, Morrill, Ne 22 Apr 1938 Bayard, Morrill, Ne
CLINE, Baby Boy -P138 12 Dec 1940 Bayard, Morrill, Ne 12 Dec 1940 Bayard, Morrill, Ne
CLINE, Boyd Lee -P-W137

CLINE, Cynthia -V027

CLINE, Delmas -P-M310

CLINE, Edith -P-W298

CLINE, Elizabeth Jane -P-D199 16 Mar 1837 , Indiana 3 Jul 1907 Loyal, Oklahoma
CLINE, Elizabeth May -D193

CLINE, Fleda May -P-C104

CLINE, Fleda May -P-T139

CLINE, Frances Velma -M-D124

CLINE, Howard -G055

CLINE, Mary Elizabeth -C134 Abt 1890
CLINE, Nancy Lea -M360

CLINE, Orpha Jane -W734 20 Oct 1891 Camas Prairie, Washington 13 Feb 1975 Cathlamet, Wahkiakum, Washington
CLINE, Patricia -P-M310

CLINE, Patrick -P-M310

CLINE, Penny -P-M310

CLINE, Phyllis Ann -P-Y015

CLINE, Sandy -P-P175

CLING, Wayne -P-C030

CLING, Wayne Lavern -P-D110

CLINGMAN, Abner Briggs -R378 13 Jul 1797 Northumberland Co., Pa 27 Sep 1895 Halsey, Linn Co., Oregon
CLINGMAN, Alice -R378 Abt 1859 Iowa Bef 14 Apr 1952
CLINGMAN, ALice J -R378 23 Jul 1906 Montrose, Lee, Iowa 20 Sep 2004 Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa
CLINGMAN, Anna -R378 Abt 1857 Iowa Deceased
CLINGMAN, Anna Eliza -R378 7 Jul 1802
6 Nov 1830
CLINGMAN, Anna Maria -R378 27 Sep 1767 Philadelphia, Pa 27 Sep 1827 Philadelphia, Pa
CLINGMAN, Anna Maria -R378 28 Mar 1807 Portsmouth, Sciota Co., Oh 8 May 1836
CLINGMAN, Barbara -R378 16 Jan 1761 Philadelphia, Pa 1804 Portsmouth, Sciota Co., Oh
CLINGMAN, Charles R -R378 Dec 1863 Des Moines, Iowa Bef 14 Apr 1952
CLINGMAN, Charlotte -R378 Abt 1904 Iowa Deceased
CLINGMAN, Clarinda -R378 Abt 1828

CLINGMAN, Cora -R378 Abt 1866 Iowa Bef 14 Apr 1952
CLINGMAN, Cyrus -R378 20 Jun 1800 Pennsylvania 2 Sep 1899 Danville, Des Moines, Iowa
CLINGMAN, Elizabeth -R378 21 Mar 1757 Philadelphia, Pa

CLINGMAN, Elizabeth -R378 Abt 1835

CLINGMAN, Esther -R378 Abt 1903 Iowa Deceased
CLINGMAN, Frank -R378 Abt 1856 Iowa Deceased
CLINGMAN, George Washington -R378 8 Oct 1779 Philadelphia, Pa 20 Apr 1856 Cedarville, Stephenson, Il
CLINGMAN, Hannah -R378 20 Mar 1770 Philadelphia, Pa 19 Jan 1852 Briggsville, Luzerne Co., Pa
CLINGMAN, Henry R -R378 4 Feb 1826 Ohio 22 Jan 1879 ?Dallas Township, Marion, Iowa
CLINGMAN, Hiram -R378 4 Mar 1809 Portsmouth, Sciota Co., Oh 24 Jan 1894 Cedarville Twp., Stephenson Co., Il
CLINGMAN, Homes -R378 Nov 1892 Montrose, Lee, Iowa Deceased
CLINGMAN, Jacob -R378 19 Jun 1768 Philadelphia, Pa

CLINGMAN, John -R378 9 Feb 1774 Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa 23 May 1854 Bloom Twp., Scioto, Oh
CLINGMAN, John -R378 Abt 1840

CLINGMAN, John Michael -R378 26 Oct 1734 Germany 26 Jan 1816 Portsmouth, Sciota Co., Oh
CLINGMAN, John Miller -R378 8 Nov 1798 Portsmouth, Sciota Co., Oh 1884
CLINGMAN, Lydia -R378 Abt 1853 Iowa Deceased
CLINGMAN, Martha -R378 Abt 1833

CLINGMAN, Mary -R378 9 Jan 1778 Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa 21 Aug 1849 Scioto, Oh
CLINGMAN, Michael -R378 17 Jul 1763 Philadelphia, Pa 17 Jul 1763
CLINGMAN, Michael -R378 13 Sep 1776 Philadelphia, Pa Abt 1777
CLINGMAN, Olive G -R378 23 Mar 1874 north of Danville, Des Moines, Iowa 14 Apr 1952 Memorial hospital, unknown city, county, Iowa
CLINGMAN, Philippa -R378 24 Dec 1771 Philadelphia, Pa

CLINGMAN, Rachel -R378 3 Apr 1759 Philadelphia, Pa 2 Sep 1841 Columbia Co., Pa
CLINGMAN, Ralph -R378 Abt Feb 1860 Iowa Deceased
CLINGMAN, Ransom -R378 1 Dec 1830 near Cincinatti, Ohio 30 Jun 1916* Jaggar Cemetery, Danville, Des Moines, Iowa*
CLINGMAN, Ross C -R378 24 Oct 1879 Danville, Des Moines, Iowa 4 Aug 1958 Loveland, Larimer, Colorado
CLINGMAN, Velda -R378

CLINGMAN, William -R378 7 Sep 1804
26 Sep 1805
CLINGMAN, William -R378 Abt 1838

CLINGMAN, Zayda Frances -R378 19 Oct 1911 Middletown, Des Moines, Iowa 25 Jul 1989 Loveland, Larimer, Colorado


CLINTON, Ann -C134 Abt 1595 Bath, Somerset Co., England Abt 1650 Bath, Somerset Co., England
CLINTON, Bertha -P-D133

CLINTON, Ramon Ward -K090

CLIVE, Barbara Best -P-C027

CLIVEDON, Katharine -N143 Abt 1310 Charfield, Gloucestershire, England 13 Mar 1385 Berkeley Church, Gloucestershire, England
CLIZBE, Byron F -C-T039 27 Jul 1848 Quincy, Branch, Michigan 11 Aug 1913 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan
CLIZBE, Earl -C-T039 1881 Quincy, Branch, Michigan

CLIZBE, Ernest Simon -C-T039 28 Jan 1879 Quincy, Branch, Michigan 3 Feb 1974 Mt Vernon, Washington
CLIZBE, Hiram -C-T039

CLIZBE, Ira James -C-T039 11 Mar 1885 Quincy, Branch, Michigan 19 Oct 1959
CLIZBE, Lloyd Ralph -C-T039 28 May 1903 Menoken, Burleigh, North Dakota 7 Mar 1957
CLIZBE, Lola -C-T039 1877

CLIZBE, Louise -C-T039 4 Oct 1882 Quincy, Branch, Michigan

CLIZBE, Myrna Belle -C-T039 10 Jan 1875 Quincy, Branch, Michigan 26 Jan 1950 Bismarck, Burleigh, North Dakota
CLIZBE, Myron -C-T039 1886 Quincy, Branch, Michigan

CLIZBE, Warren Ernest -C-T039 26 Jan 1901
1 Jan 1966
CLIZBE, Will -C-T039 29 Sep 1884 Quincy, Branch, Michigan

CLIZBE, Zelma Ruth -C-T039 28 Jul 1899
6 Jun 1983 Mt Vernon, Washington
CLODFELDER, Mary Ellen -M425 25 Dec 1902 Wallace, Fountain, in 24 Mar 1989 Childress, Tx
CLODFELDER, Ora E -M425 14 Oct 1871 Fountain, in 5 Nov 1947 Denver, Denver, Co
CLODIUS, Helena M -K179

CLODIUS, Lena -P-K180

CLOOD, Georg Michael -P-D027

CLOOR, Catharina -M058

CLOOSE, Margaret -S1375

CLOPP, Gene Arthur -P219 25 Dec 1936 Camdenton, Camden, Mo, USA 23 Jun 1963 Harriman Lake, Jefferson, Co, USA
CLOQUET, Marion -R109

CLOQUET, Marion Josephine -P-F027 17 Feb 1921 Loveland, Washington 15 Mar 1986 Sacramento, California
CLOS, Nicholas Valentine -S567

CLOSE, -P-K236

CLOSE, Ethel -P-N036

CLOSE, Eugene -P-S470

CLOSE, Frank Leslie -P-W201

CLOSE, Gladys Veva -P-C112

CLOSE, Lois Elaine -P-W201

CLOSNER, Randy -K287

CLOSSON, Charles -P-C111

CLOSSON, Charles Reinhold -P-C111

CLOSSON, David -K287

CLOSTER, Maria -K348

CLOTHIER, Henry William -P-C048

CLOTHIER, William Henry -P-C048

CLOTHWORTHY, Margaret -P-H042


CLOTWORTHY, Mary -P-H042 21 Jul 1848 Dalry, Arys, Scotland 3 Aug 1889 Midway, Wasatch, Utah
CLOTWORTHY, Roberta Mae -M552 27 Aug 1925 Longmont, COlorado 29 Nov 1981 Denver, Colorado
CLOUD, Ann -P-H042

CLOUD, Marian Kay -P-T047

CLOUD, Nora Bevin -H281 1880

CLOUD, Roscoe -C-D167

CLOUD, Toni Darlene -P-H359


CLOUGH, Cherrie Carolyn -T181

CLOUINGER, H Guy -P-D165 Abt 1895
Bef 1994
CLOUS, Kathryn Marie -S310

CLOUSE, Adam -C185

CLOUSE, Betty Jean -H531 24 Oct 1929 Scottsbluff, Ne 2 Apr 1993 Pittsburg, Ca
CLOUSE, Carey -H531

CLOUSE, Charlotte -H436

CLOUSE, Charlotte Christine -C185

CLOUSE, Charron -H436

CLOUSE, Cheryl -H531

CLOUSE, Clarice Ann -P-Y031

CLOUSE, Conrad -C200

CLOUSE, Conrad -H531 Dec 1898 , Co

CLOUSE, Conrad -L362

CLOUSE, Crissy -H531

CLOUSE, Dora M -C200 18 Aug 1876
25 Nov 1931 Grand Island, Hall, Ne
CLOUSE, Frances Maydean -C185 15 May 1926 Windsor, Weld, Co 11 Feb 1997 Yakima, Wa
CLOUSE, Frank Henry -C183 8 Sep 1937 Big Timber, Sweet Grass, Montana 5 May 1941 Big Timber, Sweet Grass, Montana
CLOUSE, George E -C183 12 Jul 1932 Big Timber, Sweet Grass, Montana 18 Oct 1949 Big Timber, Sweet Grass, Montana
CLOUSE, Gloria Jeanne -H402

CLOUSE, Gloria Jeanne -M-F170

CLOUSE, Harlan J. -K317

CLOUSE, Harlan John -C185

CLOUSE, Harlan John -H436

CLOUSE, Henry -C183

CLOUSE, Henry -P-D018

CLOUSE, Henry -P-K333

CLOUSE, John -C185 14 Apr 1893 Grand Island, Ne 8 Jan 1953 Windsor, Weld, Co
CLOUSE, John -H436

CLOUSE, John -K317 1893 Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska, USA

CLOUSE, John Frank -P-Y031 1 Jan 1854/1857 , New York 18 Mar 1927 Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska
CLOUSE, John Michael -H436

CLOUSE, Kim -H531

CLOUSE, Lana -H436

CLOUSE, Leland -H531 3 Apr 1936 Scottsbluff, Ne 30 Jan 1997 Lompoc, Ca
CLOUSE, Leo John -P-Y031 8 Jun 1891 Ericson, Nebraska 19 Jan 1962 Bartlett, Nebraska
CLOUSE, Loucile -P138

CLOUSE, Margaret Marie -H398

CLOUSE, Maydean Frances -H436

CLOUSE, Richard -H531

CLOUSE, Robert Lee -C185 30 Oct 1933 Windsor, Weld, Co 10 Jun 1981 Windsor, Weld, Co
CLOUSE, Robert Lee -H436

CLOUSE, Samuel -H436

CLOUSE, Wendi -H436

CLOUTIER, Denis -H599

CLOUTIER, Donald Joseph -C253

CLOUTIER, Jean -H599 13 May 1620 St-Jean, Mortagne, Sees, Perche, Orne, France 16 Oct 1690 Château Richer, Montmorency, Québec*
CLOUTIER, Jean Baptiste -H599 5 Feb 1681 L'Islet, L'Islet, Quebec* 5 Sep 1756 L'Islet, L'Islet, Quebec*
CLOUTIER, Marie -H599 16 Feb 1655 Québec, Québec, Québec*

CLOUTIER, Marie Rose -H599 12 Dec 1723* L'Islet, L'Islet, Quebec*

CLOUTIER, Paul -M382

CLOUTIER, Rene -H599 19 Feb 1651* Québec, Québec, Québec*

CLOUTIER, Zacharie -H599 Abt 1650 St-Jean, Mortagne, Sees, Perche, Orne, France 17 Sep 1677 Château Richer, Montmorency, Québec*
CLOUTIER, Zacharie -H599 16 Aug 1617 St-Jean, Mortagne, Sees, Perche, Orne, France 3 Feb 1708 Château Richer, Montmorency, Québec*
CLOUTMAN, Linda -M394

CLOW, Charles -P-S373

CLOWSER, Gail M -P-C021

CLOYD, Rex -R313

CLSRKSON, Hilda Emily Lenora -G270

CLUFF, Eleanor Blanche -M301

CLUFF, Katherine Johanna -P-N033

CLUFF, Steven Ferrell -P-C037

CLUNE, Eva Marie -W416

CLUNT, Martha -P-W086

CLUSTER, Albert -P-P175 Abt 1843 , West Virginia

CLUSTER, Amanda M -P-P175 1864 Hartford Twp, Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, Annie B -P-P175 1867 Hartford Twp, Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, Augustus L -P-P175 1871 Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, Christopher E -P-P175 1875 Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, Cicero -P-P175 1839 , West Virginia

CLUSTER, Daisy E -P-P175 1878 Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, Delia E -P-P175 Abt 1869 Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, Edward K -P-P175 Abt 1854 , Missouri

CLUSTER, Edwin Carrington -P-P175 Abt 1814 , Virginia Abt 1880 , Missouri
CLUSTER, Elizabeth G -P-P175 Abt 1859 Hartford Twp, Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, Ella T -P-P175 1851 , Missouri

CLUSTER, Frances S -P-P175 Abt 1863 Hartford Twp, Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, John C -P-P175 1863 Hartford Twp, Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, Louisa -P-P175 Abt 1841 , West Virginia

CLUSTER, Lucinda -P-P175 1855 , Missouri

CLUSTER, Martha D -P-P175 Abt 1857 , Missouri

CLUSTER, Mary E -P-P175 Abt 1855 , Missouri

CLUSTER, Nancy S -P-P175 Abt 1879 Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, Oliver -P-P175 Abt 1869 Hartford Twp, Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, Susan G -P-P175 1873 Pike, Missouri

CLUSTER, Talton K -P-P175 1854 , Iowa

CLUSTER, William T -P-P175 1865 Hartford Twp, Pike, Missouri


CLUTTER, Don -C134

CLUTTER, Nellie -F224 Abt 1853

CLYMER, Emma Price -P-B203

CLYMER, Jim -D018

CLYMORE, Ezra Ambrose -P-C061

CLYMORE, Roger Lee -P-C061

CLYNCKE, Freeman -C-S120

COAD, Donald James -P-C165

COAD, Gary Hill -P-C165

COAD, John Raymond -P-D086

COADY, Erna Mae -P353

COAKLEY, George C -P-C091

COATES, Allan Russell -C214

COATES, Clarence Leroy -U-C022

COATES, Emma -P-T018

COATES, Ernest -C-S298

COATES, George Currie -P-B463

COATES, George R -C214 14 Jul 1891 Morris, Manitoba, Canada 20 Mar 1967 Racine, Wisconsin
COATES, Ida -G136

COATES, Lesley -C-S298

COATES, Leslie -E134

COATES, Mildred -P-R129

COATES, Robert H -C214 6 Apr 1853
23 Oct 1926 Morris, Manitoba, Canada
COATES, Roy -M-B143

COATES, William -P-R041

COATS, Christina -P-S239

COATS, J Blood -P-C090

COATS, J Blood Jb -P-C090

COATS, J W -H422

COATS, James -P-S595

COATS, Laura Marie -P-H042

COATS, Leona -E134

COATS, Lola Mae -H771

COATS, Mary Elizabeth -M-C109

COATS, Phillip -L225

COATS, Walter Louis -M-C109

COATS, Willard P -K177

COATTA, Bernadette -U-B142

COBB, Barbara -U-W377

COBB, Barbara -U-W377

COBB, Carol Jean -P-S424

COBB, Carol Jean -P-S424

COBB, Charles -F064

COBB, Charles L. -G039 18 Jun 1898 Grand Haven, Michigan 12 Apr 1978
COBB, David R -D193

COBB, Dennis Leroy -K259

COBB, Donald Robert -P-K373

COBB, Earl -P162

COBB, Elmer -C-S580

COBB, Fred -P-D095

COBB, Lester Gene -C184

COBB, Mary -H436

COBB, Nancy -S622

COBB, Rita -S801

COBB, Shirley -C-A091

COBB, Vera Permelia -S802 16 Oct 1877 Middleville, , Mi 1914 Three Oaks, , Mi
COBB, Walter -S622

COBBAN, Keith -W056

COBBLE, Lillie Eliza -P-S525

COBERLY, Bobbie D -M311

COBERLY, Jack Neal -S690

COBLE, James -M170

COBLE, John William -A145


COBOIL, Dorothea -P-K196 17 Sep 1824 Mecklenburg, Germany 6 Feb 1899 Nicollet, Minnesota
COBURN, Amanda Melvina -F224 26 Jan 1834 Lebanon, Warren Co., Oh 25 May 1910 Near Osceola, Ia
COBURN, Candace -F224

COBURN, Charles Leonard -D179 1 Aug 1892 Indianola, Red Willow, Nebraska 5 Nov 1967 , Nebraska
COBURN, Conrad Benjamin -D179 19 Oct 1889 Indianola, Red Willow, Nebraska 10 Apr 1955 , Nebraska
COBURN, Dorcas -F224

COBURN, Emma Marie -D179 21 Apr 1900 Indianola, Red Willow, Nebraska 12 Feb 1984 Denver, Colorado
COBURN, Ercel -P-B346

COBURN, Eva Lucile -D179

COBURN, Gregory Robert -S786

COBURN, Henry Frederick -D179 6 Apr 1895 Indianola, Red Willow, Nebraska 1904 , Nebraska
COBURN, James -F224

COBURN, John -F224
Staten Island, Ny

COBURN, John -F224

COBURN, John Edward -D179 8 Nov 1897 Indianola, Red Willow, Nebraska 17 Apr 1980 McCook, Red Willow, Nebraska
COBURN, Lowell Edward -D179

COBURN, Lyndon S. -S690

COBURN, Margaret -F224

COBURN, Martha -F224

COBURN, Mary Jane -F224

COBURN, Olive -B473

COBURN, Opal Anna -D179 20 Aug 1920 Indianola, Red Willow, Nebraska 22 Oct 1933 Indianola, Red Willow, Nebraska
COBURN, Otis B -D179 5 Jun 1862 St Joe, Dekalb, Indiana 16 Oct 1928 Indianola, Red Willow, Nebraska
COBURN, Otis Jacob -D179 30 Apr 1891 Indianola, Red Willow, Nebraska 16 Nov 1955 , Nebraska
COBURN, Rosalie Darlene -D179

COBURN, Sophia Louise -D179 25 Aug 1893 Indianola, Red Willow, Nebraska 11 Oct 1985 , Nebraska
COBURN, William -F224

COCCIOLONE, Carolee -H402

COCCIOLONE, Carolee -M-F170

COCCO, Daid -P-G204

COCH, Gordon -E094

COCHELL, Stephen -P-C053

COCHELL, Wesley Arthur -P-C053

COCHRAN, Ann -P-W269

COCHRAN, Beatrice -U-T040

COCHRAN, Beulah -H424

COCHRAN, Claude -U-T040

COCHRAN, Edith -P-C163

COCHRAN, Ella Jane -G132 16 Nov 1878 , Lawrence County, Kentucky, United States 19 Jul 1978 Arlington, Snohomish County, Washington, United States
COCHRAN, Glen -A119

COCHRAN, Marjorie -A119

COCHRAN, Mildred -P-S465

COCHRAN, Monterae -E094

COCHRAN, Pauline Jennie -L043

COCHRAN, Samuel J. -F224

COCHRAN, Sarah -S1117 1680 Prince George, Maryland, United States 1705 Princes Georges, Maryland, United States
COCHRUM, Charles -C179

COCHRUM, Rovilla Francis -C183 31 Aug 1900

Yakima, Yakima, Washington
COCKERILL, Delmar -H402

COCKERILL, Delmar -M-F170

COCKLE, Joan -H402

COCKLE, Joan -M-F170

COCKRALL, Charles Alvin -C-C056

COCKRALL, Charles Frank -C-C056

COCKRALL, Charles Frank -C-C056 12 Jun 1902 Anamoose, North Dakota

COCKRALL, Glen Louis -C-C056

COCKRALL, Mary Anne -C-C056

COCKRALL, Terrence Allan -C-C056

COCKRAN, Belva -M017

COCKRAN, Letha -M017

COCKRUM, Lucille -P-D024

COCKS, Ada -P-T113

CODDINGTON, John Athen -P-C058 8 Mar 1883 Natrona, Illinois 29 May 1968 Tremont, Illinois
CODDINGTON, John Wilbur -P-C058

CODDINGTON, Otto von -P-C058

CODDINGTON, Wilbur Lyle -P-C058

CODE, Dorothy -M-F170

CODE, Jack -G159

CODE, Neil -G187

CODEKAS, Tom -G278

CODER, Elisah -P-Y041

CODER, Juanita Lavon -P-Y041

CODER, Oliver Perry -P-Y041 11 Apr 1889 , Graham, Kansas 15 Mar 1976 Lakin, Kearny, Kansas
CODER, Willard Wallace -P-Y041 1854 Matoon, Coles, Illinois 1937 Lakin, Kearny, Kansas
CODMAN, Greda -P-S701

CODY, -C134 Jun 1891 , Nebr

CODY, -C134 Jun 1891 , Nebr

CODY, Agnes -C134 May 1898

CODY, Agnes -C134 May 1898 , Nebr

CODY, Agnes -C134 May 1898 , Nebr

CODY, Agnes C -C134 1900
CODY, Al -L303

CODY, Albert Leroy -M045

CODY, Anastatia -L225 Abt 1770 Carrick, Tipperary, Ireland Abt 1850/1855 Lower Bedeque, Prince ed Island, Canada
CODY, Ann -C134

CODY, Ann -C134

CODY, Ann -C134

CODY, Bridgett -C134

CODY, Cornelius -C134 6 Jun 1893

CODY, Daraxa -F108 26 May 1873 Rushford, Wisconsin 4 Sep 1956 Omro, Wisconsin
CODY, Debbie -W308

CODY, Delia -C134 Feb 1866 , Co Cork

CODY, Delia -C134

CODY, Delia -C134

CODY, Dennis Robert -G108

CODY, Douglas Alan -M045

CODY, Edwin M -C134 Jul 1874 New Berlin, Ill 26 Jul 1941 Lincoln, Nebr
CODY, Edwin M -C134 Jul 1874 New Berlin, Ill, USA 25 Jul 1941 Lincoln, Nebr, USA
CODY, Eugene -C134

CODY, Genevieve Elaine -M045

CODY, Harold -P-F027

CODY, Helen -C134 Jul 1895

CODY, Helen -C134 Jul 1895 , Nebr

CODY, Helen -C134 Jul 1895 , Nebr

CODY, Ivan Meredith -P-H042

CODY, James -C134

CODY, James -C134 Aug 1832 , Maybe New York

CODY, James -C134

CODY, James -C134

CODY, John -C134

CODY, John -C134 Abt 1780

CODY, John -C134

CODY, John -C134

CODY, John -E129

CODY, John P. -C134 Apr 1867 Near Cheney, Nebr, USA 29 Nov 1928 Lincoln, Nebr, USA
CODY, John P. -C134 Apr 1867 , Ill 30 Nov 1928 Church, Lancaster Co, Nebr
CODY, John P. -C134 Apr 1867 , Ill 30 Nov 1928 Church, Lancaster Co, Nebr
CODY, Julia -C134

CODY, Julia -C134 Aug 1889 , Nebr

CODY, Julia -C134 Aug 1889 , Nebr

CODY, Katherine -C134

CODY, Katherine -C134

CODY, Katherine -C134

CODY, Katherine -C134

CODY, Loretta -C134 1905
CODY, Margaret -C134 1897

CODY, Marjorie -C134

CODY, Mary -C134 Nov 1887

CODY, Mary -C134 Nov 1887 , Nebr

CODY, Mary -C134 Nov 1887 , Nebr

CODY, Mary -P-A068
, Ireland

CODY, Mary Agnes -C134 1868
25 Feb 1924
CODY, Mary W. -C134 Apr 1831 , Co Cork, Ireland 6 Sep 1919 Davey, Lancaster Co, Nebr., USA
CODY, Michael -C134 Jun 1891

CODY, Michael -C134 May 1829 Near Cheney, Nebraska 15 Jul 1904 Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
CODY, Michael -C134 1829

CODY, Shirley Ann -M045

CODY, Theresa -C134
, Ia
Probably S.F., California
CODY, Theresa -C134
, Ia
Probably S.F., California
CODY, Thomas -C134 Bef 1810 , Ireland
New Berlin?, Sangamon Co., Illinois, USA
CODY, Thomas -C134 Mar 1859 Catholic* 9 Sep 1908 Watonga, Oklahoma
CODY, William Shutz -M045

COE, Ann T -M070 4 Oct 1888 Yakima, Yakima, Wa

COE, Archie Lee -P219a 24 Mar 1933
Aug 1976 White Salmon, Klickitat, Wa, USA
COE, Beverly -L295

COE, Donald A. -S690 5 Jul 1921 Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa 28 Jul 1984 Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa
COE, Elise -D193

COE, James R -M070 14 Aug 1861 Bell Haven, Va 12 Aug 1948 Yakima, Yakima, Wa
COE, Juanita Agnes -G344

COE, Laura Geneva -P-N012 10 Jan 1911 Genoa, Lincoln, Colorado 9 Aug 1951 Eugene, Lane, Oregon
COE, Louise -P-A028

COE, Noah Henry -P-N012 2 Mar 1852 , Marshall, Illinois 30 May 1938 Douglas, Appanoose, Iowa
COE, Ted Bly -P-N012 17 Feb 1887 Centerville, Appanoose, Iowa

COE, Virgil E -P-C046

COE, Virgil E. -H212

COE, Warren E. -L150

COELKO, Tamara -W304

COELLCE, Katherina -G412 1838 Shcherbakovka, Russia 14 May 1893 Hillsboro, Marion, Kansas
COELLE, Julia A -B402 10 Jun 1857 , Volga, Russia 19 Sep 1938 Lehigh, Marion, Kansas
COEN, Christina -P-P178

COEVY, Scott -H402

COEVY, Scott -M-F170

COFELL, Mary Ann -W056


COFFEE, Anne -R216

COFFEE, Dorothy Douglas -H436

COFFEE, Dorothy Douglas -H436

COFFEE, Harry B. -H436

COFFEE, Marie -P304

COFFEE, Nellie -P-S470

COFFEL, Gale Edward -K287 23 Jan 1914 Montpelier, , in 6 Oct 1997 Niles, Berrien, Mi
COFFER, Letha -E094

COFFERS, Frank -P-F214

COFFEY, Brenda Marie -K259

COFFEY, Calvin Dale -K259

COFFEY, Frank -P-W251

COFFEY, John -P-H042

COFFEY, Keith A. -K259

COFFEY, Kenneth Charles -P-S180

COFFEY, Lloyd -P-W317

COFFEY, Lloyd -W317

COFFEY, Marge -K287

COFFEY, Patricia -G278

COFFEY, Thomas Chas -P-R006


COFFIN, Abigail -T059 20 Oct 1657 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Abigail -T059 12 Feb 1700 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 7 Jul 1782
COFFIN, Abigail -T059 1686 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 15 Mar 1713 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Abigail -T059 Jul 1752 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Abigail -T059 12 Jan 1777 , New York

COFFIN, Anna -T059 1685 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 22 Apr 1740
COFFIN, Arabelle -T059 31 Aug 1856 , Jackson, Michigan 26 Aug 1861 Ithaca, Gratiot, Michigan
COFFIN, Avis -T059 25 Mar 1803 , New York

COFFIN, Benjamin -T059 28 Aug 1683 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Lost at Sea
COFFIN, Binnie M. -T059 5 Dec 1863 Ithaca, Gratiot, Michigan 17 May 1945 Ithaca, Gratiot, Michigan
COFFIN, Cecil -S923

COFFIN, Clarissa -T059 25 Feb 1796 , New York 9 May 1796 , New York
COFFIN, Daniel -T059
Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 1724 Lost at Sea
COFFIN, Deborah -T059 1676 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 8 Dec 1767
COFFIN, Deborah -T059 16 Nov 1642 Haverhill, Massachusetts 8 Dec 1642 Haverhill, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Deborah -T059 8 Oct 1764 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 2 Sep 1841
COFFIN, Dinah -T059 1674 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 1 Aug 1750 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Dinah -T059 23 Mar 1713 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 1 Sep 1793
COFFIN, Dionis -T059 21 Sep 1671 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Ebenezer -T059 30 Mar 1678 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 17 Oct 1730 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Edna -S923 1891 Stronghurst, Knox, Il

COFFIN, Edward -T059 20 Feb 1669 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Edward -T059
Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Eliphalet -T059 1682 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Eliphalet -T059 12 Feb 1768 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Eliza -T059 14 Mar 1812 , New York

COFFIN, Eliza Maria -T059 17 Dec 1845 , Jackson, Michigan 13 Jun 1847 , Jackson, Michigan
COFFIN, Elizabeth -S1117 1599 , Norfolk, , England 17 Jul 1660 Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
COFFIN, Elizabeth -T059 27 Jan 1680 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 4 Jul 1720
COFFIN, Elizabeth -T059 19 May 1675 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 30 Mar 1769 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Elizabeth -T059 Abt 1634 Brixton, Devon, England 19 Nov 1678 Newbury, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Ellen Amanda -T059 10 Jul 1848 , Jackson, Michigan 31 Jan 1852 , Jackson, Michigan
COFFIN, Eunice -T059 2 Apr 1801 , New York 3 Nov 1848
COFFIN, Experience -T059 1690
COFFIN, Flora Mildred -S923 9 Jul 1923 Grady, Curry, New Mexico 8 May 1987 Ashland, Jackson, or
COFFIN, Gardner Deane -M-G188

COFFIN, Hephizabah -T059 1687 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Hepzabeth -T059 20 Oct 1708 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 28 Sep 1782
COFFIN, Howard -S923

COFFIN, James -T059 1664 Dover, New Hampshire 2 Oct 1741 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, James -T059 12 Aug 1640 Brixton, Devon, England 28 Jul 1720 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Jethro -T059 16 Sep 1663 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 1726
COFFIN, John -S1117 29 Dec 1536 , Devon, , England 28 Mar 1608 , Devon, , England
COFFIN, John -T059 12 Apr 1694 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 11 Apr 1768
COFFIN, John -T059 1672 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 1 Jul 1747
COFFIN, John -T059 30 Oct 1647 Haverhill, Massachusetts 5 Sep 1711 Edgertown, Massachusetts
COFFIN, John -T059 Abt 1641 Brixton, Devon, England 30 Oct 1642 Haverhill, Massachusetts
COFFIN, John -T059 29 Jun 1807 , New York
Rayville, New York
COFFIN, John -T059 5 Jul 1797 , New York 14 Aug 1798 , New York
COFFIN, John Wesley -T059 2 Sep 1850 , Jackson, Michigan 19 Jan 1936 Mt Pleasant, Michigan
COFFIN, Jonathan -T059 28 Aug 1692 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 5 Feb 1773 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Joseph -T059 4 Feb 1680 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 14 Jul 1719 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Josiah -T059 28 Jul 1698 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 15 Jan 1780
COFFIN, Judith -T059 4 Feb 1692 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Judith -T059 1677 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 2 Dec 1760
COFFIN, Judith -T059 5 Jun 1775 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Julia Amanda -T059 28 Oct 1853 , Jackson, Michigan 9 Jun 1875 Ithaca, Gratiot, Michigan
COFFIN, Latham -T059 14 Dec 1771 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 26 Nov 1841
COFFIN, Loeza -T059 31 Mar 1839 , Michigan 1914 Ithaca, Gratiot, Michigan
COFFIN, Lydia -T059 18 May 1773 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Lydia Maria -T059 25 Aug 1843 , Jackson, Michigan 5 Aug 1845 , Jackson, Michigan
COFFIN, Margaret -T059 10 Jun 1689 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Maria -T059 14 Mar 1812 , New York

COFFIN, Mary -T059 11 Apr 1665 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 1 Feb 1741 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Mary -T059 20 Feb 1645 Haverhill, Massachusetts 13 Sep 1717 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Mary -T059 31 Mar 1705 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 4 Aug 1787
COFFIN, Mary -T059 27 Jun 1738 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 6 Feb 1819
COFFIN, Mary Keziah -T059 3 Apr 1860 Ithaca, Gratiot, Michigan 3 Sep 1861 Ithaca, Gratiot, Michigan
COFFIN, Matilda M. -T059 4 Feb 1842 , Jackson, Michigan 8 Nov 1890 Jamestown, Cloud, Kansas
COFFIN, Matthew B. -T059 13 Sep 1837
20 Dec 1947 , Michigan
COFFIN, Matthew P -T059 27 May 1805 , New York 26 Sep 1847
COFFIN, Mehitable -T059 1681 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Miriam -T059 19 Feb 1740 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 13 Feb 1813
COFFIN, Nathaniel -T059 1671 Dover, New Hampshire 29 Aug 1721
COFFIN, Orma -C-R220

COFFIN, Parnell -T059 1674 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Paul -T059 15 Apr 1695 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts Apr 1729 Lost at Sea
COFFIN, Paul -T059 29 Sep 1780 , New York

COFFIN, Paul -T059 11 Nov 1742 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts Jun 1829 , Dutchess, New York
COFFIN, Peleg -T059 1786 , New York 18 Jan 1871
COFFIN, Peter -T059 10 Aug 1660 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 1699 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Peter -T059
Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Peter -T059 1580 Brixton, Devon, England Abt 1627 Brixton, Devon, England
COFFIN, Peter -T059 1630/1631 Brixton, Devon, England 21 Mar 1715 Exeter, New Hampshire
COFFIN, Peter -T059 14 Nov 1673 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Priscilla -T059 26 Dec 1691 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 23 Nov 1772
COFFIN, Reuben -T059 29 Sep 1809 Chatham, New York 1 Jul 1874 Ithaca, Gratiot, Michigan
COFFIN, Richard -S1117 1505 , Devon, , England 24 Dec 1555 , Devon, , England
COFFIN, Richard -S1117 1569 , Devon, , England 25 Jul 1617 , Devon, , England
COFFIN, Robert -T059 1667 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Robert -T059 21 Feb 1704 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 8 Aug 1757
COFFIN, Ruth -T059 1685 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 28 May 1748
COFFIN, Selma E -S923

COFFIN, Shubael -T059 2 Dec 1694 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 7 Jun 1734
COFFIN, Solomon -T059 9 Nov 1750 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 28 Jan 1834
COFFIN, Stephen -T059 10 May 1652 Newbury, Massachusetts 15 May 1734 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Stephen -T059 20 Feb 1675 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 1725
COFFIN, Susanna -T059 1674 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 11 Jun 1740
COFFIN, Susanna -T059 22 Nov 1782 , New York

COFFIN, Tristram -T059 18 Jun 1665 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

COFFIN, Tristram -T059 1632 Brixton, Devon, England 4 Feb 1704 Newbury, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Tristram -T059 1609 Brixton, Devon, England 2 Oct 1681 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
COFFIN, Uriel Uriah -T059 18 Aug 1766 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 21 Feb 1834 Chatham, Columbia, New York
COFFIN, Wilmot -S1117 1595 , Devon, , England 1623
COFFIN, Zephaniah -T059 Jan 1747 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 20 Oct 1835
COFFIN, Zephaniah -T059 28 Aug 1699 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts 10 Sep 1774 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
, Va, USA

COFFMAN, Charles -H436 Abt 1865 , Ohio

COFFMAN, Daniel -H436 1808 , Va, USA 1887 Cainsville, Harrison, Mo, USA
COFFMAN, George -H436 Abt 1860 , Oh, USA

COFFMAN, Jane -H436 Abt 1861 , Oh, USA

COFFMAN, Karen -C-K323

COFFMAN, Maria -S078

COFFMAN, Mary -H436 1863 , Oh, USA

COFFMAN, Samuel -H436 Abt 1868 , Ohio

COFFMAN, Sarah Alice -H436 1863 , Ohio 24 Dec 1905 Cripple Creek, Teller, Co, USA
COFFMAN, Thomas -H436 Abt 1857 , Ohio

COFIELD, Clinton Edward -C-F117

COGAN, Laurie -J103

COGDIL, Mary -H436

COGGINS, Charles -M073 22 MAR 1858 OR 22 MAR 1859
14 Jan 1920 Carlinville, Macoupin, Illinois, United States
COGGINS, Leah -M073 8 Aug 1888 , Franklin, Nebraska, United States 5 May 1947 Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States
COGGINS, Leah -P-C079

COGGSWELL, Susan Joanne -S815

COGNAC, Guillaume -H599

COGNAC, Marthe -H599
Marans, La Rochelle, Aunis, Charente-Maritime, France 29 May 1689* Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec*
COGO, Margie -S690

COGSWELL, Frank E -K287

COGSWELL, Jeffrey Charles -K346

COHARA, May -E129

COHELENS, George -C-K323

COHELENS, George -K140

COHEN, Barbara -K222

COHEN, Helena -M-F170

COHEN, Hyam -H336

COHEN, Rebecca -P-B212

COHEN, Renee -R415

COHN, Peggy -P-B155

COHOON, Lanny -M318

COHORST, Joyce -D193

COHRS, Albert C -N123

COHRS, Anna B -P-N064

COIGNON, Suzanne -H599

3 Feb 1704* Montréal, I'le Montréal, Québec*
COIT, Clara -L287 Abt 1891 Missouri

COIT, Edith Mae -L287 9 Feb 1892 Trenton, Missouri, USA 29 Mar 1972 Great Falls, Cascade, Montana, USA
COIT, Frank -L287 28 Apr 1865 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA 5 Jan 1941 Great Falls, Cascade, Montana, USA
COIT, Ray B. -L287

COITOU ST. JEAN, Jean -H599 27 Aug 1646 St-Etienne-de-Montiuc, Nantes, Bretagne, St-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique, France 9 Nov 1726 Pointe-aux-Trembles, I'lle Montreal, Quebec*
COITOU ST. JEAN, Mathieu -H599 15 Jun 1681 Contrecoeur, Vercheres, Quebec* 13 Jan 1752 Contrecoeur, Vercheres, Quebec*
COITOU, Pierre -H599

COKELEY, Iva Maud -W408 12 Jan 1882 Hillsdale, Mills, Iowa 7 Oct 1960 Wheatridge, Jefferson, Colorado
COKER, -P-P175

COKER, Buelah -G055

COKER, F Nadean -L294

COKER, Garland -P-Z051

COKER, Kristen -W311

COKER, Kristen Janet -B767

COKER, Zena -L151

COLASANTI, Tracy -G142

COLASANTI, Tracy -G142

COLASANTI, Tracy -U-G142

COLAY, Nancy -C-S298

COLB, Margaret -A150

COLBA, Constance E

COLBA, Constance E -R356

COLBA, Constance E -R356


COLBERT, David Lawrence -P-G160

COLBERT, Edna -G039

COLBERT, Leona Elizabeth -P082

COLBORN, Mark E. -S778

COLBORN, Maxine -U-B090

COLBORN, Robert L -S778

COLBOURN, Anne -C134 Abt 1718 Somerset Co., Maryland Abt 1776 Somerset Co., Maryland
COLBOURN, Benjamin -C134 Abt 1720 Somerset Co., Maryland 1996 Somerset Co., Maryland
COLBOURN, Grace -C134 Abt 1726 Somerset Co., Maryland Abt 1800 Somerset Co., Maryland
COLBOURN, Isaac -C134 1713 Somerset Co., Maryland Abt 1770 Somerset Co., Maryland
COLBOURN, Jane (Joan) -C134 Abt 1724 Somerset Co., Maryland Abt 1800 Somerset Co., Maryland
COLBOURN, Solomon -C134 Abt 1722 Somerset Co., Maryland Abt 1800 Somerset Co., Maryland
COLBOURN, Solomon -C134 Abt 1684 Animessex, Somerset Co., Maryland, Maryland Abt 1750 Accomac, Accomack Co., Virginia
COLBOURN, William -C134 Abt 1715 Somerset Co., Maryland 1765 Somerset Co., Maryland

COLBURN, Bernice -D226

COLBURN, Daryl Dean -P-Y015

COLBURN, Harold Allen -C205 11 Nov 1937 Donphar, Mo 5 Mar 1991 Ogden, Ut
COLBURN, Howard Osborn -P-T139

COLBURN, Howard Osburn -P-B446

COLBURN, Sue Ruth -P-B270

COLBURN, Sue Ruth -P-B446

COLBURN, Sue Ruth -P-T139

COLBY, -K287

COLBY, Christopher -P-B155

COLBY, Jerome -E094

COLBY, Mrs Madeline -P-B155

COLBY, Paul Livingston -M415

COLBY, Sherri -K287

COLBY, Tracie -K287

COLCLASURE, Arkansas J D Bryant -P-G213 12 Oct 1920 Clarksville, Johnson, Alaska 25 May 1986 South Cle Elum, Washington
COLCLASURE, Arkansas Jd Bryant -M346 12 Oct 1920 Clarksville, Johnson, Ar 25 May 1986 So Cle Elum, Washington

COLDMAN, Richard -W158

COLDRIDGE, Lorraine -P-T065