Village Coordinators Needed

Village Coordinator Chairpersons:

Joe Gertge
8031 S 2250th Street
South Weber, UT.  84405


Kevin Rupp
2301 Canal Blvd.
Hays, KS 67601

AHSGR/VC Liaison

Mike Meisinger, 13929 Briar
Overland Park KS 66224

VC Annual Report Editor

Joe Gertge

The Village Coordinators coordinate, aid, and assist those individuals attempting to bring families and villages together through village research. They are doing this work on a volunteer basis and spend many hours gathering and organizing information. Each coordinator desires to communicate with all persons who share the same village heritage. This would include sharing of family group records, maps, individual and family histories, video and audio tapes of memories, trip experiences, and other village information. Coordinators oversee the Village Night as part of the annual convention. It is always a highlight to find tables with persons sharing the same village.

Village Coordinators are required to maintain AHSGR membership; their own genealogy forms are to be on file at the Lincoln headquarters; and submit an annual report to the Lincoln office.

Villages that have Coordinator vacancies can be found on the AHSGR  Village Coordinator page.

Anyone desiring information on becoming a coordinator and overseeing the work of a village should contact AHSGR or any of the above.

There is still a need for additional Village Coordinators for the villages presently without leaders. You are encouraged to say Yes and help by completing and mailing the Village Coordinator Agreement to AHSGR, 631 D Street, Lincoln NE 68502.

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