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Birth/*Chr Date and Place not listed for living persons!

SURNAME, GIVEN Birth/*Chr Birth/*Chr Place Death/*Bur Death/*Bur Place


COSBEY, Dick -M-F170

COSBY, -F210

COSBY, Fred -B299

COSBY, Thomas -P-C071

19 Mar 1980

COSBY, Thomas -P071

COSBY, Thomas Eugene -P-W175


COSEN, Margaret -P-F027

COSIER, David -P-H351

COSIER, David Lee -M718

COSIO, Mary Consuela -C183

COSS, Cecil Marvin -R236

COSS, Geri Lynn -P-W213

COSS, Jerry Allen -P-W213

COSS, Mark Allen -P-W213

COSS, Mary Lou -J067

COSS, Russel Robert -P-W213

COSSABOM, Norman Francis -D226

COSSABOOM, Anna Edith -D226

COSSABOOM, Donald Thomas -D226

COSSABOOM, John -D226 1806
Abt 1875 Digby, Nova Scotia
COSSABOOM, John Royal -D226 1870

COSSABOOM, Mary -D226 1874

COSSABOOM, Maud -D226 1876

COSSABOOM, Richard Blakeslee -D226

COSSABOOM, Shirley Ruth -D226

COSSABOOM, William -D226

COSSABOOM, William Ralph -D226 28 May 1883 Gardner, Mass. 28 May 1949 New Haven, Connecticut
COSSART, Kathleen -H305

COSSETTE, Barbara -A143

COSSETTE, Patrick -A143

COSSETTE, Rita -F198

COSSMAN, Anna -P-F010 10 Jan 1890 Sutton, Clay, Nebraska 19 Apr 1894 Sutton, Clay, Nebraska
COSSMAN, Clarence -P-F010 1 Feb 1899 Sutton, Clay, Nebraska

COSSMAN, Edith -P-F010 2 Jul 1887 Sutton, Clay, Nebraska 22 Jul 1969 Denver, Denver, Colorado
COSSMAN, Louise -P-F010 2 Jan 1894 Sutton, Clay, Nebraska 13 Feb 1975 Denver, Denver, Colorado
COSSMAN, William -P-F010 15 Aug 1860 Chicago, Cook, Illinois 28 Jan 1940 Denver, Denver, Colorado
COSSNER, Magdalena -P304 Bef 1650

COSTA, -J108

COSTA, Alfred -M223 12 May 1901 Menno, South Dakota

COSTA, Carl -M223

COSTA, Elizabeth -M223 8 Sep 1887 Menno, South Dakota

COSTA, Emanuel -M223 23 Dec 1861 Odessa, Russia 21 Nov 1948 Fremont, Nebraska
COSTA, Emanuel Theodor -M223

COSTA, Frank -J108

COSTA, Franz -M223 19 Dec 1884
30 Mar 1892

COSTA, John -M223 11 Jul 1889 Menno, South Dakota 24 Mar 1971 Avoca, Iowa
COSTA, Manoli -M223
, Italy
, Russia
COSTA, Manuel MacHado -P-C138

COSTA, Mary M -S194 22 Jul 1855
22 Sep 1927 Portland, Oregon
COSTA, Oliver -M223 8 Feb 1899 Menno, South Dakota 17 Nov 1961 McMenville, Oregon
COSTA, Oscar -M223 30 Oct 1890 Menno, South Dakota

COSTA, Paul Rogers -P-S289

COSTA, Reinhold -M223 25 Dec 1885 Birsula, Russia 13 Dec 1969 Leadville, Colorado
COSTA, Robert F -P-C138

COSTA, Sara -M223 25 Oct 1897 Menno, South Dakota 3 Jul 1961 Fairfax, South Dakota
COSTA, Zoila -S717


COSTAR, Verna -H476

COSTELLO, Barbara -P-A101

COSTELLO, Edward Michael -C202 13 Aug 1880 Greenport, Ny 24 Mar 1944 Greenport, Ny
COSTELLO, Edward Thomas -C202 11 Dec 1906 Long Island City, Ny 9 Nov 1964 Greenport, Ny
COSTELLO, Girard -C134

COSTELLO, Girard William -C134

COSTELLO, John Edward -C202 1 May 1853 Southold, Ny 18 Apr 1936 Greenport, Ny
COSTELLO, Julius -M153


COSTELLO, Marsha -C-B082

COSTELLO, Maurice -K317

COSTELLO, Maurice -M156

COSTELLO, Patrick -P-B223

COSTELLO, Paul Joseph -P-Y036

COSTELLO, Ralph -P-S436

COSTELLO, Sharon Ann -W393

COSTELLO, Virginia -P-W181

COSTER, Helen -S563

COSTER, Lenord -S640

COSTER, Nelly -P-H042


COSTON, Kevin Eugene -S1195

COSTOPOULOS, William C -P-S648

COTA, Vickie -G175

COTE, Elizabeth Muriel -P-N045

COTE, George -B532

COTE, James Arthur -P-W313

COTE', Beatrice -M441

COTHREN, Kay -P-C103

COTNER, Art -F104

COTNER, Art H226

COTNER, Harvey Ellis -P-C104 4 Jun 1886 Dayton, Arkansas 11 Dec 1932 Hines, Illinois
COTNER, Harvey Ellis -P-T139

COTNER, Neal Nathan -P-C104

COTO, Noe Edilberto -C034

COTRAEL, Margaret -J173 1784

COTTEN, Linda Lou -P-P083

COTTER, Everett Dee -P-G228

COTTER, Jerry Dee -P-G228

COTTER, Tammy -P-H407

COTTERELL, Coral William -S756


COTTINGHAM, Dale Austin -K010

COTTINGHAM, Ilo Leota -U-W228

COTTLE, Steven -H494

COTTON, Elizabeth Ann -K317 1854 , , Indiana, USA 1928

COTTON, Jeannie -B501

COTTON, Jeannie -K224

COTTON, Jessie -B432

COTTON, Joyce -M234

COTTON, Phyllis Louise -P-P177


COTTONTON, Elizabeth -H436

COTTONTON, Jacob -H436


COTTONTON, Joseph -H436



COTTRELL, Edgar Carl -B400

COTTRELL, Fannie Elizabeth -P-H042

COTTRELL, George -T107


COTY, Robert -P-B155

COUCH, -E134

COUCH, -H402

COUCH, Andrea -C-B103

COUCH, Cecil WIlliam -H590

COUCH, Donald -P-D095

COUCH, Donna Mae -P-D095 29 Jul 1923 Gross, Boyd, Ne. 1 Dec 1985 Yankton, Yankton, South Dakota
COUCH, Edward J. -P-D095 14 Oct 1832 Catherine, , n.y. 1 Apr 1911 Gross, Boyd, Nebraska
COUCH, Esther -P-S436

COUCH, Frank E. -P-D095 30 Nov 1865 Old Rippey, , Iowa 1939 Butte, Boyd, Nebraska
COUCH, Geraldine Frances Gerry -M-G188

COUCH, Ida -K287

COUCH, J B -M-F170

COUCH, Phyllis -P-D095

COUCH, Robert -M-F170

COUCH, Roberta Lucille -H590

COUCH, Vera Mae -H590

COUCH, Willard -C-T039

COUCH, William Henry -M-G188

COUCH, William Robert -H590 3 Jul 1901 Blackwell, Coke, Texas 29 May 1965 Amarillo, Potter, Texas
COUCH, Willis -P-D095 10 Nov 1898 Gross, Boyd, Nebraska 20 Mar 1969 Yankton, Yankton, South Dakota
COUDE, Jim -P-H299

COUGH, Sam -R302


COUGHLIN, Dorothy -A143

COUGHLIN, Mary -A092

COUGLIN, Bill -P-D165

COUILLARD, Elisabeth Isabelle -H599 9 Feb 1631 Québec 5 Apr 1704 Château Richer, Montmorency, Québec
COUILLARD, Gloria Rose -K287

COUILLARD, Guillume -H599

COUILLARD, Guillume -H599 11 Oct 1588 St Servan, St Malo, Bretagne, St Servan-Sur-Mer, France 4 Mar 1663 Québec
COULL, Alice Jame -A105

COULSON, Anne Elizabeth -B428

COULSON, John -H436
, Harrison Co., Ky

COULSTON, Anne -J117 18 Aug 1695 York, England 1772 Gwynedd Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
COULSTON, Elizabeth -J117 27 Jul 1690 York, England

COULSTON, Grace -J117 16 Sep 1697 York, England

COULSTON, Hannah -J117 20 Mar 1711 Whitpain Township, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

COULSTON, Henry -J117 5 Dec 1692 York, England

COULSTON, John -P-P083

COULSTON, Sarah -J117 11 Aug 1707 Gwynedd, Montgomery, Pennsylvania

COULSTONE, Barnabas -J117 27 Apr 1708 Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania

COULSTONE, John -J117 4 Feb 1705 Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania

COULSTONE, Mrs. Ann -J117 Abt 1677 York, England Aft 1709

COULSTONE, Sarah -J117 4 Jul 1709 Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania

COULSTONE, William -J117 1675 York, England
Gwynedd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
COULSTONE, William -J117 6 Aug 1700 Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania Aft 1730

COULTER, Barbara Ellen -P-H234 11 Nov 1840 , , Illinois 24 Sep 1879

COULTER, Jack W -O020

COULTER, Jay Dewey -P-W376

COULTER, John -W388

COULTER, Joseph Allen -P075

COULTER, Leona Kay -H213

COULTER, Martha -D193

COULTER, Pauline Jay -P-W376

COULTER, Rebecca Ann -H657

COULTHARD, Alfred Henry -P-B300

COUNCE, Adam -A105
, France

COUNCE, Katherine Hendricks -H186

COUNSELL, Barbara Gay -S643

COUNTRMAN, Catherine -P-E003 19 Feb 1905
12 Jul 1966 Larned, Pawnee, Kansas
COUNTRYMAN, Faith Marie -H281

COUNTRYMAN, Rodney -G400

COUNTS, Debra Kay -H457

COUNTS, Emra -P-S354

COUNTS, Merle D -C-S537

COUNTS, Merle D. -P-P177

COUPE, Richard -P-S698

Malcolm, Nebraska
COURANGE, Joseph -D193

COURANGE, Theresa -D193

COURBERT, Marguerite -H599

COURCHAINE, Peter -P219a

Bef 2008

COURDAUT, Charlotte -H599

COURKAMP, Albert Adolph -P-W269

COURKAMP, Denman Otto -P-W269

COURM, Brian -P-M310

COURM, Brian -W342

COURM, Homer -P-M310

COURNOYER, Valerie D -P304

COURON, Gaynel -D185

COURON, Mark -G039

COURSER, Charles -P-W064

COURSEY, Raymond -B105

COURSEY, Raymond L -D300

COURT, Rudolph -G039

COURTEMANCHE, Adolphus -P-N045








COURTEMANCHE, Lorraine -P-N045






COURTEMANCHE, Rosemarie -P-N045





COURTENAY, Margaret -S1117 1381 , Cornwall, , England
Stowe, Cornwall, , England
COURTNAGE, Larry James -P-A080


COURTNEY, Archibald Clinton -H436

COURTNEY, Charles T -M-F170

COURTNEY, Charles T -M-F170

COURTNEY, Charles Wesley -P-A122 3 Jul 1880 Milan, Missouri 17 May 1961 Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska
COURTNEY, Connie -M-F170

COURTNEY, Jack -G400

COURTNEY, Maxey Martin -P-A122 30 Jun 1911 Green City, Missouri 26 Jun 1980 Bennet, Lancaster, Nebraska
COURTNEY, Pamela -K317

COURTNEY, Ray Dean -C-W076

COURTNEY, Robert -J115


COURTRIGHT, Elizabeth (Lines) -L225 18 Apr 1767

COURVILLE CADIEUX, Charles -H599 Abt 1624 Thury, Thury-Harcourt, Bayeux, Normandie, Caen, Calvados, France 8 Aug 1715 Beauport, Quebec, Quebec*
COURVILLE CADIEUX, Marie -H599 22 Jul 1657* Québec* 16 Apr 1733 Cap-St-Ignace, Montmagny, Quebec*
COUSER, Earl Chatham -H336 24 Feb 1902 Veblen, South Dakota

COUSER, Elmer -H336

COUSER, Eugene Marvin -H336 24 Mar 1940 Lake City, South Dakota 12 Feb 1961 Aberdeen, South Dakota
COUSER, Evelyn Marie -H336

COUSERT, Mark Anthony -L303

COUSIN, Joe -M-F170

COUSIN, Lillian -N097

COUSINS, Bill -P-F027

COUSINS, Carol Jane -E077

COUSINS, Evelyn -P-F027

COUSINS, Gary -L070

COUTE, Caroline Counce -A105 3 May 1851 , Indiana 14 Aug 1921 Kellerville, Adams, Illinois
COUTNE, Rose -P-S142

COUTORIER, Dennis -D273

COUTTS, Benjamine -C-W285



COUTURE LAFRENAYE, Charles -H599 29 Nov 1659 Québec* 9 Sep 1709 Beaumont, Bellechasse, Québec*
COUTURE LAFRENAYE, Marie Anne -H599 8 Jan 1691 Pointe-de-Lévy (Lauzon), Lévis, Québec* 7 May 1743 St-Laurent, I'le de Orleans, Montmorency, Québec*
COUTURE, Guillaume -H599

COUTURE, Guillaume -H599 14 Jan 1618 St-Godard, Rouen, Normandie, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France 4 Apr 1701 Hôtel-Dieu de Québec*
COUTURE, Leroy -P-S217

COUTZ, Carl -U-D045

COVE, Carolee -H083

COVELL, Charlotte Irene -N105 27 Feb 1908 Sykeston, Wells, North Dakota 9 Jan 1993 Carrington, Foster, North Dakota
COVELL, Ella R -S649

COVELL, Margaret Irene -K115 2 Aug 1914 Redding, California 19 Sep 1969 South Lake Tahoe, California
COVELLI, Chris -P-L023

COVELLI, Kelly -P-L023

COVELLI, Terry -P-L023

COVELLI, Terry Lynn -P-L023

COVENTRY, Unknown -S1117 1565 Great Milton, Oxfordshire, , England 1640 Great Milton, Oxfordshire, , England
COVER, Constance Rae -H332

COVERSTON, Clarence -D193

COVERSTON, Irene M -D193

COVERT, Cecile -C-C007

COVERT, Harry Leslie -P051

COVEY, -F122

COVEY, Charlie -C173

COVEY, Elizabeth Ann -P-R243

COVEY, George -P-D111

COVEY, John William -P-S375

COVEY, Nehemiah D Dodge -F108

6 Nov 1946 Omro, Wisconsin
COVEY, Verl Raymond -P-S449

COVEY, Verl Raymond -S450

COVEY, Veryl -P-M310

COVEY, Zula -F108 1 Apr 1893 Omro, Wisconsin 19 Aug 1953 Oshkosh, Wisconsin
COVIER, Sue -K210

COVILLARD, Eva Lela -E093 Abt 1878
Abt 1936 Laona, Wi


COVINGTON, Catherine Jean -P-E003

COVINGTON, Constance Joan -P-E003

COVINGTON, Elbert Gorton -P-E003

COVINGTON, Harris -H266

COVINGTON, Jack Bates -P-C170


COVINGTON, Richard -C134 Abt 1678 Accomac, Accomack Co., Virginia 15 May 1773 Accomac, Accomack Co., Virginia
COVINGTON, Richard Mrs. -C134 Abt 1678 Accomac, Accomack Co., Virginia Abt 1730 Accomac, Accomack Co., Virginia
COVINGTON, Ross Berrill -P-C170

COVINGTON, Susannah -C134 Abt 1695 Accomac, Accomack Co., Virginia Abt 1740 Accomac, Accomack Co., Virginia
COVINO, Laura Lynn -P-S462

COWAN, Annie -S1117 16 Jun 1885 Joplin, Newton, Missouri, United States 27 Aug 1944 Houston, Harris, Texas, United States
COWAN, Elizabeth Ann Betty -H402

COWAN, Elizabeth Ann Betty -M-F170

COWAN, Elton -G196

COWAN, Grover Cleveland -F093 Abt 28 Jun 1884 Lowell, Benton, Arkansas, Usa 14 Apr 1967 Lowell, Benton, Arkansas, Usa
COWAN, Jeanne Lou -P-H042

COWAN, Lee -M-G188

COWAN, Margert -H476

COWAN, Marion Emily -U-S593 19 Jul 1905 Springbank, Alberta, Canada Jul 1972 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
COWAN, Nancy Ann -U-F134

COWAN, Ruth -P039

COWAN, Sidna Cozette -F093

COWAN, Sidna William -F093 6 Jul 1908 Lowell, Benton, Arkansas, Usa 19 May 1971 Weaverville, Trinity, California, Usa
COWAN, Wesley Walker -P001

COWAN, William Wellington -U-S593

COWANS, Jerry Lee -W056

COWART, James C -J110

COWDEN, Elva Grace -W364

COWDEN, Gary -H436

COWDEN, Geo W Bill -S645

COWDEN, Joseph Ard Futhey -W364 11 Mar 1890 , Ohio 20 Mar 1974 Hickory, Pennsylvania
COWDEN, Marjorie -D193


COWDREY, William -C134 Abt 1646 Northampton co., Virginia

COWELARD, Jesse -H262

COWELL, Duane Merle -P-W094

COWELL, Ila -G095

COWELL, Sharon Louise -P-S421

COWEN, George -P-N045

COWEN, Gordon -P-N045

COWEN, Muriel -P-N045

COWEN, Peter -P-N045

COWEN, Thom -S630

COWGER, Chris -C-S537

COWGER, Dale -P-S592

COWGER, Lloyd Ray -H325

COWGER, Lloyd Ray -P-W291

COWGILL, Allan -K287

COWHEY, Debbie -R297

COWHEY, Peter F -P-W198

COWIE, Alexander Ian -P-C035

COWIE, William -P-B178

COWIN, David Allen -M286

COWLES, Helen Jeanette -N092

COWLES, Lucille -P-D135

COWLES, Roy -F222

COWLEY, Ann -S1117 13 May 1730 Minchenhampton, Gloucestershire, , England 1823 Theescomb, Gloucestershire, , England
COWLEY, Valorie -W498


COWLING, Dorris -P156

COWSER, Barbara -K287 6 Dec 1932 Riverdale, Cook, Il 6 Dec 1932 Riverdale, Cook, Il
COWSER, Corrina Mae -K287

COWSER, Evelyn Marie -K287 31 Aug 1924
25 Aug 1973 Matteson, , Il*
COWSER, Thomas Bradley -K287

COWSER, Walter -L233

COWSER, Walter Scott -K287

COWSER, Walter Scotty -K287 23 Aug 1899 Winchester, , Tenn 18 Feb 1966 Homewood Cem, Cook, Il*
COX, Anna Marie -M-F170

COX, Arlie -R319

COX, Audrey -R319

COX, Bertha Ellen -U-V037 21 Dec 1886
2 Mar 1989

COX, Bertie Grace -F061

COX, Betty Joe -D193

COX, Boyd -P304

COX, Boyd -P304

COX, Brent Douglas -P-C019

COX, Charles Henry -D193

COX, Cicely Harriet -T110 1883

COX, Clara May -E094 9 Oct 1907 Bossburg, Washington 19 Mar 1988 Davenport, Lincoln, Washington
COX, Dale e. -M152

COX, Danell -P304

COX, David -P-P177 27 Mar 1894 Elliotsville, Kentucky 14 Jul 1977 Owensville, Kentucky
COX, David -P-P177

COX, David V. -S690

COX, Donald Gene -P-P177

COX, Doris -G237

COX, Edna Mae -P-P177

COX, Ella -P-P177

COX, Elna -M-B338

COX, Eva -P304

COX, Everette Joseph -P-T113

COX, Fannie Belle -N126 27 Oct 1893 Archer City, Archer Co, Texas May 1979 Colorado Springs, El Paso Co, Colorado
COX, Frederick Wayne -H590

COX, Gene Wheeler -C093

COX, George -E046

COX, George -M-F170 8 Apr 1902
27 Mar 1969 Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
COX, George -M-F170

COX, Gerald Edwin -P-P177

COX, Gertrude -U-B142

COX, Golden H -P-C068

COX, Haze -M394

COX, Hazel Marie -P-N045

COX, Helen -H415

COX, Helen Sue -P-P177 26 Oct 1940 Elliotsville, Kentucky 26 Nov 1940 Elliotsville, Kentucky
COX, Henderson -P-C068

COX, Hilda Lou -P-P177

COX, Hybert Roy -C-S297

COX, Hyberta K -C-S297

COX, James Robert -U-G201

COX, James Robert -U-G201

COX, John -R319 19 Sep 1865 Frankfort, Kansas 28 Nov 1932

COX, John -S801

COX, John Desmond -M-C136

COX, Joseph P -M-F070

COX, Kathryn -W056

COX, Kay -P-N117

COX, Kenneth L -F154

COX, Leslie Edward Perk -F078

COX, Leslie Lee -P-P177 9 Jul 1914
23 Dec 1951

COX, Linda Faye -H590

COX, Lola -B402

COX, Lyle -R319

COX, Lynn -P-P175

COX, Marcia -P304

COX, Margaret -B539

COX, Margaret -C150

COX, Margaret Ann -C183

COX, Margaret Ann -P-P177 1833

COX, Marjorie Ruth -D193

COX, Mary -P-P177 1874

COX, Mary Ann -H469 13 Oct 1865 , Harrison, Iowa 28 Jun 1899 , Harrison, Iowa
COX, Mary Jane -M319 11 Feb 1857 Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana, United States 30 Aug 1942 Blackwell, , Oklahoma, United States
COX, Minnie May -M-F170

COX, Myalie Elizabeth -S605

COX, Myrtle Newton -M284

COX, Neva Lee -P-P177

COX, Nina -K287

COX, Norma E -P-M377 1888
1910 Mena, Kansas
COX, Ore -G251

COX, Pearl -M-F170

COX, Pearl -M191

COX, Raymond John -P-C164

COX, Rex -P187

COX, Richard Dean -P-C068

COX, Ricky -T148

COX, Robert -E094 4 Apr 1901
Feb 1985 Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, Nebraska
COX, Robert Wayne -R319 1920
1974 Montana
COX, Roberta -R319

COX, Roberta Frances -I003

COX, Roger -R319

COX, Ronnie Wayne -R319

COX, Roy -R319 16 Nov 1899

COX, Ruth -J117 25 Jun 1722

Felton, Kent, Dealware (Bailey Far Cemetery)*
COX, Solomon -P-P177

COX, Una -P-R178

COX, Vera -R319

COX, Vera Myrene -L121

COX, Wanda -C-S580

COX, William C -P-B248

COXE, Anne -S1117 1694 Hertford, Perquimans, North Carolina, United States 1759 Hertford, Perquimans, North Carolina, United States
COXE, Elizabeth -S1117 1675 Perquimans, North Carolina, United States 1730 Little River, Perquimans, North Carolina, United States
COXE, Robert -S1117 1675 Perquimans, North Carolina, United States 25 Nov 1730 Little River, Perquimans, North Carolina, United States
COXWORTH, W Morris -P-C089

COXWORTH, Walter James -P-C089

COY, Hershall -P-S264

COY, Leslie -P-S653

COYER, Cindy -P-S592

COYETT, Dean -E034


COYKENDALL, Donald Lee -P-H042

COYKENDALL, John Bell -P-H042

20 Feb 1986 , Santa Cruz, California
COYKENDALL, John Willard -P-H042

COYKENDALL, Ramon Earl -P-H042

COYKENDALL, Richard -P-S214

COYLE, Craig -G250

COYLE, David -W498

COYLE, David -W498

COYLE, Jim William -B401

COYLE, Marjorie Mae -M-F170

COYLE, Mary E. -Y043

COYLE, Myles -G400

COYLE, Philip J -J080

COYNE, Frank -C-S580

COYNE, Harry -H314

COYNE, Lee -P034

COYNER, Cecil Earl -P-S181

COYNER, Marye Elga -P-S181

COYNER, Marye Elga -S173

COZAD, Jack -P-N045

COZAD, James Glenn -K316

COZAD, Judy -P-N045

COZAD, Melissa -P-N045

COZENS, Emma Rae -M220 10 May 1876 North Judson, Starke, Indiana, United States 23 Mar 1960 Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas, United States

CRABB, Donna -E134

CRABB, James -R342

CRABB, Stephen -S815


CRABTREE, Anita Mae -P-F212

CRABTREE, Benjamin Forrest -M306 3 Sep 1893 Ellendale, Dickey, North Dakota, United States 25 Sep 1958 Ellendale, Dickey, North Dakota, United States
CRABTREE, Ethel May -G245


CRABTREE, Florence -E134

CRABTREE, Jimmy -K317

CRABTREE, John William -M306 19 Nov 1861 Centerville, Grant, Wisconsin, United States 8 Jun 1913 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States
CRABTREE, Jon Gary -P-Y009

CRABTREE, Kay Lenore -M306


CRABTREE, Ruby -G175


CRABTREE, Timm -P-D061

CRABTREE, Ywel -P-F212

CRACKLE, Vivian -L362

CRADDECK, Maureen B222

CRADDICK, Marjorie Fern -B892

CRADIS, Lorraine -H402

CRADIS, Lorraine -M-F170

CRAFT, Elizabeth -R259 1838 Kana, Samara, Volga, Russia

CRAFT, Elizabeth -R259 1838 Kana, Samara, Volga, Russia

CRAFT, Elizabeth Katta" -S690" 1885 Dobrinka 1954 Worland, Washakie, Wyoming
CRAFT, Gertis McCleskey -S690

CRAFT, Henry -H228

CRAFT, Henry -P-S359

CRAFT, Katherine -C267 11 Sep 1894
Dec 1966 Denver, Denver, Colorado
CRAFT, Sharon Lynn -P-V024

CRAFT, William -P-W331

CRAFTON, Gen. John D. -S1117 27 Mar 1882
16 Aug 1966

CRAFTON, John D. -S1117 1851 Kentucky, United States 1983

CRAGER, Matthew Robert -D193

CRAGHEAD, Oswell Elmer -P-T019 2 Mar 1875 Fulton, Missouri 2 Apr 1936 Greeley, Weld, Colorado
CRAGHEAD, Samuel S -P-T019

CRAGO, Marie Alice -O019

CRAIG, -P-P175

CRAIG, -P-P175

CRAIG, -P-P175

CRAIG, -P-P175

CRAIG, -P-P175

CRAIG, Agnes -P-H042

CRAIG, Alma June -H436 8 Jun 1924 Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska 15 Jun 1985

CRAIG, Becky -P304

CRAIG, Belinda -P304

CRAIG, Carl -S778

CRAIG, Charles -G196

CRAIG, Deborah J. -M393

CRAIG, Edna -P-E029

CRAIG, Edna -P-S672

CRAIG, Eliza Ellen L -D215

CRAIG, Elizabeth -P-C163

CRAIG, Elizabeth E. -H436

CRAIG, Elizabeth E. -H436

CRAIG, Elmer Hiram -H436 29 May 1898 , Clay, Missouri 15 Feb 1971 Lincoln, Nebraska
CRAIG, Ernest -P-W137

CRAIG, Ernest L -P-E029 19 Aug 1900 Oberlin, Kansas 1982 Canby, Oregon
CRAIG, Ernest L -P-S672 19 Aug 1900 Oberlin, Kansas 1982 Canby, Oregon
CRAIG, Ernest L. -P-E029

CRAIG, Ernest L. -P-S672

CRAIG, Harold -W158

CRAIG, Harry -P-S181

CRAIG, Harry -S173

CRAIG, Harry Brock -P219a 25 May 1937 Sacramento County, Ca, USA 21 Jan 1977 Sacramento, Sacramento, Ca, USA
CRAIG, Helen -P-E029

CRAIG, Helen -P-S672

CRAIG, Hubert -S1117

CRAIG, Irene Louise -K386

CRAIG, Jack H -S1117

CRAIG, Jerry -P-H407

CRAIG, Jessie Margueritte -M337

CRAIG, Joseph Elmore -H436

CRAIG, Judith -S1117

CRAIG, Ken -B516

CRAIG, Kenneth -P-E029 10 Jun 1938 Platteville, Colorado 13 May 1981 Northglenn, Colorado
CRAIG, Kenneth -P-S672 10 Jun 1938 Platteville, Colorado 13 May 1981 Northglenn, Colorado
CRAIG, Lee Austin -P-P175

CRAIG, Lee Austin -P-P175

CRAIG, Leon -W158

CRAIG, Leon A -P-P175

CRAIG, LeRoy -P304

CRAIG, Lewis -P-E029

CRAIG, Lewis -P-S672

CRAIG, Lewis Laverne -J012

CRAIG, Lewis Laverne -P-E029

CRAIG, Lewis Laverne -P-S672

CRAIG, Lloyd Arden -B500

CRAIG, Lois -P-W370

CRAIG, Lydia -P304

CRAIG, Marie -W158 4 Sep 1917
24 Mar 1970

CRAIG, Marsha Celeste -W364

CRAIG, Mary Helen -O091

CRAIG, Norma Jean -H436

CRAIG, Phyllis Jean -F441 21 Mar 1923 Salem, Oregon 30 Oct 2008 Seattle, King, Washington
CRAIG, Phyllis Mary -H436

CRAIG, Robert L -P-S505

CRAIG, Robert Lee -H436

CRAIG, Robert Wayne -P-P175

CRAIG, Ruth Jean -D205

CRAIG, Ruth M -P-H407

CRAIG, Ruth Mildred -C-S487

CRAIG, Ruth Mildred -C-S487

CRAIG, Ruth Mildred -C-S487

CRAIG, Ruth Mildred -C-S487

CRAIG, Sharon Ray -M046

CRAIG, Stepdaughter -P304

CRAIG, Stepson -P304

CRAIG, Thomas D -F251

CRAIG, Virginia -B501

CRAIG, Virginia -K224

CRAIG, William -D185

CRAIG, William Farrold -R252

CRAIG, Wilma Mae -H436 14 Jun 1931 Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska 5 May 1986

CRAIG, Winafred -A225


CRAIGLOW, George Junior -C179

CRAIK, Alice -K188

CRAIL, Clarence -O046

CRAIN, Darrell -D180

CRAIN, Evelyn -S1117

CRAIN, Fern -P-B303

CRAIN, Jim -K287

CRAIN, Robert -I003

CRAINE, Hubert -M186

CRAIUTU, Aurelian -K387

CRAM, Victor Joy -R276

CRAMER, Amy Evelyn -R319 9 Feb 1902 Haddam, , Ka 20 Jul 1991 Lacey, Thurston, Wa
CRAMER, Cecil -P-D203

CRAMER, Clarence -P-D203 2 May 1901 Rolla, North Dakota 2 Aug 1985 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
CRAMER, Clarence -R319 Aug 1898 Haddam, , Ka

CRAMER, David L. -R319 1848 Ky

CRAMER, Dean -P-D203

CRAMER, E. Ann -R319 1837 Ky

CRAMER, Eleanore -R319

CRAMER, Eliza Ellen -R319 23 Feb 1870 Williamstown, Grant, Ky 1953

CRAMER, Emma J -R319 8 Jan 1868 Williamstown, Grant, Ky
Fairbury, Neb*
CRAMER, Erin -A144

CRAMER, Evelyn -P-D203

CRAMER, Florence Laverne -R319

CRAMER, Fred -P-D203

CRAMER, George -R319

CRAMER, George Jay -R319 27 Mar 1874 Dryridge, , Ky 11 Apr 1953 Seattle, King, Wa
CRAMER, Heidi -P138

CRAMER, Henry -R319

CRAMER, Iva -Z090

CRAMER, Ivy -R319

CRAMER, Jack Horner -W392

CRAMER, James -R319 15 Jan 1862

Haddam, , Kansas
CRAMER, Jessie -R319 20 Feb 1881 Washington, Kansas 1945

CRAMER, John -P-D203

CRAMER, John -R236

CRAMER, Joseph -R319 1811 Nj

CRAMER, Lulu -R319 7 Apr 1872 Williamstown, Grant, Ky 1953 Haddam, , Kansas
CRAMER, Lydin -R319 1842 Ky

CRAMER, Mark -P-D203

CRAMER, Mary E. -R319 1845 Ky

CRAMER, Nadine -R319

CRAMER, Patricia Pat -P-D203

CRAMER, Randolph -R319 3 Dec 1841 Williams, Grant, Ky 12 Aug 1913 Haddam, Washington, Kansas
CRAMER, Rose -R319

CRAMER, Ruben -R319 29 Dec 1876 Williamstown, Grant, Ky

CRAMER, Sarah -R319 1813 Nj

CRAMER, Wendy -P-D203

CRAMER, William -R319 1834 Ohio

CRAMER, William H. -R319 2 Apr 1879 Washington, Kansas JAN 196465

CRAMPTON, Alonso -P-S181

CRAMPTON, Noble -P-P177

CRANCER, Glen -P-Y015 9 Oct 1898
31 Jan 1934

CRANDALL, Janet -B419

CRANDALL, Letitia Jane -P-S181

CRANDALL, Myron J -P-W213

CRANDELL, Beulah -C-T039

CRANDELL, Effie -C-T039

CRANDELL, Fred -C-T039

CRANDELL, Millie -C-T039

CRANDELL, Millie -C-T039

CRANDELL, Orville -C-T039

CRANDELL, Patricia -N126

CRANDELL, Patricia -R159


CRANDELL, Seth -C-T039

CRANE, -K287

CRANE, Abigail -C134 3 Apr 1676 Killingsorth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANE, Barry -K287

CRANE, Benjamin -C134 Abt 1637 Wethersfield, Hartford, Conn

CRANE, Concurrence -C134 27 Dec 1667 Guilford, New Haven, Conn

CRANE, Concurrence -C134 4 Jun 1709 Killingworth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANE, Earnestine Jane -R297

CRANE, Ebenezer -C134 19 May 1702 Killingworth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANE, Eleanor -C134 25 Aug 1711 Killingworth, Middlesex, Conn 25 Sep 1711

CRANE, Elizabeth -C134 Abt 1666 Guilford, New Haven, Conn

CRANE, Ethel -P-B176

CRANE, Forrest Wayne -G041

CRANE, Hannah -C134 28 Aug 1697 Killingworth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANE, Henry -C134 25 Oct 1677 Killingsorth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANE, Henry -C134 Abt 1635 Wethersfield, Hartford, Conn 22 Apr 1711 New London, New London, Conn
CRANE, Jane -C134 10 Feb 1701 Killingworth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANE, Joanna -P-H042 Abt 1566

CRANE, Joanna -P-H042 Abt 1566

CRANE, John -C134 Abt 1600 Suffolk, England

CRANE, John -C134 23 Mar 1695 Killingworth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANE, John -C134 Abt 1664 Guilford, New Haven, Conn

CRANE, Mary -C134 23 Aug 1670 Killingsorth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANE, Mary Josephine -P-H140 15 Jun 1845 Maquaketa, , Iowa 11 Jun 1917 Humboldt, , Iowa
CRANE, Mary Mrs. -C134 Abt 1613 Suffolk, England

CRANE, Maxine Elizabeth -P-P177

CRANE, Mercy -C134 21 Jun 1680 Killingsorth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANE, Myron -P-D027

CRANE, Nancy -B055

CRANE, Nathaniel -C134 7 Aug 1682 Killingsorth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANE, Oscar W -P-B284

CRANE, P -M-F170

CRANE, P -S627

CRANE, Phebe -C134 24 Dec 1672 Killingsorth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANE, Theophilus -C134 5 Jan 1674 Killingsorth, Middlesex, Conn

CRANER, Ann -U-B003 15 Jul 1838 Birmingham, , , England 28 Apr 1906 Millcreek, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
CRANER, George Benjamin -U-B003 3 Jan 1799
18 May 1854

CRANER, James F -S176

CRANFILL, Ronald Eugene -B428

CRANFORD, Gertie -P-H512

CRANK, Margaret Davenport -H436 1836
30 Dec 1914

CRANKSHAW, Frank -F052

CRANMER, Clyde -H436

CRANNA, Henry -P-N045

CRANSTORE, John William -M107

CRAPE, Rudy -K381

CRAPIN, Leroy -J062

CRAPO, Fred -P304

CRAPO, Karolyn Melanie -P-S142

CRAPO, Thomas R -C-R064

CRAPSON, James Lorance -D285

CRAPSON, Larry Marshall -D285

CRARY, Arthur -S666

CRARY, Dennis B -D193

CRARY, Margaret Jean -G196 7 Feb 1910
19 Jun 1967

CRASIER, Wanda -P-A080

CRAUSE, Juliua H. -T114

CRAUSE, Paul -E134

CRAUSE, Rick -E134

CRAVEN, James Vinton -P-C044

CRAVEN, Kirby O'Neal -C154

CRAVEN, Linnie -P-A103

CRAVEN, Margaret Ellen -C-Z002

CRAVEN, Naty -P-H042

CRAVENS, Bobbie Jean -O058

CRAVENS, Glenn Leroy -K351

CRAVENS, Hamilton -U030

CRAVER, Ebinezer -H476


CRAWFORD, Ada Sarah -C-T039 18 Nov 1853 Hoytsville, Pennsylvania 25 Aug 1924 Mitchell, South Dakota
CRAWFORD, Albert -C-T039 22 Jun 1852
12 Mar 1855

CRAWFORD, Alexander -C-T039

CRAWFORD, Angeline -L153

CRAWFORD, Betty -P-S454

CRAWFORD, Bill -G200

CRAWFORD, Charles -C135

CRAWFORD, Charles R -C-T039 10 Apr 1851

CRAWFORD, Darlene Faye -S690

CRAWFORD, Darryl -P-E003

CRAWFORD, Delores -D435

CRAWFORD, Diane -S717

CRAWFORD, Dizera J -P-S214

CRAWFORD, Donald F -A230

CRAWFORD, Earl H -C-T039 3 Sep 1868
19 Feb 1871

CRAWFORD, Emmett -C-T039 14 Aug 1858
6 Mar 1859

CRAWFORD, Frank -C-T039 26 May 1860
16 May 1861

CRAWFORD, Frederick Louis -P-P083

CRAWFORD, Gertrude Catherine -P-B456 26 Aug 1864 , Shiawassee, Michigan 30 May 1892 Ludington, Michigan
CRAWFORD, Gladys -M175

CRAWFORD, Guy -C-T039 15 May 1864
10 Oct 1950

CRAWFORD, Harlie -C-T039 31 Mar 1862
21 Sep 1864

CRAWFORD, Harold -S136

CRAWFORD, Harold Pritchette Hap -G039 13 Oct 1915 Dresden, Wheakely, Tennessee 3 Nov 1990 , Washington
CRAWFORD, Hazel -B400

CRAWFORD, Henry Alexander -C-T039 8 Apr 1824
27 Jun 1875

CRAWFORD, Iris -C-T039 24 Jan 1895

CRAWFORD, Jane Ellen or Jennie -M168 Apr 1844 Wallace Bay, , Nova Scotia, Canada Nov 1921 Paso Robles, , California, United States
CRAWFORD, Jean Lenore -B738 20 Jun 1919 Billings, , Mt, USA 24 May 2003 Olympia, , Wa
CRAWFORD, Jesse -C-T039 2 Sep 1859
4 Sep 1859

CRAWFORD, John William -P-M370

CRAWFORD, Josephine -N005 12 Jan 1858 , Ohio 10 May 1937 Oakland, California
CRAWFORD, Kenneth -P-D018

CRAWFORD, Kenneth -P-K333

CRAWFORD, Logan -W071

CRAWFORD, Lulu Blossom -H402

CRAWFORD, Lulu Blossom -M-F170

CRAWFORD, Margaret -P-L036

CRAWFORD, Margaret C. -H436

CRAWFORD, Marla Jean -T097

CRAWFORD, Mary -P-H042

CRAWFORD, Mary -P-H096

CRAWFORD, Melissa -S136

CRAWFORD, Ruth -P-M368

CRAWFORD, Seth -C-T039 30 Dec 1854
15 Jan 1921

CRAWFORD, Sybil -H419 26 Nov 1894 Williamsburg, Nebraska 21 Mar 1977 Kearney, Buffalo, Nebraska
CRAWFORD, Thomas -M098

CRAWFORD, Will -B485

CRAWFORD, William Henry -P-W198

CRAWLEY, Maurice -P-P177

CRAWSBY, Ralph -P-H042

CRAYCHEE, Albert -S597

CRAYCHEE, Robert Frederick -S597

CRAYNE, Carol Rose -C-W283

CRAYS, Justus -E134

CREA, -L225

CREAGER, Keith -W158

CREAMER, Alice Aleta -L297

CREAMER, Edna -R319

CREAMER, Richard Glen -F034

CREASON, Bryan Allen (Living) -K317

CREASON, Doris Virginia -P-B203

CREASON, James William (Living) -K317

CREASON, Kimberly Ann (Living) -K317

CREASON, Michael James (Living) -K317

CREASON, Winifred Dowler -T097 29 Mar 1903 Winfield, Kansas 21 Oct 1974 Ft Collins, Larimer, Colorado

CREE, Asa A -M-F170

CREECH, Calvin Ray -P-S302

CREECH, Robert Gail -M-W375

CREEDON, Dennis Joseph -F198

CREEDY, Tracey -P-F119

CREEGER, Bonnie Geraldine -P-P177

CREEGER, Charlotte -P-P177

CREEGER, Donald Wesley -P-P177

CREEGER, Grace Louise -P-P177

CREEGER, Harold Lee -P-P177

CREEGER, Sara Ann -P-P177

CREEGER, Sylvia -P-P177

CREEK, -H436 18 Oct 1855 , Clay, Mo, USA 2 Nov 1855 , Clay, Mo, USA
CREEK, -H436 20 Mar 1836 , Clay, Mo, USA 20 Mar 1836 , Clay, Mo, USA
CREEK, Abraham -H436 Dec 1782 , Virginia 14 Oct 1859 , Clay Co., Missouri
CREEK, Abraham Maxberry -H436 1818

CREEK, Abram -H436 10 Aug 1830 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, Absalom -H436 10 Dec 1844 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, Alan -N054

CREEK, Andrew J. -H436 7 May 1881
24 Mar 1882

CREEK, Arthur Carl -H436 9 Apr 1905 Denver, Denver, Co, USA 25 Feb 1994 Lynnwood, Washington
CREEK, Arthur Lee -H436 31 Jul 1881 , Clay Co., Mo 9 Feb 1932 Oak Creek, Routt, Co, USA
CREEK, Barbara Jean -H436

CREEK, Bernice Lenore -B231

CREEK, boy -H436

CREEK, boy -H436

CREEK, Cathy -H436 1772 , Va 4 Jun 1790

CREEK, Cecil (Chick) -H436 9 Apr 1905 Denver, Denver, Co, USA Abt 1944 San Francisco, Ca, USA
CREEK, Charles Jefferson -H436 12 Jan 1856 , Clay Co., Missouri 6 Mar 1899 Prob. Canon City, Co
CREEK, Charles Younger -H436 18 Jan 1829 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, Clara -H436

CREEK, Darlisca D. -H436 12 Dec 1850 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, David -H436 1786 , Va

CREEK, David -H436

CREEK, David Lee -H436

CREEK, David Whitsler -H436 3 Dec 1821

CREEK, Doolisha (Danlisca) -H436 Abt 1867 , Clay, Mo, USA

CREEK, Edna Leone -H436

CREEK, Edna Leone -H436 9 Oct 1924 , California 28 Apr 1997 Sacramento, California
CREEK, Eliza Jane -H436


CREEK, Eliza Jane (Louisa) (Jane) -H436 28 Feb 1841 , Clay Co., Mo 1869 , Clay, Mo, USA
CREEK, Emilia (Emma) -H436 1858 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, father -H436

CREEK, Gary -H436

CREEK, George -H436 1888

CREEK, Georgia A. -H436 1854 , Clay, Mo, USA

CREEK, infant daughter -H436 18 Oct 1855 , Clay Co., Mo 2 Nov 1855 , Clay Co., Mo
CREEK, infant son -H436 20 Mar 1836 , Clay Co., Mo 20 Mar 1836

CREEK, Isaac -H436 1785 , Virginia

CREEK, Jacob (Jake) -H436 1846 , Clay Co., Missouri

CREEK, Jacob Creth -H436 9 Feb 1843 , Clay Co., Missouri

CREEK, Jacob Howdersheldt -H436 16 Aug 1805 , Barren Co., Ky 25 Nov 1884 Paradise, Clay Co., Mo
CREEK, Jacob J. -H436 1784 , Pittsylvania Co., Virginia 1850 Montgomery Twp., Gibson Co., Indiana
CREEK, James -H436

CREEK, James -H436 1776

CREEK, James -H436

CREEK, James Buster -H436 29 Apr 1837 , Clay Co., Mo Sep 1855

CREEK, John -H436 13 Sep 1774 , Virginia 14 Aug 1858 , Monroe Co., Kentucky
CREEK, John Jr. -H436

CREEK, John Power -H436 1842 , Clay Co., Missouri 1922

CREEK, John W. -H436 7 May 1887
19 Nov 1888

CREEK, Joseph Charles -H436 10 Jul 1914 Cripple Creek, Teller, Co, USA 29 Apr 1986 Loveland, Larimer, Co, USA
CREEK, Killian Anderson -H436 19 Aug 1850
22 Jul 1926

CREEK, Killian Anderson -H436 7 Dec 1807 , Barren Co., Kentucky 5 Dec 1893 , Clay Co., Missouri
CREEK, Killion -H436 1794 , Va 1852

CREEK, Killion -H436 1750 , Pittsylvania Co., Virginia 12 Mar 1852 , Gibson Co., in
CREEK, Lamira (Elmira) -H436 1861 , Clay, Mo, USA

CREEK, Laura E. 'Babe' -H436 28 Feb 1853 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, Lavisa -H436 5 Dec 1788 , Warren Co., Kentucky 3 Dec 1863

CREEK, Lee Roy -H436 25 Mar 1903 Pictue, Huerfano, Co, USA 6 Oct 1966 rural Miami, Dade, Fl, USA
CREEK, Lee Roy -H436

CREEK, Lee Roy (Jr.) -H436

CREEK, Leslie -H436

CREEK, Lillie M. -H436 1877 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, Lucian -H436

CREEK, Lucinda -H436 1866 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, Lucy A. -H436 15 Jan 1834 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, Ludisy (Ludisa) -H436 25 May 1865 , Clay Co., Mo 26 May 1930 St. Louis, Missouri
CREEK, Margaret -H436 28 Feb 1839 , Clay, Mo, USA 31 Dec 1840 , Clay Co., Missouri
CREEK, Margaret -H436

CREEK, Margaret Ann -H436 5 Jan 1811
21 Dec 1896

CREEK, Mary A. -H436 1837 , Clay Co., Missouri

CREEK, Mary Ann -H436 1815

CREEK, Mary Elizabeth -H436 30 Sep 1803 , Barren Co., Kentucky 30 Dec 1895

CREEK, Nancy -H436 15 Apr 1780 , Va, USA

CREEK, Nancy -H436 15 Apr 1780 , Va 1868

CREEK, Nancy B. -H436 1844

CREEK, Patricia Ann -H436

CREEK, Philadelphia -H436 1791 , Va, USA

CREEK, Philadelphia -H436 1791 , Va

CREEK, Richard -B231

CREEK, Sally -H436 1839 , Clay Co., Missouri

CREEK, Sarah -H436

CREEK, Sarah E. -H436

CREEK, Sarah Lee -H436 18 Dec 1827 , Clay Co., Mo 4 Aug 1913

CREEK, Sarah Lee -H436 1872 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, Sena Margaret -H436 2 Mar 1847

CREEK, Sharlynn Joe -H436

CREEK, Shugga -H436 5 Nov 1846 , Clay Co., Mo 12 Jul 1848 , Clay Co., Mo
CREEK, Sidney Bougard (Beau) -H436 1862 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, Sidney Thomas -H436 12 Sep 1891 Westcliff, Fremont, Co, USA 7 Dec 1918 Oak Creek, Routt, Co, USA
CREEK, Sidney Washington -H436 13 Jan 1832 , Clay, Mo, USA 10 Sep 1892 Liberty, Clay, Mo, USA
CREEK, Susan Carol -H436

CREEK, Susan Howdershell -H436 8 Jan 1841 , Clay Co., Missouri 19 Mar 1876 , Clay Co., Missouri
CREEK, Susanna -H436 1790 , Va Nov 1838

CREEK, Thomas -H436 Feb 1850

CREEK, Thomas -H436 1792 , Va

CREEK, Virginia Adolphas -H436 20 Oct 1848 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, Virginia Darlisco -H436 1869 , Clay Co., Mo

CREEK, Virginia June -G196

CREEK, Wallace -H436 1879 Washington Twsp, Clay Co., Missouri 8 Apr 1916 Colorado
CREEK, Wayne Arthur (Skip) -H436 18 Oct 1934 San Francisco, San Francisco, Ca, USA Abt 1970 Jackson Hole, Wy, USA
CREEK, William -H436 Bef 1765

CREEK, William W. -H436

CREEK, William W. -H436 1778

CREEK, Zacheus Quisenberry -H436 1816

CREEL, Gladys Lenora -P-S214 28 Nov 1901 Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas 11 Nov 1968 Los Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico
CREEL, Kenneth Edwin -B504

CREELY, Edward Ignatius -C180 31 Jul 1893 San Francisco, California 6 Dec 1970 San Francisco, California
CREELY, Edward John -C180 24 Jun 1868 Stockton, California 18 Dec 1929 San Francisco, California
CREELY, James -C180 1 May 1844 Ireland

CREELY, Robert Scott -C180

CREESE, William Herbert -J108