Genealogy Research Services

The established goals of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR) are to discover, collect, and disseminate information relating to the history, cultural heritage, and genealogy of the Germans from Russia. Patrons who are not able to visit AHSGR's Research Library in Lincoln, Nebraska to utilize the library, archives, and genealogy collections may utilize AHSGR's reference services to access these resources.

Research Services Pricing

Reference service fees are charged to cover the expenses incurred by AHSGR in performing research for members and non-members. All requests for reference services incur a base or hourly fee except for Russian Archives Records research. See Russian Archives Records for details of this service and how its fees are established.

Base Fee

Members $10.00
Non-members $30.00

Research Time

Members $30.00 per hour
Non-members $90.00 per hour


Members $25 per hour 
Non-members $50 plus $25 per hour

Photocopies in-house

Members $0.25 per copier cycle (i.e. each copy produced)

Non-members $0.50 per copier cycle

Photocopies sent out are the same price as in-house, but postage charges will be added.

Copies from Microfilm and Microfiche – same as photocopies.

Surname Charts

Single charts

Members $50.00 each
Non-members $100.00 each

Two-piece charts

Members $70.00 for both parts
Non-members $120.00 for both parts

Genealogy Database Printouts / GEDCOM Files (see separate GEDCOM Request Form )

Members $10.00 plus $0.10 per individual extracted from the database

Non-members $20.00 plus $0.25 per individual extracted from the database

The base fee is applicable to requests not incurring other charges for research time. The base fee is applicable even if the research staff is unable to find information pertinent to the request, as considerable staff time and effort is still required.

Please bear in mind that the staff may be able to check a number of records in one hour. If you think your request may be time consuming and you wish to limit the research to a specific dollar figure, please indicate the amount you are willing to spend for the research. Number in order of preference the records you want checked in the limited amount of time. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY IN ADVANCE! You will be billed for the charges. Any charges of $25.00 or more will require advance payment before materials will be sent to the requestor.

Please email or mail your requests to the attention of Reference Archivist

631 D Street, Lincoln, NE 68502-1199 
FAX: 402-474-7229

Please limit your research request to ONE SURNAME at a time. It is helpful if you send family group charts on all the ancestors' families for which you request information (you may send them with your research request). You may purchase genealogy forms from headquarters for $0.25 each plus postage or print these forms. Please
allow at least 8 to 12 weeks for a response to your request. Please indicate, in order of preference, which of the following items you would like the Research Team to research for you:

_____ OBITUARY FILES. Copies of obituaries may be obtained for the charge of the Base Fee plus the per page cost for in-house photocopies. If the obituary is originally printed in German an English translation can be provided for a charge of $5.00 per obituary for members and $15 per obituary for non-members. Please indicate if you would like to have German obituaries translated by checking the space below. All other translations are referred to our translating department. ___ Yes, translate German obituaries.


_____ AVAILABLE CEMETERY LISTS for a given surname (in areas where your family lived/died. Please provide this information in your request.)

_____ AVAILABLE U.S. AND CANADIAN CHURCH RECORDS (in areas where your family lived/died. Please provide this information in your request.)

_____ BESSARABIAN CHURCH RECORDS at headquarters (microfilmed by LDS church).

_____ PASSENGER SHIP LIST INDEX (index of passenger ship lists published by AHSGR, GRHS and other organizations.)

_____ GALVESTON, TEXAS PASSENGER LISTS (an hourly rate for the search plus $5.00 for printout from the microfilm if information is found). The earliest date for these records is 1895.

_____ NATURALIZATION INDICES for: Naturalization Records of Immigrants from Russia in Colorado; Lancaster County, NE (1872-1929); Lancaster County, NE Declarations of Intent; Declaration of Intent and Naturalization records located at Ellis County, OK; Naturalization records for Clackamas County, Multnomah County, and Washington County, OR; Lipscomb County, TX Naturalization records (only 29 individuals); Lipscomb County, TX Declarations of Intent (only 50 individuals); Naturalization Records for Whitman County, WA (1860-1942).

_____ 1913-1915 CENSUS OF GERMAN RUSSIANS IN LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, compiled by Hattie Plum Williams.

_____ FAMILY HISTORIES and/or other resources in AHSGR's Library.

_____ DR. JOHANNES HOPF'S INVENTORY OF GERMAN EMIGRANTS FROM POLAND TO RUSSIA BETWEEN 1813 AND 1866. An index of the names found on this inventory appears in Clues 1997. Please consult this index before requesting research of this source.

_____ PASSPORTS TO RUSSIA, 55 passports issued in Frankfurt a. Main for German immigrants to Taurida, South Russia. An index of the names found on these passports appears in Clues 1996, Part 2. Please consult this index before requesting research of this source.

_____ 1798 VOLGA CENSUS INDEX DATABASE. This index will list which census lists for the Volga villages contain information on particular surnames.

_____ 1834 CENSUS for Volga villages: Basel, Orlovskaya, Paulskaya, Pobochnya, Straub, Yagodnaya Polyana, Zurich, and Zug. Entries for specific surnames available with translations for $25.00 per surname. Be sure to indicate surname below.

_____ ANCESTRAL VILLAGE INDEX for list of members, past and present, who have submitted genealogy forms indicating specific villages and the surnames linking to each village.

_____ VILLAGE FILE INVENTORY for a list of miscellaneous resources for various villages and areas. Be sure to specify village below.

_____ INDEX TO STUMPP MAPS for information on which map indicates your village of interest.

_____ MEYERS ORTS- UND VERKEHRSLEXICON on microfiche for information on locations in the German Reich, 1912.

_____ POLISH GAZETTEER on microfiche for information on locations in Poland, 1880-1902.

_____ SURNAME CHARTS. For information on which charts are available, please see the Surname Chart Page. If you wish to purchase a chart, please pay in advance and indicate the surname here:


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Surname you wish to have researched:


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