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  Journal, Vol. 23, No. 1, (Spring 2000): On the cover: maps from the New Encyclopedic Atlas and Gazetteer of the World. The Gross and Schmidt families of Kansas reunited with their family in Russia after 120 years of separation in "Against the odds: A Family Reunited" by Gerald F. Schmidt. These families originated in Mariental and Katharinenstadt in the Volga Valley of Russia. Other Article: Memorable Events in the History of the German Colonies in Bessarabia" by Adreas Widmern, translations by Joseph Stach and Frederick Bolgert. "One of Ours Essays on the Cultural History of the German Autonomy on the Volga, Eminent Men of Culture: George Dignes by Elizabeth M. Ierina; translated by Max Maximov. "From the Days of Suffering by the the German Volga Colonies" by Friedrich Bier and Alexander Schick, translated by Herman G. Rempel. "Introduction: About the German Heritage on the Volga" by Dr. Karl Esselborn. "Bolshevism, Crop Failute and Famine" by Friedrich Bier. "The Return of the Great-Grandchild" by Alexander Schick.  
  Journal, Vol. 23, No. 2, (Summer 2000): On the cover: Statues at Lincoln Headquarters. "Welcome to Nebraska" by Lieutenant Governor David I. Maurstad. "Genealogy and Family History of the German Russian Archive Sources and Their Accessibility" by Alfred Eisfeld, Ph.D., Translated by Tracy Lauritzen Wright. "The Basis of the Federal Republic of Germany's Promotion Policies on Behalf of the Russian Federation's German Minority and the Moscow German-Russia House's Position within the System of Assistance Measures" by Wolfgang Döke, Ph.D., Translated by Samuel Sinner. "The Newest Research on the History and Culture of Germans of Russia" by Tamara Tschernowa, Ph.D., Translated by Richard Rye. "A Question and Answer Session about the 1798 Census" by Brent Alan Mai. "An Open Wound" by Samuel Sinner. "Escape and Survival: The Last Train Out" by Willi Wutzke. "Recent Research on Peter Sinner, Volga-German Poet and Victim of Stalin" by Samuel Sinner. "Onward and Upward - Climbing Into the 21st Century" by John Stencel.  
  Journal, Vol. 23, No. 3, (Fall 2000): On the cover: Arrival of Germans from Bessarabia to their new homes in Czegow, Romania. "My Trip to America, The Diary of Evangeline G. Rempel 1922-1923" by Evangeline G. Rempel Dyck. "The Deportation of the German Population from the City of Saratov and Stalingrad Oblasts" by A.A. German, translated by Irma E. Eichhorn and Vladimir Schenk. "Grandmother, Mother, Daughter" by Lucia Kaa, translated by Nancy Bernhardt Holland. "Gone Without a Trace: The song of the Trudarmee Troops" by Johannes Lotz; translated by Nancy Bernhardt Holland. "Go or Stay? A New Perspective for Russian Germans in West Siberia" published by Info-Dienst Deutsche Aussiedler; translated by Frederick Bolgert. "Trakehnen" by Klaus Hoffmann.  
  Journal, Vol. 23, No. 4, (Winter 2000): "The Germans from Russia: Prize-Winning Entries from the 2000 Storytelling Contest" introduction by AHSGR. "A Heritage That Transcends Generations" by Sally Sologuk. "The Grass is Always Greener" by Gerald F. Schmidt. "The New World for Peter and Margaret" by Paul E. Koehler. "The Bull Durham Quilt" by Bette J. Dawson. "Them Bones Will Rise Again" by Kenneth G. Isaak. "The Seven Altenhof's Go to Sea" by Marie E. Korth. "Katherine 1895-1969" by Ruth May Propp. "George and Elizabeth Butherus Schissler" by Mary Louise Schissler Sandau. "Frieburg, Revisited" by Victoria Strieb Smith. New Additions to the AHSGR Library by Jan Roth-Schoonover.  
  Journal, Vol. 24, No. 1, (Spring 2000): On the cover: A group of German Russian refugees shown in Harbin, China, taken around 1932. "The Escape of Volhynian Lutherans from Russia to Harbin, China and Their Resettlement in Brazil" by Virginia Less. "My Life Has Always Been Happy" published by Informatsionno-Metodischeskii Biulletin, Translated by Dr. Robert Meininger. "What's in a Name? Names and Naming Practices Among the Bukovina Germans" by Sophie A. Welisch. "A Letter to My Children: The Memoirs of Arthur G. Rempel" by Arthur G. Rempel. "Mother's Bequest, A Poem" by Elisabeth Dirks Rempel, Translated by her son, Arthur G. Rempel.  
  Journal, Vol. 24, No. 2, (Summer 2001):  "Honoring Arthur E. and Cleora Flegel" by A. Bruce Cropper. "Looking Back:  A Lifetime of Memories and Music" by Adolf Lesser. "The Story of My Tours to the Ukraine" by Wilmer A. Harms, M.D. "Büdingen in the County of Ysenburg as a Recruitment and Gathering Place of the Russian Emigration" by Klaus Peter Decker. "Muffled Voices from the Great Underground:  Understanding the Vagaries of Soviet German Folklore and Poetry" by Timothy J. and Rosalinda Kloberdanz.  
  Journal, Vol. 24, No. 3 (Fall 2001): On the cover: Grand Duchess Catherine Alexeievna (Catherine the Great). This painting was done around 1760 by Rotari. Articles: "Volga Germans in Argentina" by Arnd Schmidt, translated by Robert Meininger; "Catherine the Great" by Jean Adele Roth; "Germans from Russia in Argentina: Their History and Culture" by Carlos Alberto Gonzalez (Buss); "Economic Realities of Our Bukovina Forebears in the Austrian Period (1775-1918)" by Sophie A. Welisch.  
  Journal, Vol. 24, No. 4 (Winter 2001): On the cover: AHSGR Presidents Nicholas Bretz and Harley Behm with AHSGR Storytelling Contest winners: Barbara Wagner, Ken Kauk, and Connie Geringer Amstrong. Articles: "Preserving Our Cultural Heritage: Prize-Winning Entries from the 2001 Storytelling Contest" by Timothy J. and Rosalinda Kloberdanz; "How An Englisher Told The Family’s Story" by Barbara Christy Wagner; "A Ghost in the Cemetery" by Connie Geringer Armstrong; "A Tale of Two Tales and Papa" by Kenneth D. Kauk; "Grandma’s Story" by Connie Geringer Armstrong; "With A Sense of Humor" by Charlotee J. Lindsay; "Prairie Patterns" by Shirley (Ding) Meier; "The Letters" by Kathryn Taylor O’Malley; "Memories of Grandma’s Care" by Stanley R. Rall; "The Right Stuff" by Gerald F. Schmidt; "The Crossing The Ethnic Barrier With Song" by Herman Wittman.  
  Journal, Vol. 25, No. 1 (Spring 2002): On the cover: "Sophia Wisdom/Mother Church" by Lydia Ruyle. Articles: "Goddess Icons: Spirit Banners of the Divine Feminine" by Lydia Ruyle; "Essays on Cultural History of the German Autonomy on the Volga" by Elizabeth M. Ierina, translated by Max Maximov; "Ukrainian Mennonites and Collectivization: A 1930 Tract" translated by Olga Levushkina, edited by John B. Towes; "The Stalin Terror and the Aussiedler" by Peter Penner.  
  Journal, Vol. 25, No. 2 (Summer & Fall 2002): On the cover: Design & concept for the 2002 Convention created by John Groh & The Wild Rose Chapter, Des Moines, Iowa. Articles: "Escape and Survival: The Role of Music in the Life of My Family" by Willi Wutzke; "Returning Home: Stories of Aussiedler in Germany" by Ellen Eischen; "From Riches to Rags: Gutsbesitzer in South Russia, 1830-1920" by David P. Sudermann, Ph.D; "It Happened on the Way to the Volga: Origins and Destinations of the Volga Germans" by Brent Alan Mai; "My Family’s Escape from Volhynia to China and Settlement in Brazil" by Erica Margita Neumann; "We Remember" by Eleanor A. Strunk; "Understanding Our Heritage Through Immigrant Press" by Cynthia Miller; "What Grandma Becker Saw in America" by Thomas G. Becker; Society Donations; Foundation Donations; Society & Foundation Budget Information.  
  Journal, Vol. 25, No. 3 (Winter 2002): On the cover: Map #13. Map of the German Colonies in the North and South Caucasus. Reprinted with the permission of K. Stumpp and the Lansmannschafte der Deutschen aus Russland, Stuttghart, Germany. Articles: "Breaking the Silence" by Dr. Peter Penner; "The Formation of German Colonies in the North Caucasus" by Tatiana Nikolaevna Plokhotnyuk, translated by Richard Rye; "The Black Sea Colonies and the ‘German Question’ 1861-1914" by Dietmar Neutatz, translated by Richard Benert; "The German ‘Colonies’ in the Doncossack District" by Jelena Tschesnok, translated by Frederick Bolgart; "New Additions to the AHSGR Library and Archives" by Sonya Dollins-Colton.  
  Journal, Vol. 26, No. 1 (Spring 2003):  On the cover: Sketch of AHSGR headquarters in Lincoln, NE.  Articles:  "Als russicher Soldat im 1. Weltkrieg" by Joseph Weiss and translated by Leona S. Janke;  "Baptism" by Ron Vossler; "Eternal Freundshaft" by Ron Vossler; "Dorzweiler's Visit Albert Herr and Bring Back Story of a Memorial" by Albert Herr and translated by Lawrence A. Weigel; "New Norka" from A. N. Minkh's Historical-Geographical Encyclopedia of the Saratov Gubernia, 1898-1902 translated by Rick Rye; "Beiträge zur Geschlichte der Wolga-Kolonien Contributions to the History of the Volga Colonies" From Volks Zeitung 22 June 1914 translated by Dr. Don Herzog; "History of the Volga German Colonists" by Jacob E. Dietz and translated by Rick Rye.  
  Journal, Vol. 26, No. 2 (Summer 2003):  On the cover:  Hattie Plum WIlliams Collection No. 11 (Mothers with small babies sitting on porch.).  Articles:  "The Moscow Consistorial District" translated by Roswita Niessner; "The Memoirs of Dr. Georg Heinrich Hartwig; Insights Into Russia" by Wilmer A. Harms, M.D.; "The Life of the German Woman in Russia" by Leona Pfeifer; "The Convoluted Case of Gerhard Harder" by Duane Schrag; "Jabob (Poltowitz) Graber" by Duane Schrag; "Volga; What Worries the Immigrants" translated by Rick Rye; "Leipzig Bessarabia" translated by Arthur Flegel; "Culm (Kulm)" translated by Arthur Flegel.  
  Journal, Vol. 26, No. 3 (Fall 2003):  On the cover:  Artwork by Mark McLean for the 2003 AHSGR Convention in Yakima, WA.  Articles:  "1920 Extraction of Germans from Russia" by Gene Jenkins;  "First Executed, Then Rehabilitated" by Marianne Long; "What Was Life Like in Siberia For Descendents of Deportees?" by Peter Penner; "Kautz Genealogy on CD ROM" by D. Michael Frank; "Recent Microfilm Acquisitions from the Odessa Archives and Related Mennonite Research" by Tim Janzen; "From the Russian Steppe to the Pacific Northwest:  The Germans from Russia in Portland, Oregon" by Steven H. Schreiber; "Finding Germans from Russia on Passenger Ship Lists Using the Internet" by Patrice Miller; "Not All of Our Ancestors Were Saints:  Origins of the Volga Germans" by Brent Mai and Dona Reeves-Marquardt.  
  Journal, Vol. 26, No. 4 (Winter 2003):  On the cover:  Sleigh ride of German colonists in the Volga Region.  From the Institut Für Auslandsbeziehungen.  Articles:  "Schrabgeschiren and Silverware:  The Sixteen Green Letters and One Brown Bible" by Richard D. Scheuerman; "Meine Reise nach Rohrbach (My Trip to Rohrbach)" by Eduard Weiss and translated by Arthur E. Flegel;  "Ein Besuch in Kulm (A Visit to Kulm, Bessarabia)" by Emil Werner and translated by Arthur E. Flegel.  Winners of the 2003 Storytelling Contest:  "The Witch in the Woods"  -1st Place by Linda (Darr) Hasse; "Granpa's Violin"  -2nd Place by Judy Frothinger; "Terror at the Station:  A Little Boy Travels from Russia to America"  -3rd Place by Karen Penner; "Broken Plates"  - Honorable Mention by Barbara Jo Guilford; and "Sugar Beet Syrup Story...From Field to Kettle"  - Honorable Mention by Howard S. Guenther.  
  Journal, Vol. 27, No. 1 (Spring 2004):  On the cover:  Early German-speaking churches helped the Germans from Russia keep many Old Country ties alive.  View of Zion Congregational Church in Ritzville, Washington. (Photo by Timothy J. Kloberdanz).  Articles:  "First Executed, Then Rehabilitated" by Marianne Long; "The Harsh Voice of Flight and Banishment" by Alita Frank and translated by Gerda A. Fadden; "The Germans from Russia: A Viable Ethnic Group or a Fading Phenomenon?" by Timothy J. Kloberdanz  
  Journal, Vol. 27, No. 2 (Summer 2004):  On the cover:  Our ancestors traveled from Russia using a variety of conveyances, as well as by foot over long distances, to reach their destinations in the Americas.  Articles:  "The Situation of the Germans in the Countries of Middle-East, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe" by Dr. Horst Waffenschmidt;  "House Owner List for Election Gatherings-Data from the Village of Grimm in 1889";  "The Memorable Travel Experience of Johann and Julianne (Pflugrath) Flagel" as told to Arthur Flegel by Julianne Flegel;  "Tartars, Cossacks, Kalmyks" by Mildred Pelkey;  "Gleanings from the Trails--The Mennonites in Kansas Success of the colony in the 'Vale of Peace' in the Arkansas Valley:  Their habits of life and ideas of civil and military authority" from the Topeka (Kansas) Commonwealth;  Book Review--Die Deutschen in der Moskauer Gesellschaft:  Symbiose und Konflikte (1494-1941) by Victor Donninghaus.  
  Journal, Vol. 27, No. 3 (Fall 2004):  On the cover:  The cornucopia, a symbol of nature's bounty, was selected by the hosting California District Council as the symbol of the 35th Annual International AHSGR Convention held in Modesto, California, in July 2004.  Articles:  "Opening Speech for 2004 AHSGR Convention" by Director General Klaus Pöhle, German Federal Ministry of the Interior; "History of Russian Germans: Records of the State Archives of Odessa Region (SAOR)" by Lilia G. Belousova; "Black Sea German Settlers:  From First Arrival to First Departure" by Sergei Yelizarov, Ph.D; "Materials on the History of the Volga Germans in the Archives of the Saratov District" by Dr. Alexsey V. Voronejhstev; "Always a Greener Pasture: Memmonite Settlements in the Western United States, 1885-1940" by Kevin Enns-Rempel; Book Review--The Glückstalers of New Russia and North America: A Bicentennial Collection of History, Genealogy and Folklore by Margaret (Aman) Freeman.  
  Journal, Vol. 27, No. 4 (Winter 2004): On the Cover: Candleabra in wreath with the issue theme, "Heritage & Traditions." Articles from presentations given at the 2004 Convention: "Wedding Customs in Warenburg at About 1912" by Richard Kissling; "The German Brotherhood - 272 Years of History from the Volga River in Russia, USA, Canada, South America, and Siberia" by Paul Koehler; "Understanding Ethnic Cleansing in the Soviet Union - Historical and Literary Approaches" by Samuel D. Sinner. An additional article, not from Convention: "Die Weisse Frau" by Duane Schrag. Storytelling Contest Winners from 2004: First Place winner, "Back Home on the Volga, 1937" by Maria Appelhans; Second Place winner, "Ellis Island - 1893" by Mrs. Ella M. Resse; Third Place winner, "Dreams, Hexes and Unusual Happenings" by David D. Ruff.   
  Journal, Vol. 28, No. 1 (Spring 2005): On the Cover: One of seventy-three photographs from the Saratov Museum of Regional Studies, Saratov, Russia, obtained by John and Sue Groh and donated to the AHSGR Photographs Collection archived in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Articles:  "Photographs from the Saratov Museum Donated by John and Sue Groh" by Henry L. Schmick; "From Puppets of Stalin to Pawns of Hitler & Back Again: Experiences of Soviet Citizens of German Ethnicity During & After the Second World War" by Stephanie Hoffman; "Records of Interest to German Russians in the Saratov Archives" by Dr. Jerome Siebert.  
  Journal, Vol. 28, No. 2 (Summer 2005): On the Cover: A Summer Pastoral.  Articles:  Conclusion -"From Puppets of Stalin to Pawns of Hitler & Back Again:  Experiences of Soviet Citizens of German Ethnicity During & After the Second World War" by Stephanie Hoffman; "The Migration of Germans from Russia" by Dr. Lyudmila Koretnikova; "Sampling of Currently Available Resources" by Bonnie Anderson; "A Typical Volga-German Life Story" by Dr. Lyudmila Koretnikova; "Locations of German Russians in Russia and the Availability of Records" by Ilmira Khansvyarova; "Preface of the Inventory of the Archival Collection 1831-'The Collection of Documents on the History and Culture of Germans in the Volga Region (1764-1941),' Engles Archive" by Elizabeth Erina and Victor Herdt; "These Records Can Talk!" by Gerald F. Schmidt; "If Awakened From Her Dream...Correction, Winter 2003" by Gerald F. Schmidt; Photographs from the Saratov Museum donated by John and Sue Groh.  
  Journal, Vol. 28, No. 3 (Fall 2005) On the cover: A windmill, chosen for the importance of wind and water to the agricultural industry in the state of Oklahoma, the site of the 2005 AHSGR Convention. Nine of the ten articles in this issue are presentations from the 2005 Convention: "AHSGR Can Touch Lives, Even in Russia" by Ed Hoak; "Germans from Russia and the Oklahoma Land Runs" by Dr. Marvin Kroeker; "GRANDMA's Database of Mennonite History" by Jay Hubert; "German-Russian Holocaust Memorial" is a list of family-submitted names of family members who disappeared during the Communist Era in Europe. This list of names was read at a special memorial service held at the Oklahoma City National Memorial; Memorial; "What Does It Mean In Ukraine?" by Inna Stryukova, who also read a poem by JoAnn Klassen entitled "To Those Gone Before Us." (These two pieces were part of the memorial service.); "The Germans from Russia in Oklahoma" by Douglas Hale; "Injustice: When Innocent People Suffer" by Inna Stryukova; "Notes in Their Baggage: Music from Three Countries; The Lahnert Family Legacy" by Beth Simmons. The one article that was not a convention presentation: "About Captain Kuehnen" by Dr. Viktor Krieger and V. G. Korolenko.  
  Journal, Vol. 28, No. 4 (Winter 2005) On the cover: A 1940s winter scene in northeastern Colorado with the Sewald grandparents sledding with two of their grandchildren. There are twelve articles in this issue. The first is the address given by Timothy J. Kloberdanz at the 36th International AHSGR Convention, Saturday evening banquet in Oklahoma City, entitled "Honoring the Past, Preparing for the Future: Germans from Russia in the 21st Century"; "A Man Who Truly Lived His Heritage: A Tribute to Lawrence A. Weigel" by Rosalinda A. Kloberdanz and Timothy J. Kloberdanz; The next eight articles are from the Sixth Annual Storytelling Contest presentations at the 36th International AHSGR Convention: First Place Winner, "The Grandfather I Learned to Know" by Marianne K. Sauter Long; Second Place Winner, "The Arm in the Barn" by Donald C. Schenk, M.D.; Third Place Winner (Tie), "The Teakettle" by Allyn Stangle Elliott; Third Place Winner (Tie), "Maybe, This is the Final Word on Buxtehui" by Gerald F. Schmidt. The following four each received Honorable Mention: "My Early Experience in the Sugar Beet Fields" by Kenneth L. Koehler; "Eva's Childhood Journey" by Elizabeth A. Meade; "John Christian Penner" by Christopher Chance Penner Parrish; "Georg Hagen's Life and Death: Connection to Earth, Water, Fire and Wind" by Karen Suderman Penner. "One Hundred Years of Russian-German Missions in India: The Mennonite Brethren of Andhra Pradesh" by Paul D. Wiebe, Ph.D.; "The Mennonites Return to Ukraine and the Molotschna Bi-Centennial" by Wilmer Harms, M.D.  
  Journal, Vol. 29, No.1 (Spring 2006) On the cover: The monument at the old cemetery in Novyi Vasyugan, a village near Tomsk, Russia, to honor the victims of Stalinist repressions, dedicated in 1997. A young girl offers flowers at the monument. There are six articles in this issue: "Narym Chronicle 1930-1945: The Tragedy of the Special Population," a review by A. Fedorova / Translated by Richard Rye. A companion to the first article is titled, "Let No One Dream of This" by A. Shulbaeva / Translated by Julia Troussova; "From the Volga to the Platte: The True Story of Heinrich Jurk" by Klaus Dieter Yurk; "Grandmother's Aprons" by Thelma Kinderknecht Mills is a presentation given by Thelma and her daughter, Theresa Sheaffer, at the 36th International AHSGR Convention in Oklahoma City in 2005; "The Anhalt Family of Ukraine and the Volga" by Adam Anhalt; "Volhynia: Thirty-Two Pictures of the Old Homeland" by Friedrich Rink / Translated by Dona Reeves-Marquardt is an anniversary article. This article first appeared in 1976 in AHSGR Work Paper No. 22. This is the 30th anniversary of its original publication.  
  Journal, Vol. 29, No. 2 (Summer 2006) On the cover: The "Liberty Loan Parade" in Lincoln, Nebraska April 6, 1918. This issue contains four articles. "The Immigration to America and Its Impact on the Ethnic Identity and World View of the Volga Germans in Russia" by Timothy J. Kloberdanz; "Justice for All?: What an Oklahoma Internment Camp Meant to German-Americans" by Jerry Bohnen. This article is from a presentation given by Jerry Bohnen at the 36th International AHSGR Convention in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma August 20, 2005. "Escape From the USSR, 1928" by Arthur E. Flegel; "The Volga Germans in the Federal State of Paraná, Brazil" by Ayrton Gonçalves Celestino, Curitiba, Brazil. This article is from a presentation given by Ayrton Gonçalves Celestino at the International Genealogical Conference, "Discover Your Roots to Europe," held in Regina, Saskatchewan July 2002.  
  Journal, Vol. 29, No. 3 (Fall 2006) On the cover: The newly renovated and constructed Engels Archive in Engels, Russia. This issue contains four articles. "Rebirth of the Historic Archive of the Volga Germans: Present Day and Future Outlook of the Prospects in Genealogical, Historical and Thematic Research: Elisaveta Erina," translated by Yulia Tsymbal. "The Emigration (1759-1766) of Colonists from Germany to Denmark and Then to Russua" Dr. Alexander Eichhorn and Dr. Jacob and Mary Eichhorn. "Role of the Lansmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland e.V. in the Integration of the Russlanddeutschen (Spät)-Aussiedler in the German Society; Alexander Rupp," translated by Dina Rupp. "Germans from Russia: The Influence of Russian on German: by Kerstin E. Somerholter. These articles were presented at the 37th International Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska August 19, 2006.  
  Journal, Vol. 29, No. 4 (Winter 2006) On the cover: Six German-Russian youngsters gather for a family event in St. Louis, Missouri, April 2006. This issue contains 11 articles. Three presented at the 37th International Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska August 2006. Eight Storytelling Contest submissions. What's New at the Internation Quilt Study Center: Patricia Cox Crews: Homegrown in Nebraska: Sharing the Story of the Germans from Russia; Gwendolyn K. Meister; Music Helps the Family Tree Grow: Larry Weigel, Jr.; Adventures Over Land and the High Seas: Karen Suderman Penner; Maria's Story: Tatjana Schell; "Dirty, Dirty Rooshun!": Helen Rose Philbert; Papa's Sausage Stuffer: Kenneth L. Koehler; The Barn-"Queen of the Yard": Paul E. Koehler; The Lure of Treats in Saratov: Marie E. Korth; Christina's Sewing Maching: Joanne Green Krieger; The "Benkj," the Orange, and Our Christmas Program: Chance Penner Parrish.  
  Journal, Vol. 30, No. 1 (Spring 2007). On the cover: Stacks of records in Saratov, Russia in the Saratov Archives. There are six articles in this issue. "One Family's Story of Survival in the 20th Century" by Siegfried Matt; an anniversary article by Arthur Flegel: "The German Colony Karras in the North Caucasus," with a campion article translated by Arthur Flegel: "The Kidnapping at Karras," anonymously authored and printed in 1961 in Heimatbuch der Deutschen aus Russland; "Records of Interest to German Russians in the Saratov Archives" by Dr. Jerome Siebert; "DNA-Beyond Kuhlburg and Written Records" by Frank Jacobs; "The History of Tyumen, Russia: Its Impact on Germans from Russia and Other Ethnic Groups" by Clarence D. Kissler  
  Journal, Vol. 30, No. 2 (Summer 2007) On the cover: A couple, the Schleiffs’ of Neinstedt, Germany, standing beside the Katharinenstadt, Catherine sign in Kansas, USA. There are six articles in this issue. "Emigration from Motherland to Vaterland" by Dr. Mila Koretnikov; "Summary of Dissertation: The German Emigration From the Volga Region to America in the 1870s: Preconditions, Reasons, and Results" by Elena V. Ananyan; "A Gift from Heaven: German-Russian Immigrants in the State of Kansas" by the ORNIS Editors; "German Russians in California – Past and Present" by Jerome Siebert (current President of AHSGR); "Survivors: Once Lost, but Never Forgotten" by Jerry Schmidt; "The Power of Dreams: Keeping the Dream Alive" by Jerry D. McInnis.  
  Journal, Vol. 30, No. 3 (Fall 2007) Cover design by Sr. Alice Pfeifer and Judy Hoffman, inspired by the book Conquering the Wind by Amy Brungardt Toepfer and Agnes C. Dreiling. The design shows symbols of the first German-Russian settlers in America: the hand plow, a windmill, sunflowers, and a train crossing the Kansas plains beside a field of wheat. There are six articles from the 2007 Convention presentations in Hays, Kansas. "Alles sind gegangen: Who Could – Has Gone" by Bishop Clemens Pickel, Bishop of Saratov, Russia, translated by Leona W. Pfeifer; "My Last Volga Germans" by Bishop Clemens Pickel, translated by Robert Firestone; "German Russians in Argentina" by Isabel Kessler, translated by Luis G. Vasquez; "My Family’s Escape from Russia" by Erica Margita Neumann-Durtschy; Ellis County, Kansas; "Emmons County, North Dakota: Some Curious German Russian Comparisons" by Lewis R. Marquardt and Dona Reeves-Marquardt; "Bernhard Warkentin: Kansas Miller and Promoter of Turkey Red Wheat" by Karen Suderman Penner.  
  Journal, Vol. 30, No. 4 (Winter 2007) Cover: Painting of Herzog, Russia by Mike Boss. There are 10 articles; two are from the 2007 AHSGR Convention in Hays, Kansas and eight are from the 2007 AHSGR Storytelling Contest. "Genealogical Research Before Kuhlberg and LDS" by Frank Jacobs; "A Passion for Preservation" by Michael Boss; "Remembering My Father" by Helen Rempel Stauffer; "Gott ist die Liebe" by Edith W. Mullins; "Celebrating Christmas 2006 in Frank, Russia" by Tatjana Schell; "Mary" by Mary A. Beaver; "Saturday Night Live - No More" by Gwen Schock Cowherd; "The Light at the End of the Tunnel" by Dorothy Lola Nussbaum; "The Courage to Decide Their Fates" by Gerald F. "Jerry" Schmidt; "My Maternal Grandmother" by Herman Wittman.  
  Journal, Vol. 31, No. 1 (Spring 2008) On the cover: Photograph of cemetery in Rothammel, Russia of one of the few remaining iron cross markers honoring the grave of Jacob Lechmann (7-20-1907-12-26-1981). The photograph was taken by Nick Bretz on a trip with his wife Barbara (in photo with umbrella) to Rothammel, Russia in 2005. Articles: "Four Volga German Catholic Colonies: Goebel, Koehler, Rothammel, and Seewald" by A.N. Minkh, translated from Russian by Dr. Mila I. Koretnikov, edited by Dr. Timothy J. Kloberdanz; "Emigration of the Volga Germans to North America" by Elena Villievna Ananyan, translated by T. I. Vorontsova, this is an excerpt from the AHSGR Monograph, The German Emigration from the Volga Region to America in the 1870s: Preconditions, Reasons, and Results, Ananyan's dissertation for Candidate Degree in History from Volgograd State University, 2006; "Johannes Graefenstein - Painter" by Nelly Wacker; "Nelly Wacker - Poet" by Johann Kampen; "The Ziffernsystem" by Dr. Peter Letkemann, translated by Martha Becker; "August Petrovich Zibengar" by Elisaveta Erina, translated by Yulia Tsymbal; "Aussiedler Tape 56: Hulda Kopp Dell and Jakob Dell" edited by Jo Ann Kuhr, translated by Helga Hosford.  
  Journal, Vol. 31, No. 2 (Summer 2008) On the cover: A photograph of the Karassan Mennonite Church in Karassan, Tabuldi district of the Crimea; photographed by Karen Penner during a trip to the Crimea with Peggy Goertzen. Articles: "Crimea Revisited" by Peggy Goertzen; a presentation given by Peggy at the 38th Annual International Convention of American Historical Society of Germans from Russia in Hays, Kansas, June 10-17, 2007. "Germans from Russia in South America" by Dr. Iris Barbara Graefe was originally printed in the AHSGR Work Paper # 24, Fall 1977; "New German Russian Studies Source Materials from the Former Soviet Union" by Lawrence Klippenstein, Mennonite Heritage Centre; "Gotfried Gotfried Schmider (1902-1965)" by Elisaveta M. Erina from her series, Returned Names. Elisaveta is Director of the State Archive of Saratovskaya Oblast in Engels, Russia.  
  Journal, Vol. 31, No. 3 (Fall 2008) On the cover: "Celebrating Our Common Heritage" picturing the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia logo and the Germans from Russia Heritage logo, and two hands in a handshake between the two logos.  This was the theme of the annual convention held in Casper, Wyoming July 28 through August 3, 2008; the first combined convention of the two separate organizations.  Articles: "The 'Long Trek': The SS Population Transfer of Ukrainian Germans to the Polish Warthegau and Its Consequences,, 1943-1944" by Dr. Eric J. Schmaltz; "One Way Ticket from Russia to Germany: Aussiedlers in the Beginning of the 21st Century" by Mila Koretnikov, PhD; "The Famine Files from the American Volga Relief Society" by Dr. Robert Meininger; "Our German-Russian Communities: A Common Heritage, An Uncommon History" by Dona Reeves-Marquardt, PhD and Lewis R. Marquardt, PhD.  
  Journal, Vol. 31, No. 4 (Winter 2008). On the cover: Photograph of the Philip Kukus family: Philip, stepdaughter Maria (Mary) Felsing Kukus Deis, baby brother Jacob (Jack) Kukus, and stepsister Katie Kukus. The photo was taken in Fresno, California soon after the death of Mary’s mother, Maria Katerina Steinhauer Felsing Kukus. This photo is from Erin Deis’s First Place Winner story in the annual AHSGR Storytelling Contest (page 16).  Articles: “Glückstal Colonies Research Association, Strategies and Successes” by Margaret Freeman; “Deportation of Russian Germans in 1941 and Its Consequences” by Nina Vaschkau, PhD and translated by Yulia Tsymbal; “The Songs Our Forefathers Sang” by Rev. Fred W. Gross, also published in AHSGR Workpaper No.12 (August 1973); AHSGR Storytelling Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions: “Leaving One Home in Search of Another” by Erin Deis; “The Pendulum Still Swings” by Gwen Schock Cowherd; “Talking to Grandma” by Gwen Schock Cowherd; “Memories – “Oh How They Shine!” by Nora Mae Dorn; “The Christmas Man” by Mayo Flegel; “A Series of Miracles Full Circle from 1913 to 1995” by Ella Marie Lehl Frederick; “They Called It Noah’s Ark” by Judy Frothinger; “My Life on the Brink of Death” by David Gomer and translated by Tanja Schell.  
  Journal, Vol. 32, No. 2 (Summer 2009). On the cover: Photograph of the Lutheran church in Walter, Russia, courtesy of Edward Walter Amend, taken in 2007. Articles: “Escape” by Edward W. Amend; History of German Colonies on the Volga: Rothammel and Walter – Reconstruction by Nina Vaschkau, PhD, translated by Yulia Tsymbal; “Splavnukha, Huck” by A.N. Minkh from Minkh’s book History and Geography Dictionary of Saratov Province published in 1898; “Migration to Volhynia” by Arthur E. Janke. PB   
  Journal, Vol. 32, No. 3 (Fall 2009). On the cover: A drawing by Jim Marshall of a pioneer family. Articles: “Thirty Tragic Years in Odessa District 1915-1945” by Merv Weiss; “Building Our Ancestral Bridge to Argentina” by Anna Dalhaimer Bartkowski; “How the German Language Got Silenced (Stumped) in Russia” by Peter Penner; “The Purpose and Destiny of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia” by Sigrid Ingeborg Weidenweber. All articles in this Journal were presented at the 40th Annual Convention of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, June 15-21, 2009.  PB  
  Journal, Vol. 32, No. 4 (Winter 2009) On the cover: A photograph of the Mayer family at the grave site of their brother located on Karateren Island in the Aral Sea. Svetlana Mayer’s article tells of the family’s deportation from Russia to Kazakhstan in 1941. Articles: “The Lessons of History” by Les Brost as presented at the 40th Annual Convention of AHSGR. AHSGR Storytelling Winners (Adult Division): 1st Place “Ode to Sauerkraut” by Anne M. Stang; 2nd Place “The Girls of ‘66” by Gwen Schock Cowherd; 3rd Place “New Year’s in Saskatchewan – 1946” by Anne M. Stang. Honorable Mentions (Adult Division): “. . . and it was the end of the first day . . .” by Gerald Warner Bertsch; “Farewell the Sea” by Svetlana Tsekhanovich Mayer; “A Long Way from Home: The Story of Susanna and Heinrich Wagenleitner’s Children” by Valentina Titarenko and translated by Tanja Schell. (Youth Division) 1st Place Winner “My Great-Great-Great-Grandma Justina Leppke” by Victoria “Bailey” Penner Parrish; 2nd Place Winner “Learning from Grandma” by Evelyn Elaine Gaunt; 3rd Place Winner “My Great-Great-Great-Grandpa Loewen: Fishing and Frog Hunting” by Gabriel Reume.  PB  
  Journal, Vol. 33, No. 1 (Spring 2010) On the cover: A photograph of Eduard Janke, a Volhynian German in the Russian army in World War One, seated in the front row center, as prisoner of war in Austria. Articles: “My Father’s Story” by Polly Propp Pratt. Honorable Mention (Adult Division) in the 2009 AHSGR Storytelling Contest; “The Migration of Mennonites to Nebraska: 1874” by James R. Griess; “The Janke Family in Volhynia – and what they had to go through in Russia, Poland and Germany (1860 – 1956)” by Jürgen Erich Janke, Ingelbach, Germany, 2009, as presented at the AHSGR 40th Annual Convention, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, June 15-21, 2009.  PB  
  Journal, Vol. 33, No. 2 (Summer 2010) On the cover: A poster prepared by the White army during the Russian Civil War depicting the slaughter being carried out by Trotsky, Lenin, and the Bolsheviks. Articles: “The Soviet Holocaust” Introduction by James R. Griess; Part I “The Uprising of 1918” by Edmund Imherr, Translated by Joe Gareis; Part II “The Political and Economic Climate of the Stalinist Regime in the 1930s by James R. Griess; Part III “Remembrances of the Displacement of 1930” by E. Sch., Heimatbuch, 1960, edited by James R. Griess, Translated by Cleon Ochsner; Part IV  “The Summary Execution of Perceived ‘Enemies of the People’” by James R. Griess; “Unfulfilled Hopes of a Soviet-German Writer: Dominik Hollmann (1899-1990) by Harry Loewen.  PB  
  Journal, Vol. 33, No. 3 (Fall 2010) On the cover: The beautiful sandstone sculpture by Pete Felten that graces the front lawn of the Museum of American Historical Society of Germans from Russia in Lincoln, Nebraska; the Germans from Russia Pioneer Family that represents our emigrant families. This Journal contains six of the presentations given at the 2010 Annual Convention of AHSGR in Lincoln, Nebraska, August 2010. “A Family Reunion in Siberia” by Allen Salzmann; “GO-The AHSGR German Origins Project: An Introduction and Tutorial” by Dick Kraus; “The Germans of the Volga Region-‘Sons of Israel in Egypt’?”; “The Problem of Preservation of National Identity of Ethnic Germans in the Volga Region and in North America and South America” by Dr. Elena V. Ananyan; “Update on Programs and Activities in Argentina” by Isabel Kessler; “The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia: Its Past, Present, and Future” by James R. Griess.  PB  
  Journal, Vol. 33, No. 4 (Winter 2010) On the Cover: A photograph of twelve family members, the family of Joan Breit’s mother, Barbara Basgall Urban, Barbara’s husband is George Urban. Articles: The Winners of the AHSGR Annual Storytelling Contest: First Place Winner, “Those Darn Geese!” by Anne M. Stang; Second Place Winner, “A Story of Survival” by Anne M. Stang; Third Place Winner, “Beten Fur Uns – Pray For Us” by Joan Breit; “It’s All Earth and Sky: A Video Documentary” by Dona B. Reeves-Marquardt and Lewis R. Marquardt; “Celebrate: Faith, Family, Tradition” by Jerry McInnis; “In Father’s Home Village – The Bloody Retaliation in Mariental in April 1921” by Emma Rische, Volk Auf Dem Weg, 2009, English translation by Mervin Weiss; “Germans on the Russian-Chinese Border” by Hans Thierbach, Heimatbuch 1965, English translation by Cleon F. Ochsner; “Genetic Genealogy and Medical Screening of Germans from Russia” by Frank Jacobs; “Inaugural Conference on German Russian Studies” Colorado State University Academic Session June 26, 2009, Conference notes written by Lauren Brantner; “‘It is Like an Open-air Museum on Volga German History:’ About a Trip to the Volga German Villages” (an interview with Alexander Spack.) by Tatjana Schell.  PB  

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