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A Light in the Darkness
A moving historical documentary, A Light in the Darkness, highlights the spirit and faith of the Volga German people. This 48 minute video details their plight in 1941, during Joseph Stalin's tyrannical attempts to annihilate them.
    A Soulful Sound: Music of the Germans from Russia, Fargo, North Dakota: Prairie Public Broadcasting, 2005. 

This collection blends expert commentary with performances of traditional music from regional talent. DVD

    AHSGR Headquarters and Site Museum Video Tour

This video is a 15 minutes visit to AHSGR Headquarters and Site Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.  VHS


Arthur E. and Cleora Reuscher Flegel. ROAD Show Productions, Fargo, ND

Oral History Interview Series, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, copyright 2001. 81 minutes.  VHS

    At Home in Russia, at Home on the Prairie
Prairie Public Publications, Fargo, ND

"A river flows gently into its broad lagoon, its banks punctuated by once German villages, dazzling field of grain, abundant vineyard, fruit trees, and gardens.  The land is fertile.  The area is typical of many German settlements that once made these Russian steppes a breadbasket of grain and other agricultural products.  The Germans who settled the area are largely gone now, scattered in a diaspora of forced migration through difficult decades of political unrest and change.  And though the region no longer exists as when the Germans lived there, it endures in the minds of the people, lingering fragilely 'da haam in Russland,' ;back home in Russia."

Children of the Steppe, Children of the Prairie and Prairie Crosses, Prairie Voices: Iron Crosses of the Great Plains.

Children of the Steppe, Children of the Prairie. Fargo, ND: Prairie Public Broadcasting, Inc., 1999.

The story of the Germans from Russia is of agricultural pioneers on several continents whose quest for land and peace shaped them into a distinctive and enduring ethnic group.


Eine Hochzeit in Ellis County, Kansas 1881
Produced by Leona Wasinger Pfeifer

This DVD is a reenactment of a Volga-German wedding that took place in 1881 in Munjor, Kansas. It was originally performed in 1990. (1990 was the last performance.) Leona Wasinger Pfeifer wrote and produced this video to preserve the Volga German wedding customs. This production contains the dialect, music, and dancing of an era that is almost forgotten. Leona Pfeifer narrates, and all actors are speaking German. DVD

    Germans From Russia Food Pantry. Prairie Public Broadcasting

In German-Russian life, "food was love," and prairie mothers who left no record of their lives are remembered daily in the recipes and rituals of food preparation. A collection of three award-winning public television favorites that have been broadcast throughout North America: Schmeckfest: Food Traditions of the Germans from Russia , Recipes from Grandma's Kitchen Volumes I & II and bonus footage of chefs and complete recipes for the meals featured in the Grandma's Kitchen programs. DVD


The sixth documentary in Prairie Public Broadcastís series about the legacy of the Germans from Russia.

A co-production of PPB and NDSU, 2010.


The title was the reaction of one German-Russian immigrant upon arriving on the plains of the Midwest. As many who came to the region seeking a land of promise and opportunity, she and her family endured and prevailed on this rich, expansive landscape.

Five representative Germans from Russia who have attained success and stability (Arthur Flegel, Debra Marquart, Al Neuharth, Henry Schmick, and Brian Schweitzer) share their insights on the process of becoming Americans in this oral history project written by Dona Reeves-Marquardt and Lewis R. Marquardt.

    Through the Red Gate

by Moyra Rodger, Dale Drewery, Ruth Derksen Siemens
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Out To See Entertainment Inc., 2008.
Peter Bargen was seven years old when he and his family narrowly escaped the Russian Gulag and almost certain death. Relatives remaining in the USSR were not so fortunate. During Joseph Stalinís reign, 1929 to 1953, between 45 and 60 million people, among them thousands of Mennonites, perished through enforced exile, execution, famine, and disease. In this story that crosses continents and binds together generations, the discovery of a cache of rare and long forgotten letters reveals the terrifying details of the fate of many families.