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An Exclusive Invitation!

This is not "just another credit card offer." By responding to this invitation, you can acquire an AHSGR VISAŽ that shows your support for the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia in a very tangible way. In fact, you will demonstrate pride in your heritage, or the German-Russian heritage of a loved one, every time you use the card.

The AHSGR VISAŽ card helps to generate vital funding for your Society, and here is how it works. First International Bank and Trust will donate a royalty to the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia every time the card is used to make a purchase! In turn, these royalty funds will be used by the Society to help offset its general operating expenses.

The AHSGR VISAŽ card has a number of benefits, all designed to help you save money and time while making life simpler and giving you peace of mind - whether at home or when you travel. And, of course, there is always the important financial benefit to AHSGR. All this in a credit card that carries no annual fee!

To learn how to apply for this valuable AHSGR VISAŽ card either:

  • Call AHSGR Headquarters at (402) 474-3363 or send an email to ahsgr@ahsgr.org and ask that an application be sent to you; or

  • Call First International Bank and Trust toll-free at (888) 848-3428, and ask the bank's representative to assist you in applying for the AHSGR VISAŽ card.

Take the initiative, and get your AHSGR VISAŽ card today! It is so easy, and your use of the card will be of such benefit to our Society.