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Journal 1990

  Journal, Vol. 13, No. 1 (Spring 1990): A 1909 Russian 10 ruble banknote is pictured on the cover. Articles found in this issue: "Midwifery Tour of Russia, October 1989" by Joyce E. (Sterkel) Sutley; "Bukovina Chronology in the Context of European History" by Sophie A. Welisch; "Family of Leon and Marie Loy (1912)" by Sophie A. Welisch; " I Could Write a Book As Big As a House!'A Soviet German Emigre Remembers Life Under Stalin" by Anonymous, translated and edited by Timothy J. and Rosalinda Kloberdanz; "Village Life" by Alex Bauer; Josephina Ammon Widmer; "Out of the Russian Steppe: Alexander Bier" by Verna Wood; "History of the Volga German Drummer Dove" by Roberto Kornshun Bierig; "Royalty Comes Hunting and I Get Spanked" by Olga Schmidt Bauer, a humorous anecdote; "A Visit in the Native Region of the Traveling Masters of the Shovel'" excerpt from a Polish newspaper translated by Richard Rye and Robert Hattemer; "A Traditional Wedding" by Barbara Kloster; "Jacob and Marie Steinbrecher" by Katherine Elizabeth Steinbrecher Behm, as told to her daughter-in-law Gayle Behm; and Book Reviews.  
  Journal, Vol. 13, No. 2 (Summer 1990): A picture of Franz and Marie Elisabeth Ullrich is on the cover. This accompanies the article "The Ties That Bind The Dinkelacker Letters" by William Seibel; "The Beginning of an Odyssey" by Ella and Werner K. Wadewitz, an account of a Wasemiller family reunion in Uzbekistan; "Ethnic Women Homesteading on the Plains of North Dakota" by H. Elaine Lindgren; "Sufferings of the First German Colonists During the First Two Decades, 1764 to 1784" by John Erbes; "The Trek of 1921-1922" by Glenn Mueller; "Village Life" by Alex Bauer; "Resting in Peace" by V. Krasnovsky, about the German Cemetery in Moscow; "Kukkus Once ... And Today" by Reinhold Keil; "Donations to AHSGR Library and Archives"; "A Brief History of the Creation of the German Colonies on the Volga" by Arthur E. Flegel; "I Am Smart and I Can Prove It" by Olga Schmidt Bauer, a humorous anecdote; "Current Status of German Villages in the Volga Region" by Theresa Daehn; "The Graefenstein-Fordson Tractor Story" by Arthur E. Flegel; "New Additions to AHSGR Library" by Frances Amen and Mary Rabenberg.  
  Journal, Vol. 13, No. 3 (Fall 1990): This issue contains the reports and pictures of the 21st annual convention which was held in Sacramento, California. The full texts of the following speeches are also given: "The Past Is Yet to Come But the Future May Never Happen" by Dr. Larry W. Metzler; "The Aussiedler and Their Stories" by Jo Ann Kuhr; "Kaleidoscopes" by Venita Schneider; "The Germans From Russia Heritage Collection at North Dakota State University and My Visions for the Future" by Michael M. Miller; "New Insights From Dark Places: Recent Developments in Volga German Family Research" by Richard Scheuerman; "Bazaars and Fairs in the Black Sea Area" by Alexander Dupper; "We Honor Our Heritage Through Faith" by the Rev. P. W. Bergstrasser.  
  Journal, Vol. 13, No. 4 (Winter 1990): Alice Buchholz's painting "The Farm of Wilhelm Boehnert in Solodyri, Volhynia, 1931" graces the cover of this issue, which contains the following articles: "A Farm in Solodyri" by Richard Benert; "The Population of Volga German Settlements in Late Nineteenth Century Russia: A Source Based on Religious and Settlement Data From the 1897 Census of the Russian Empire" by Richard H. Rowland; "Bukovina-German Women in Social Perspective" by Sophie A. Welisch; "From Russian Sables to the Orient Express" by Anna Kroeker Thiesen, Convention 1990, which includes "Maps and Your Family History," Starting a Village Research Group," "Coordinating Research Efforts With a Village Data Base," "German Settlements in Poland and Volhynia," and "Grandma's Kitchen."  
  Journal, Vol. 14, No. 1 (Spring 1991): The cover photo is of the Catholic Church in Karlsruhe (Heimatkalender der Deutschen aus Bessarabien). Articles: "The Soviet Catholic Church During the New Economic Policy and the Stalinist Terror: Selected Texts Dealing With the Soviet Germans," by Rev. Christopher Zugger; "Early Volga German Settlement List," by David F. Schmidt; "Piecing the Past Together: The Important Role of Folklore in Family History Research, " by Timothy J. Kloberdanz; "Down Die Linie,' Caucasian Frontier," by William Seibel.  
  Journal, Vol. 14, No. 2 (Summer 1991): A picture of the July 15, 1990 first communion of a son of Lukasz Balak adorns the cover. Articles: "Pojana Mikuli Today," by Oren Windholz; "Autobiography of Alexander Schwindt," translated by Almena Kniss Bernhardt; "Volga German-Russians in Minnesota," by Carol Halverson; "From Bukovina to the Great Plains," by Rev. Steve Parke; "Germans Among Us From Russia via the Dakotas to Lodi," by Walter Kiesz; "Josef Weber Titular Archbishop," by Norbert Gaschler, translated by Sophie A. Welisch; "Guarding the Czar's Caucasian Frontier," by William Seibel; "Julian vs. Gregorian Calendar," by Arthur E. Flegel; "Review," by Alexander Dupper.  
  Journal, Vol. 14, No. 3 (Fall 1991): This issue contains the reports and pictures of the 22nd annual convention which was held in Chicago, Illinois. The full texts of the following speeches are also given: "Catch the Vision," by Lee Kraft; "Return to Berry Meadow: Emerging Research Opportunities in Saratov and the Old Volga Colonies," by Richard D. Scheuerman; "Meritorious Service Award," by Lee Kraft; "Handing Down Our Heritage," by Carol J. Harless; "Volhynian Legends," by Leona Janke; "Evaluating Family Histories and Traditions for Evidence of Medical Illness Using Alzheimer's Disease as a Model," by Thomas D. Bird, M.D.; "The Brotherhood-Bruederschaft," by George Dorn; "We Honor Our Heritage Through Faith," by Werner K. Wadewitz; "Memorial," by Lydia Jesse.  
  Journal, Vol. 14, No. 4 (Winter 1991): The cover illustration is entitled Wir im Jahre 1941 (We [Volga Germans in the Year 1941). Articles: "The Decree of August 28, 1941," translated by Richard Rye; "August Odyssey: Remembering Russia, The Coup, and the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Volga German Deportation," by Timothy J. Kloberdanz; "The Germans in Russia During the First Fifty Years of the Soviet Regime," by Hugo Jedig, translated by Nancy Bernhardt Holland; "Grandfather's Windmill," by Alexander Dupper; "Before They Left Germany," by Verna Goral; "The Germans from Russia and the 1991 Report of the U.S. Immigration Commission," by Daniel L. Boxberger; "Black Velvet Homes," by Paul Fritzler; "Our Journey to the German-Russian Communities of Frank and Frunze," by Clarence D. Kissler; "A Summary of German Migrations Eastward into Poland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Russia," by Arthur E. Flegel; "Population Trends in Volga German Settlements During the Intercensal Period of 1897-1926," by Richard H. Rowland; "Lest We Forget," by George Miller.  
  Journal, Vol. 15, No. 1 (Spring 1992): Photo of a Volga German breakfast on the cover. Articles: "The Farmer's Prayer," by Elmer Suderman; "Names," Ronald J. Vossler; "Beet Field Summer: Windsor, Colorado," by Harold Stoll; "The Slavic Collection of the Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives," by Lawrence Klippenstein; "Rosenberg, Bergseite," by Richard McGregor; "From Family History Quest to Village Coordinator," "Rosenberg (Ilovlinsk Umet)," translated by Richard Rye; "Memories of Rosenberg, 1900 to Present"; "Airport," by Eduard Albrandt, introduction and English Interpretation by Timothy J. Kloberdanz; "German Life and Culture in the Volga Region of Russia: A Pictorial Essay," by Timothy J. Kloberdanz; "AHSGR Library Policies"; "New Additions to the AHSGR Library Since January 1991, A-G" by Michael Ronn, AHSGR Librarian; "The Kanzler Brothers," by Harland L. Eastwood, Jr.  
  Journal, Vol. 15, No. 2 (Summer 1992): Cover photo (circa 1910-18) of Memorial Day flags in cemetery of St. Peter's on the Standing Rock Agency, Fort Yates, North Dakota. Articles: "Waldheim Village in Molochna Colony," by Solomon L. Loewen; "The Tipsy Ducks," by Alexander Dupper; "In the Land of Inyan Woslata: Plains Indian influences on Reservation Whites," by Timothy J. Kloberdanz; "Five Plants is Five Plants," by Angela Cachay; "Krasna Village Research Report," by Ted J. Becker; "Village Research Project and List of Village Research Coordinators," by David Bagby, list by Allyn Brosz and AHSGR staff; "A Summary Report on Ten German Villages in the Regions of Dnepropetrovsk, Petrikovka, and Verkhnaya-Dneprovsk, Administrative District of Dnepropetrovsk," by Karl Stumpp, translated by David Bagby; "Our Respects to the Bavarian Supreme Court!" by E. Holland, translated by David Bagby; "New Additions to the AHSGR Library Since January 1991, H-Z, by Michael Ronn, AHSGR Librarian; "Mein Grossmutter," by Ted J. Becker.  
  Journal, Vol. 15, No. 3 (Fall 1992): On the cover is a picture of Alex Weigand's passport. This issue contains the reports and pictures of the 23rd annual convention in Seattle, Washington. The full texts of the following speeches are given: "Distinguished Service Awards," by Lee Kraft; "My Kautz Village Project," by Elaine Frank Davison; "Using a Personal Computer in Your Chapter," by Kevin Spreier; "Migrations of the Black Sea Germans," by Arthur E. Flegel; "Reuniting Families: A Never-Ending Story," by Jo Ann Kuhr; "Food n' Stuff : Stories of Our People," by Mary Koch; "Volga German History: New Approaches to Research," by Dr. Igor Rudolfovich Plehve; "Political Situations on the Lower Volga," by Dr. Igor Rudolfovich Plehve.  
  Journal, Vol. 15, No. 4 (Winter 1992): Death certificate of David Andreyevich Fischer adorns the cover. Articles: "Unforgettable Encounters," by Nikolai V. Titov, translated by Elena Petrovna Mikhailova and Lawrence A. Weigel; "Everything is Different," by Nina Berend, translated by David Bagby; "Uncle Jacob's Wild Rides," by Alexander Dupper; "Volhynian German Baptists in St. Paul, Minnesota," by Richard Benert; "The Matron Who Wouldn't Be a Maid," by Ralph G. Bennett; "Update: The University of Washington's Familial Alzheimer's Disease Project," by Thomas D. Bird, M.D.; "We Fulfill Our Life-Long Dream!" by Esther Beltz Trekell, et al.; "New Additions to the AHSGR Library," by Michael Ronn, AHSGR Librarian.  
  Journal, Vol. 16, No. 1 (Spring 1993): On the cover, a Volga German woman spoons out freshly cooked potatoes and dumplings. Articles: "German Churches of the Black Sea Region," by Doris M. Dickenson; "The German Lutherans of the Former USSR," by Jon E. Chicky; "The Miracle of Yurga," by Frederick Kempe; " Feld-Glees': Volga German Food as Cultural Symbol," by Timothy J. and Rosalinda Kloberdanz; "... And Life Goes On," Dietrich Rempel, translated by Almena Kniss Bernhardt and Nancy Bernhardt Holland; "An Easter Egg Hunt in Church," by Alexander Dupper; "Stahl am Karaman Settlement List: An Update," by David F. Schmidt.  
  Journal, Vol. 16, No. 2 (Summer, 1993): Picture of David J. Miller, Esq. 1906-1993 is on the cover. Articles: "... And Life Goes On Part II," by Dietrich Rempel, translated by Almena Kniss Bernhardt and Nancy Bernhardt Holland; "A Visit to Friedrichsfeld," by Irene Kary; "The Distant Journey," by Maria Reichert; "A Tour of Volhynia," by Waldemar Giesbrecht, translated by Ruth Freehling; "A Tribute to David J. Miller."  
  Journal, Vol. 16, No. 3 (Fall, 1993): This issue contains information about the 1993 Convention in Denver, Colorado, June 21-27, 1993. Various speeches, presentations, and reports are included.  
  Journal, Vol. 16, No. 4 (Winter, 1993): On the cover: a class from the German School in Odessa, South Russia, 1942. Articles: "Before Ukraine: the Germans in Poland," by Edward Reimer Brandt; "Back to the Beginning A Visit to the Volga Colonies in 1765," by Adam Giesinger; "Memories," by Helen Dauenhauer Schmitz, translated by Jo Ann Kuhr; "...and Life Goes On," by Dietrich Rempel, translated by Almena Kniss Bernhardt and Nancy Bernhardt Holland.  
  Journal, Vol. 17, No. 1 (Spring, 1994): On the cover: Mrs. Arndt, nee Peters, an Aussiedlerin who was born in Selz, Odessa District, in 1914. Articles: "Seventy Years of Archives," by Elizaveta Yerina, translated by Richard Rye; "From the Life of a Russian German Woman," translated by Christine Clayton; "Young at Heart," by Ralph G. Bennett; "From God's Lost Crop: A Black Sea Album," by Ronald Vossler; "Emigration of Germans from the Soviet Union in the Years 1987-1990-1993," by Ida Bender, translated by Jo Ann Kuhr; "From Ashes to Ashes; From Dust to Dust," by Donnette Sonnenfeld; "Pastor Heinrich Roemmich In Grateful Memory of the Co-Founder and Long-Time President of Our Landsmannschaft," by Josef Schnurr, translated by John Nickel.  
  Journal, Vol. 17, No. 2 (Summer, 1994): On the cover: Mennonite Prayer House in Orlov on the Molochna. Articles: "Observations on Danzig Mennonites from 1773," by Anthony R. Epp; "Kleinliebental Revisited May 1993," by Doris Dickenson; "From West Prussia to Russia, 1789-1989: Background and Significance of the Mennonite Emigration," by Horst Gerlach, translated by Christine Clayton; "Growing Up Female on the Kansas Plains: The Depression Years," by Humanities Scholars and Students of Fort Hays State University; "Retracing the Schmidtke Trail in Poland," by Edward Reimer Brandt.  
  Journal, Vol. 17, No. 3 (Fall, 1994): This issue contains information about the 1994 Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska, June 19-26, 1994. Various speeches, presentations, and reports are included.  
  Journal, Vol. 17, No. 4 (Winter, 1994): On the cover: Members of Abram Berg's family in the Ukraine. Articles: "Christmas Eve in the Fatherland," by Timothy J. Kloberdanz; "Impressions from Our Trip to Russia (Saratov Villages) and Kazakhstan (Kustanai Area) in 1993," by William M. Wiest; "The Landau Baptists," by Adam Giesinger; "'The Terrible Ghost of 1941': A Haunting Reminder of the Volga German Deportation," by Rosalinda and Timothy J. Kloberdanz; "Abram's List," edited and translated by John B. Toews, compiled by Abram Berg; "AHSGR Library Policies"; "New Additions to AHSGR Library," by Michael Ronn, AHSGR Librarian; "Getting Acquainted With Our Neighbors: Multi-Ethnic Research," by Edward Reimer Brandt; "Beginning Genealogy," by Donnette Sonnenfeld. PB  
  Journal, Vol. 18, No. 1 (Spring, 1995): On the cover: emblem of the International Festival of German Culture along the Volga in 1994. Articles: "The International Festival of German Culture along the Volga," by Jo Ann Kuhr; "Sustenance," by Ronald Vossler; "New Research on the Status of the German Language in the Soviet Union," by Peter Rosenberg, translated by Christine Clayton; "Cultural Maintenance Among the Volga Germans in Western Kansas," by Helmut J. Schmeller and Ronald J. Fundis; and "Wanderings: The Germans from Russia Today," by Carter Wood. PB  
  Journal, Vol. 18, No. 2 (Summer, 1995): On the cover: Picture of a typical Volga German musical group; Ellis County, Kansas, 1903. The instruments were the kind used for playing folk songs. Articles: "Folklore Forum-Oral Folklore, Customary Folklore, and Material Folk Traditions: Towards a Typology of German-Russian Folklore," by Timothy J. Kloberdanz; "Ethnic and German Nationalism in the Former Soviet Union Since 1989," by Eric J. Schmaltz; "From God’s Lost Crop," by Ronald Vossler; "The Fate of My Village and My Family," by Alvina Dietrich, translated by Jo Ann Kuhr; "A Journey to Our Ancestral Village, Basel on the Volga," by Edythe F. Robinson. "In Lieb und Lied: The Stories of my Great-Grandparents" by Irmgard Hein Ellingson; and "Preserving Your Family Artifacts," by George Miller and John Schleicher.  
  Journal, Vol. 18, No. 3 (Fall 1995): On the cover: Emblem of AHSGR’s Calgary Chapter, who hosted this year’s annual convention. This issue contains information about the 1995 Convention, July 23-30, 1995. Various speeches, presentations, and reports are included.  
  Journal,Vol. 18, No. 4 (Winter 1995): On the cover: A Mennonite Christmas picture which appeared in Volk auf dem Weg 12, December 1983. Articles: "Growing up in Chicago: Memories from the son of Volga Germans," by John Gorr; "When Everyone I Loved, or Tried To (A Christmas Eve Visit, 1968)," by Ronald Vossler; "Our Journey to Russia: Finding the Three ‘Lost’ Brothers," by Floyd L. Seher; AHSGR Library Policies; "New Additions to AHSGR Library," by Shiela Roche, AHSGR Librarian, and Michelle Crumly, Librarian Assistant; "Audio-Visual Materials Available from Headquarters," by Shiela Roche, and Michelle Crumly; "A Short History of the Bessarabian Germans," by Elvire Necker-Edwards; and "Protecting our Memories," by Christine Feniak.  
  Journal, Vol. 19, No. 1 (Spring 1996): On the cover: Picture of a summer kitchen from The German Russians by Karl Stumpp. Articles: "Conversations with Germans in Russia," by Sister Alice Ann Pfeifer, CSA; "Public Rural Education and the Americanization of the Germans from Russia in Colorado: 1900-1930 (Part I)," by Randall C. Teeuwen; "Tarnished Dreams: Russian-Germans in Germany," by Birgit Brauer; "An Interview with Andreas Busik," conducted by Hans Busik and translated by Jo Ann Kuhr; "Data from Other Colonies Included in the Purchase by AHSGR of 1822 Material for the Glückstal Colonies," compiled by Gwen Pritzkau, Harold Ehrman, Carolyn Wheeler, Ed Schulz, and Margaret Freeman; and "Volga Germans and Their Foods," by Sandra Schierman Stelter. The 1995 Journal Index is also included.  
  Journal, Vol. 19, No. 2 (Summer 1996): On the cover: German-Russian school-children at Mulberrry School in Russell, Kansas, 1913. Articles: "Mennonites in Turkestan: A 1923 Portrait," by Hermann Janzen and translated, introduced, and annotated by John B. Toews; "Public Rural Education and Americanization of the Germans from Russia in Colorado: 1900-1930 (Part II)," by Randall C. Teeuwen; "The Shattuck Dutch," by Katie Sell Weber; "From Mokra to the Melting Pot," by Victoria M. Nied; "Portrait of Britnee Fenner (Reifschneider);" "The Story of the Harbin, China, Lutheran Refugees," by Virginia A. Less; "Mennonites in the Marienburg Deltas of West Prussia: An Investigation into Church-State Relationships," by Anthony R. Epp; and "Understanding the Russian Influence on Germans from Poland and Volhynia," by Jerry Frank.  
  Journal, Vol. 19, No. 3 (Fall 1996): On the cover: A celebratory photograph provided by Jim Gessele of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Convention highlights included. Articles: "Today We Celebrate the Odyssey, Who Will Celebrate the Odyssey Tomorrow?," by Donnette Sonnenfeld, AHSGR Society President; "Genealogical Research: Before You Come to the National Archives," by Patricia Eames; "Update of the University of Washington’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Project," by Ellen Nemens; "Distinguished Service Award," by John Schleicher; "The History of Finding and Reuniting the Schlegel Family," by Elena Bazarkina; "Development of Mutual Understanding Between Russian/Ukrainian Archivists and German-American Family Historians: A View from Moscow," by Vladislav Soshnikov; "Youth Take on Minneapolis!," by Corey Harbour and Dale Scheet, Youth Coordinators; "Looking for My Volhynian Home," by Irmgard Hein Ellingson; and "The Odyssey of Escapes from Russia," by Dr. Wilmer Harms. Also included are the AHSGR Annual Reports and the Listing of Donations.  
  Journal, Vol. 19, No. 4 (Winter 1996): On the cover: A photograph of a group of Germans leaving church in Zelinograd, Kazakhstan, which appeared in Volk auf dem 12, December 1985. Articles: "Conversations with Germans in Russia," by Sister Alice Ann Pfeifer, CSA, with Sister Mary Elise Leiker, CSA; "Letters from a Cousin She’s Never Met," by Adele Shaver; "Immigrants’ Child," by William Seibel; "Brotfresser, in Search of the Elusive Hollwek," by Ron Vossler; "Researchers’ Gold Mine," by Brent Alan Mai; "The Empty Places We Lived in the Middle Of," by Elmer Suderman; "The Resettlement of Kassel Colonist Heinrich Ehly," translated by Allyn Brosz; and "Deciphering Gothic Records," by Fay Dearden.  
  Journal, Vol. 20, No. 1 (Spring 1997): On the cover: The photograph shows the last class to graduate from the Teachers College in Seelman, Russia (from Volk auf dem Weg, November 1994). Articles: "Conversations with Germans in Russia," by Sister Alice Ann Pfeifer, CSA, with Sister Mary Elise Leiker, CSA; "Memories of Seelman," by Valentina Liebert, translated by JoAnn Kuhr; "From God’s Lost Crop: A Black Sea German Album," by Ronald Vossler; 1996 Journal Index, by Brent Mai; "AHSGR Library Policies and New Additions to the AHSGR Library," by Maria Ford.  
  Journal, Vol. 20, No. 2 (Summer 1997): On the cover: Wooden Church in Josefstal, a drawing created by Alexander-Josef Dreser. Articles: "1837:A Year in the Life of David Epp," by David Epp, translated by John B. Toews; "Conversations with Germans in Russia," by Sister Alice Ann Pfeifer, CSA, with Sister Mary Elise Leiker, CSA; "From the History of Josefstal," by Dr. Igor Pleve, translated by Richard Rye; "Registry of Mennonite Materials from the St. Petersburg Archives," by Dr. Lawrence Klippenstein.  
  Journal, Vol. 20, No. 3 (Fall 1997): On the cover: Three pictures, including Arthur Flegel’s Grandparents, Frieda Gress and her children, and Cleo Flegel and her great-grandchildren. Annual Report and Listing of Donations. Articles: "The Vision of Hope," by Donnette Sonnenfield; "Perils of a Journey," by Peter J. Klassen; "Unite your Family with the Berlin Document Center Records," Marianne Wheeler; "Distinguished Service Award," by John Schleicher; "Beginning of Volga-German Emigration to America," by Dr. Igor Pleve, translated by Richard Rye; "The Germans in Russia:Their Present Situation and the Road to the Future," by Eugen N. Miller, translated by Ursula Moessner; "Recent Genealogical Finds in Ukraine," by Richard Rye; "The Life of German Women in Russia, by Leona Wassinger Pfeifer; "One Hundred and Ten Years of Volga Germans in Fresno," by Diana Bell; "When We Were Young," by Gil Axt.  
  Journal, Vol. 20, No. 4 (Winter 1997): On the cover: A picture of a sod house in South Dakota, built and owned by Germans from Russia. Articles: "The Dumb Farmer," by Jacob D. Samler; "Conversations with Germans in Russia," by Sister Alice Ann Pfeifer, CSA, with Sister Mary Elise Leiker, CSA; "Volga-German Sisters Locate Family," by Avery Fischer; "During the Stalin Regime," by Eugen N. Miller, translated by Ursula Moessner; "German Writers in Russia Today," by Eugen N. Miller, translated by Ursula Moessner; "The Experience of the German-Russian Pioneer Women," by Irene M. Rader; "New Additions to the AHSGR Library," by Jan Roth-Schoonover.  
  Journal, Vol.21, No.1, (Spring 1998): On the cover: Mail delivery in Fachria. Photograph from Der Dobrudschabote, 1995. Articles: "From America to Russia and Back", by John Balzer; "Some Archaic Tongue", by Ron Vossler; "Heinrich J.Löbsack...", by Daniel Heinz; "A Roundtrip through Dobrudscha", by Alida Schielke-Brenner, translated by Elaine Sauer DeBoer; "From Volga-German Heritage to Proud American", by George Schissler; "Plant the Seeds and Reap the Harvest", by Jean Roth; 1997 Journal Index, by Brent Alan Mai.  
  Journal, Vol.21, No.2, (Summer 1998): On the cover: Mr. Vovk in front of his house in Einsiedel, Galicia, Ukraine. Articles: "The Hourglass: Using Russian and German Records to Trace Places of Origin in Germany", by David F. Schmidt; "Everything Trembles and Sings Near Blood-Consecrated Steps", by Ron Vossler; "How to Become a Secretary of Terror", by Ron Vossler; "Explorations in Galicia", by Gary Bergthold"; "Topeka Newspapers: Volga-German Arrivals in 1875", compiled by Isadore Appelhanz.  
  Journal, Vol.21, No.3, (Fall 1998): On the cover: 1998 Convention logo. Articles: "A German-Russian Artist from Kansas: E. Hubert Deines", by Dr. Dona Reeves-Marquardt; "Christmas and Other Traditional Holidays of the Germans on the Volga", by Elizabeth M. Yerina, translated by Richard Rye; "Distinguished Service Award", by John Schleicher; Annual Reports and Listing of Donations.  
  Journal, Vol.21, No.4, (Winter 1998): On the cover: Wearing a traditional Russian fur hat, entertainer John Denver stands outside the US Embassy in Moscow, Russia, 1984. Denver used this photo for a Christmas card that he sent out to friends and relatives. Articles: "A Memorial Tribute to John Denver"; "Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.: The World Knew Him as John Denver"; Timothy J. Kloberdanz; "Memories of my Nephew John Denver", by Abe Deutschendorf; "An Arduous Journey: The 1760s Road to the Volga", by Brent Alan Mai; "Escape to Freedom", by Karl Hoffmann; "We Know Who You Are...", by Richard Rye; "Passenger Ship List", compiled by Allyn R. Brosz; "New Additions to the AHSGR Library", compiled by Jan Roth-Schoonover.  
  Journal, Vol.22, No.1, (Spring 1999): On the cover: Indefatigable researcher into the genealogy, history, culture, and customs of the Germans from Russia, Jo Ann Bennett Kuhr faithfully served the Society for twenty years. As the first designated Director of Research for AHSGR, she administered the genealogical program of the Society, coordinated the Aussiedler Project, and edited both the AHSGR Journal and CLUES. Articles: "Life in the Agricultural Communities of Germans Living in Russia", by Rodney Fink; "Archives of the Former Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Germans on the Volga in Engels: A Golden Source of Information About the Genealogy and History of Germans Colonists, 1767-1941", by Elizabeth Yerina, translated by Richard Rye; "How the German Lieder were Preserved", by Edwin A. Pfannenstiel; "Jo Ann Bennett Kuhr: Twenty Years of Service to the Society", by Dr. Nancy Bernhardt Holland; "The Germans in the Soviet Union at the Outbreak of the Second World War", by Benjamin Pinkus, translated by Samuel Sinner; "1998 Journal Index", by Brent Alan Mai.  
  Journal, Vol. 22, No. 2, (Summer 1999): On the cover: Children of the famine in Saratov Region (early 1920s). One of the recurring motifs in several articles appearing in this month's Journal is the detrimental affect of German-Russian persecution on children. Photo from the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia archives (obtained by Jean Roth, Seattle, Washington). Articles: "Trudarmiya", by Ernst Strohmaier, translated by Samuel Sinner; "I Cannot Forgive...Not Now, Not Ever", by Raisa Ostertag, translated by Dr. Nancy Bernhardt Holland; "Marinovka: A German Village in Siberian Kazakhstan", by Rudolf Romberg, translated by William Seibel; "German Schools in Kamyshin District, Saratov Province, 1895-1896", translation with introduction and explanatory comments by Steven T. Duke; "The Sibylline Prophecies as a Source of German-Russian Apocalyptic Traditions", by Roland M. Wagner.  
  Journal, Vol. 22, No. 3, (Fall 1999): On the cover: The Bucking Horse and Rider trademark, used with permission of Trademark Licensing for the 1999 International Convention of the AHSGR. This Journal summarizes the events and presentations at the 1999 International AHSGR Convention which was held in Casper, Wyoming. Articles: "It takes One Thousand Voices to Tell a Single Tale: A Report on the Aussiedler Project", by Dr. Nancy Bernhardt Holland; "Ellis Island: Gateway to America", by Jean Roth; The Role of Germans from Russia in the Development of the Sugar Beet Industry in the Rocky Mountain States", by Roger Hill; "German-Russian Tour to Germany: Visit to Bundestreffen", by Clarence Kissler; "Emigration from Ysenburg to the Volga in 1766", by Manfred Steinberger, translated by Sven Steinberger; "New Acquisitions from Russia and Ukraine: A Report on Our On-going Search for Information", by Richard Rye; "CIS Research Project Report", by Brent Alan Mai; "Distinguished Service Award Honorees: Solomon R. Schneider and Timothy J. Kloberdanz", by John Schleicher.  
  Journal, Vol. 22, No. 4, (Winter 1999): On the cover: Unsere Leute, three generations of German-Russian women in South America embodies the main themes in this issue. (Photo courtesy if the AHSGR Photograph Collection, Iris B. Graefe Collection.) This Journal contains the keynote speech Experiences in Lauwe, Russia, given at the convention in Casper, WY. by the Governor of Wyoming, James Geringer, whose father was born in Lauwe, Russia. Other articles: Stories about Unsere Leute, The Germans from Russia: Prize winning entries from the 1999 Storytelling Contest, Rosalinda and Timothy J. Kloberdanz, Contest coordinators, Justice and Anna's Quilts, by Judy Frothinger, Grandma's Story, by Kathy Johnston, The Ghost of Owrucz, by Richard Benert and Carol Leferovich, Children, We Are in Debt, by Mary Koch, Yes and Back Again. By Jene C. Friedmann, W ood You Like to Come to Dinner?, by John A. Groh, Stierum, by Shirley Meier, Have You Heard any German Lately?, by Anne Pietz, The Americanization of Katy, by Gerald F. Schmidt, Papa Comes to America, by Hildegard Wasnick and New additions to the AHSGR Library, Jan Roth-Schoonover.  

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