AHSGR Library Family History List

Part I: Alphabetical Listing By Author/Title

The Abraham and Sarah (Tieszen) Duerksen Family, 1975. CS 71 .T537 1975x

*The Adam Family and Its Descendants Thru February 1986. CS 71 .A325 1986x

*The Adam Family and Its Descendants – updated to August 1999. CS 71 .A325 1999

The Adventures of Johnny and Katie Unterseher. CS 71 .U573 1956x

Adolph, LeRoy. Adolph Family Tree. CS 71 .A363 1991

Akers, Mildred (Kestek). The Kestek-Lemke (Koesterke) Story: A Collection of Information and Stories. CS 71 .K47 1995

Allen, Clara. Descendents [sic] of Katherine and George Blanke 1865-1981. CS 71 .B5775 1981

*Altenhof, N.C. Some Volga Germans: Altenhof and Luft. CS 71 .A473 1980x

Ammon, Theodore. The History and Heritage of Salomon and Katharine Ammon. CS 71 .A52 1986

*Andreas and Katharina (Kuhn) Dinkel: Genealogy. CS 71 .D564 1996

Antenen, Velma. Family History of Eva Elizabeth and August Reinhardt, Sr. CS 71 .R4454 1994a

Antonie, Cel. 10 Generations of Caroline Karlin Lineage: 1762 to 1990. CS 71 .K374 1990

Anuta, Michael J. The Beautiful People, Czudnochowski. CS71 .C9998 2000

Appelhanz, Isadore. A Genealogy of the Jacob Jay and Barbara M. (Hefner) Appelhanz Family. CS 71 .A664 1984x

*Arendt, Shirley Kloberdanz. The Kloberdanz Family History from Germany, Russia, and the United States of America 1680-1999. CS 71 .K656 2000.

*Aschenbrenner, Steven L. The Aschenbrenner’s [sic]. CS 71 .A972 1900zx

Asplund, Marilyn Tachick. The Tachick Legacy. CS 71 .T322 1900zx

Austman, Fran. The Dell History 1850-1993. CS 71 .D44 1993

Avant, Kelly (Heinitz). Heinitz: Germans from Dreispitz, Russia, in the U.S. CS 71 .A93 1997

Bachmeier, Thomas. The American Integration of German Russians as Experienced by the Bachmeier-Lauinger Families. CS 71 .B32 1995x

*Baerg, Anna. Diary of Anna Baerg 1916-1924. Tranlated and edited by Gerald Peters. BX 8143 .B34A3 1985

Bahls, Helene Martha (Hoeft). My Mother and Father’s Love Story--Julius and Martha (Neuman) Hoeft. CS 71 .H6327 1983x

[Bahnman, Marvin]. Our Heritage, The Last Days of the Heinrich Bahnmann Family in Russia and their voyage to North American in 1903: From the Diary of Margaretha Bahnmann, from the Journal of Nicolai Bahnmann, from the Diary of Henrietta Bahnmann. CS71 .B34

*Balisky, Esther Peters. In Grandpa’s Shoes. BX 8141 .B34 1998

Ball, Kristen (Hanneman). Hanneman/Hahneman The Descendants fo Konrad Philipovitch Hanhemann and Anna Catherina Koch. CS 71 .H36B35 1997.

*Barden, Lorraine. Jacob Flemmer and Descendants. CS 71 .F535 1978x

[Barbur, James V.] The Life of Jim and Louise Barbur including their Ancestors and Descendants CS 71 .B33 1998

*Barnes, Virginia Eckerman. My Album, Pauline Eckerman. CS 71 .E235 1982x

*Barnett, Lucille Reiswig. Johann Seibel and Sophia Schwarz Family Tree. CS 71 .S44 1994

Barrett, Lucille Richstatter. From the Steppes of Russia to the Plains of Kansas The Seitz-Sack Genealogy ( and other closely related families) CS71 .S45 1999

Baselt, Fonda D. A Wagner Family Odyssey: From Germany to Russia to America. CS 71 .W336 1994x

Bassuer, Duane Francois. A Brief History of Family Champions: 1909 to 1989. CS 71 .B377 1989

Batinovich, Garnet Ayers. The August Tschritter Family, 1832 to 1986: A German-Russian Heritage. CS 71 .T725 1986x

Bartel, Amanda Ediger. The Story of Heinrich E. Ediger & Helena Janzen Ediger: Their roots, & their descendants. CS 71 .E35 1993

Barton, Erika Regina. Familiengeschichte Erster Teil: Erinnerunge an die Flucht. CS 71 .B47

Barton, Erika Regina. Family History Memories of 1945. CS 71 .B47

*Bay, Judy. Bay-Steinley Family of Dreispitz. CS 71 .B39 1998

Baumgartner, John J. Baumgartner Coat of Arms: The Johannes Baumgartner Story and Genealogy. CS 71 .B3856 1974x

Baumgartner, John J. Baumgartner Coat of Arms: The Johannes Baumgartner Story and Genealogy. Bicentennial Edition, 1774-1974. OVERSIZE CS 71 .B3856 1974x

Becker, A. The Biography of Florian Becker and Barbara Leibel. CS 71 .B424 1900zx

Becker, David J. The Rev. Heinrich Benjamin Becker Trek to America: A Venture in Faith. CS 71 .B424 1973x

Becker, Maria Lang, Larry R. Jesen and Sophie A. Welische. The Bori Story. CS 71 .B67B43

Becker, Mildred Gentry. The Peter Becker Family. CS 71 .B424 1993

*Beers, Georgia Block. Block Family History. CS 71 .B578x

Begler, Conrad G. Our Begler Ancestors. CS 71 .B434 1978x

*Beilman, Vern. Beilman History. CS 71 .B436 1996

Beisel, Shirley M. Andrew Beisel and Wife Eva Beisel nee Longhofer and Daughters, Anna, Eva, and Amelia. CS 71 .B442 1992a

Beisel, Shirley M. Andrew Beisel and Wife Eva Who Later Married August Mueller (Miller, Muller). CS 71 .B442 1992b

Beisel, Shirley M. Beisel Genealogy. CS 71 .B442 1984x

Beisel, Shirley M. Reinhard Beisel and Wife Katherina Elizabeth Engel. CS 71 .B442 1992c

Bell, Franklyn Bessie Block. Vetter, Sattler Family History. CS 71 .V479 1989

*Bender, Eduard and Heidi Bender Edwards. Out of Russia: A Volga Gemrna Family’s quest for a new beginning. CS 71 .O98B46 1997

*Bender, Ida. The Dark Abyss of Exile: A Story of Survival. DK 34.G3B46 2000

*Bender, Meta R. Herdt. CS 71 .H47 B46 1997

*Bender, Meta R. Ehrlich. CS 71 .E37B46

Bendlin, Hugo. Vagabund Wider Willen-Brodjaga Ponewolf, Autobiographie. D 811.5 .B46xA3 1986x

Benert, Richard. Bartel Family History. CS 71 .B464 1980x

*Benson, Orpha, E. Joyce Miller & Janis Dobler. Descendants of the Zumbaum Family of Germany 1740-1997. CS 71 .Z86 1997

*Bentall, Dorothy Holltorf. Die Familie von Johann Spahn. CS 71 .S623 1983x

*Bernhardt, Eugene. The Migration of Franz Bernhardt From Germany to Russia in 1806 and the Genealogy and Immigration of the Bernhardt Family From Russia to America in 1906. CS 71 .B475 1983

Berry, Clara. George and Augusta Siegler Widmer. CS 71 .W525 1982x

*Berschauer, Ronald. The History of the Berschauer Family, 1692 to 1940. CS 71 .B477 1950x

Bettcher, Gary. The History and Genealogy of the Niklaus Beutler and Rosina Andres family of Moniteau County, Missouri and Tuscarawas County, Ohio. CS 71 .B5734 1994

Betz, Mollie. A Short History of the Volga Germans-Henry and Amelia Bahel. GR 780

Beuling, Mary Lou Leintz. The Josef Fergel Family History 1868-2001. CS71 .F47 [2001]

Biddle, Philip C. Biddle: Roots and Riddle and Autobiography of Philip C. Biddle. CS 71 .B523 1987x

Biddle, Philip C. Klein-Peck: Prairie Milestones. CS 71 .K576 1990

*Bieber, Martin. Branches and Twigs of the Jacob Bieber Family Tree. CS 71 .B531 1900x

Bier, Philip N. The Genealogy of the George Phillipp Bier Family, 1846-1978. CS 71 .B537 1978x

*Bier, Frederich and Alexander Schick. Part 1: "From the Days of Suffering by the German Volga Colonies Part 2: "Rempel Trilogy." CS71 .B54 1993

*Bierwagen, Paul A. The Ludwig Bierwagen Sr. Family Genealogical Record. CS 71 .B5378 1986x

*Bittel, Barbara Shaw. Our Rohr Ancestors. CS 71 .R637 1976x

Bitz, Luella. Just Heritage, 1838-1978. CS 71 .J978 1978

*Bitz, Luella. Wanner Heritage, 1810-1981. CS 71 .W2476 1981

Blech, Alfred T. The Descendants of Wilhelm Krause and Anna Henning Krause. CS 71 .K728 1980x

*Boehmke, LaVerne Telle. The Descendants of Johann Boehmke, ca. 1818-1983: Comprising the Boehmke, Latotski, Kluck, Klein, Radtke, Gruhlke, and Reibe Families. CS 71 .B633 1983x

Bohlender, Larry L. Bohlander Bohlender Bolander Bolender Migration to North America 2000 BC – 2000 AC. CS71. B64 2000

*Bohlender, Larry L. Bohlender Family. CS 71 .B641

Bohrer, Rayona. Bohrer Family History CS.71 .B64

Born, Emma (Miller). To America—To Freedom. CS71 .M55 1993

*Bouchard, Joan L. Pfau. CS 71 .P428 1983x

Bouchard, Joan L. Rambur. CS 71 .R326 1987

*Braithwaite, Lenora Ruff. Book of Remembrance-We Are of Yesterday. OVERSIZE CS 71 .G7677 1980x

Braithwaite, Lenora Ruff. We Are of Yesterday. CS 71 .R83 1989

*Brandt, Edward R. Brandt Roots, 1605-1988. CS 71 .B821 1988ax

Brandt, Edward R. Brandt Roots, 1605-1988. Supplement. CS 71 .B821 1988bx

Brandt, Edward R. Brandt Roots, 1605-1988. Third Edition. CS 71 .B821 1989x

*Brandt, Edward R. The Ott Family on Two Continents: A Genealogy. CS 71 .0896 1975

Brasseur, R. Garner. Boepple-Pepple Workpaper. CS 71 .B635 1991

Brautigam, Sol. Johan Georg Brautigam and His Wife Katherina Margaret nee Brungardt; Emigration From Kolb, Russia to Ritzville, Washington. CS 71 .B728 l993

Brehm, H. Paul. The Pauley (Pauli) Family Tree. CS 71 .P384 1988x

Brehm, H. Paul. The Yost Family Tree. Oversize CS 71 .Y677 195lx

*Breitmeier, Ede. Schock Family Album: Yesterday and Today. CS 71 .S362x

*Bremer, Adele. The George Ostermann Family Tree. CS 71 .0872 1968x

Brenneise, Nathan. Hardships, Blessings, Opportunities: A History of the Brenneise Family. CS 71 .B736 1979x

Brethauer, Carol Kathleen (Wright). Brethauer "Carver of Wood." CS 71 .B74 1989

Broschat, Morris O. Genealogy of Jacob Hoffman, Sr. and Christina Laemmle (1st Wife). CS 71 .H635 1990a

Broschat, Morris O. Genealogy of Jacob Hoffman, Sr. and Katherina Goehring (2nd Wife). CS 71 .H635 1990b

Broschat, Myron. .Friedrich Broschat: A Short Narrative of His Life. CT 275 .B76B76 1991

Brosz, Allyn. The Brosz Family: 100 Years in America. CS 71 .B767 1978x

Brott Family. Brott Family Centennial Cookbook. TX 715 .B76 1992

Brown, Dorothy J. The Family of Michael Braun and Barbara Kiefel. CS 71 .B727 1993

Brown, Dorothy J. The Family of Simon Huber and Rosina Götz. CS 71 .H8233 1993

*Brown, Jan. Rosenberg, Russia to America: The Phillipp Martin Family. CS 71 .M3777 1990

*Brown, Jan. Walter, Russia to America: Jacob and Elizabeth Weber (Braun) Brown and Related German-Russian Families, Including Grassmick, Ross, (P)Fenning, and Kamerzel. CS 71 .B726 1991x

Brown, June. Kulms on Two Continents Annals and Biographies. CT 274 .K86B76 1995x

*Brumley, Howard J. The Weitz Saga. CS 71 .W448 1986x

Bruntz, George C. Children of the Volga. E 184 .R85 B78x

Buechler, Joseph. M. Karl and Michael Buechler Family-Tree Calendar of Events: Also a Whole Circle of Families Related on the Maternal Sides Plus a Family Almanac. CS 71 .B832 1967x

Buehler, Laurene E. From the Caucasians to the Rockies. CS 71 .S727 197lx

Buller, Peter. Krause-Buller Genealogy. CS 69 .B844x

Burckhard, Mary Anna (Albrecht). My Story (An Autobiography). CT 275 .B88A3x

Burkey, Blaine E. "Schoolmaster Schmidt and His "Family Album." CS 71 .S354 1986x

*Burson, Eleanor Werner. Our Proud Heritage: the Engels, the Ziegs, the Habermans, and Related Families. CS 71 .E533 1984x

Burt, Kay Olsen. The Miller Family Memories. CS 71 .M544 1980x

Busch, William. The Leonhart Busch Family. CS 71 .B872 1994x

Busch, William J. The Galician Busch Families. CS 90 .B87 1990

Byers, Ann. Suzanna: The True Story of a teenage girl in troubled times. BX 8143 .W5B9 1989

Cardella, Elsie Litzenbuger. Our Hearts were Knighted. CS71 .C37

*Carlson, Eugene Philip. Lauck Family History volume 1. CS 71 .L382 1978x

*Carlson, Eugene Philip. Lauck Family History volume 2. CS 71 .L382 1978x

*Carrico, Ken. Jacob Lebsock Family History. CS 71 .L427 1900zx

Chausee, Phyllis. Gossele-Fehr-Mueller-Bickel Family History. CS 71 .G676 1970x

Christian Stephan Suelzle Family Tree. CS 71 .S934 1985x

Ciszek, Walter J. With God in Russia. DK 268.3 .C58 1964

Claassen, Ernest Gerhard. Abraham Claassen: Vistula to Plum Grove. CS 71 .C521 1975x

Claassen, Henry W. J.K. Penner: From Revolution to Revelation. CS 71 .P465 1994

*Clark, Mildred. Kaiser Family History. CS 71 .K345 1989x

Coady, Mary Stremel. Anna Brungardt Stremel (1890-1983). CT 275 .S77C62x

Cockrall, Mary Anne. The Friedt Family (Fried, Freidt, Freed) From 1679 to 1986. CS 71 .F743 1980zx

Collins, Charles A. The Descendants of Martin and Juliana Gluch and Georg and Elizabeth Wendland. CS 71 .G58 1994

Collins, Damon P. Johan (John) Schmidt and Six Generations of His Descendants 1850-1987. CS 71 .S354 1987x

Collins, Damon P. Reinhardt Ruhl and His Descendants (1854-1986). CS 71 .R832 1986x

Conner, Maurice. The Peter J. Miller and Elizabeth Graber Miller Family 1986. CS 71 .M544 1986x

Cooper, Lydia Eck. The Zacharias Eck Family Record. CS 71 .E234 1950zx

Copsey, Dr. R. Dale. Ich Bin Ochsner. CS71 .O167 2000

[The Cornelius D. Giesbrecht Family]. CS 71 .G54

Cotner, Neal N. A Window to the Past: A Family History of Peter Gortner-Cotner, 1704-1753 and his Descendents including Painter, Clappp, Traylor, McCool, Chunn, Ford, Hoffmann, Meadors & many others. CS 71 .C9814 1994

*Cotner, Neal L. Family Reunited. CS 71 .H636 1900zx

Covey, E. Alice. My Father’s House-Story of Mary and John (Ivan) Bodrug. CT 1218 .B312

*Croissant, LeRoy "Lee" Eugene. Ancestors & Descendants of Fred Henry Croissant, 1781-2001. CS 71 .C76 2001 (also available in CD ROM)

Dalke, Harry. Descendants of C. Dalke and A. Kroeker. CS 71 .D312 1980zx

The Damm Family History. CS 71 .D32 1996

Davick, Carol Walker. Walker-Schlecht Ancestry, 1683 Through 1983: Loves, Lives, Legacies. CS 71 .W345 1984x

David, Lois. In the Beginning. CS 71 .R49 1988

Davis, Sheila Schlepp. Sheila’s Scrapbook: The Family of My Great-Grandfather Michael Zimbelman, November 7, 1850-November 18, 1930. CS 71 .Z552 1983x

*Davison, Elaine Frank. Frank Family History. OVERSIZE CS 71 .F726 1977x

Davison, Ruth (Schauer). Schauer: Roots, Roots, and More Roots. CS 71 .S3348 1989x

*DeBoer, Elaine Sauer. Bending Branches: A Family History of Sauer-Mädche and Stückle-Uhl. CS 71 .S28 1993

DeBoer, Elaine Sauer. Bending Branches Addendum: A Continuation of the Family History of Sauer-Mädche and Uhl-Stückle. CS71 .S73 2000

Dechant, Susan Gallyon. The History and Descendants of John Dechant, Part I. CS 71 .D324 1985x

Dechant, Susan Gallyon. The History and Descendants of John Dechant, Part II. CS 71 .D324 1985x

Deibert, Leslie and Mittleider, Ruth. The Konrad Deibert Family 1992. CS 71 .D5893 1992

Delker, Harry A. The Bertsch Book: 222 Years--The Ancestors and Descendants of Gottlieb and Salomea Bertsch 1764-1985. CS 71 .B478 1986x

Dellinges, Pauline Herder. The John Dellinges Family. CS 71 .D444 1983x

Denning, Victor Joseph. The Story of the Five Denning Brother’s [sic] Who Sailed to America From Russia, 1892. CS 71 .D466 1984x

De Mordaunt, Walter Julius. Julius! The Unauthorized Biography of my Great Grandfather. CT 245 .D45 1993

Derksen, Peter (Isaak). Es wurde wieder ruhig. Die Lebensgeschichte eines mennonitischen Predigers aus der Sowjetunion. BX 8143 .D471E8 1989x

Derksen, S. A. (Seymour A.). My Father’s House. CS 71 .D474 1980x

Derr, Arthur C. The Descendents of Peter Derr Born 1659, Erbstadt, Hesse, Germany. CS 71 .D47D47 1997.

Descendants of Brunz (Bruntz, or Bruns) Family. CS 71 .B787 1978x

The Descendants of George Bitterman, Sr., 1845-1928 CS 71 .B5772 1996

Descendants George I (Gottlieb) Wagner. CS 71 .W345 1993

DeWitz, Rowena "Pat" Gudny, Isabel Sattler, and Joan Reedy. Jacob and Barbara Max of Yankton, South Dakota and their Descendants. CS 71 .J33D49

*Diary of Anna Baerg 1916-1924. BX 8143 .B34A3

Dick, Gerhart. Franz Dick Family History. CS 71 .D524 1993

*Diel, Marion A. and Virginia L. Diel. Unto the Second and Third Generation. CS 71 .D534x

Diener, Ronald E. Dienerport Vol. 1, 2, 3, & 4. GR 151 (perm)

Dirk Family History the Rhineland, South Russia-Bessarabia, America 1800-1994. CS 71 .D57 1994

*Dirk Family History: The Rhineland, South Russia-Bessarabia, America 1800-1995. CS 71 .D57 1995

Dixson, Emma. Genealogy and History of the Descendants of Adam Frederick Holzwarth and Catherine Sauter of Rohrbach, South Russia. CS 71 .H6498x

Dmitriew, Helen. Surviving the Storms Memory of Stalin’s Tyranny. Translated by Cathleen A. McLintic and George Mendez G. DK 268.8 .D574 1992

Dobler, Gordon John. From Russia To America The Story of my Grandparents Gottlieb Jacob Dobler & Emilie Marie Buechler The Story of My Great Grandparents Christian Buechler & Barbara Zumbaum. CS 71 .D63

Dobler, Hugh H. Dobler Family From 1500 A. D. CS 71 .D62 1993

Dobler, Leopold. Sippe, Schulz-Weingärter aus Dennewitz Teplitz Alexanderfeld in Bessarabien. CS 71 .S56D63

Dockter, Gregory R. J. E. Dockter Family, Goodrich, North Dakota. CS 71 .D625 1994

Dockter, Gregory R. Johann Bonnet Familie aus Neudor. CS 71 .B666 1983x

Dockter, Gregory R. Mertz/Dockter Freundschaft au Beresina und Neudorf Sud-Russland . CS 71 .M4777 1988

Dockter, Mrs. Marvin. Jacob & Magdalena "Wagemann" Docter. CS71 .D63 2000

Dockter, Sandra R. Jacob Dockter/Magdalen Wagenmann Book I. CS 71 .D625 1988x

*Doherty, Eileen. Unsere Familie Einst Und Jetzt=Our Family Then and Now, the story of Anton Kinderknect and Anna Gerber. CS 71 .K55 1993

Dorland, Janet Kafton. The Reiswig Family Tree 1812-1987. CS 71 .R446 1987x

Dorn, Frederick, Pauline Schlegel Lehl, and ,Fred C Ortmann.. Autobiography of Frederick Dorn and His Family; The Genealogy of the Schultz Line; Autobiography.; Ortmann History. CS 71 .D676 1900zx

*Dossigny, Janet Lee (Lange). Genealogy of the Wiederspan Family. CS 71 .W534 1980

Dreuth, Marie Christine. Memories. CS 71 .D735x

Dreiling, Diann. Descendants of Johanus G. Vonfeldt (1824-1885) and Katherina Schmidtberger (1827-1896). CS 71 .V66 1992a

Dreiling, Diann. Frank A. Vonfeldt and Philomena Bieker Family Tree. CS 71 .V66 1992b

*Drescher, Steve. Extracts of Church Records for the Appelhans and Ailed Families: St. Lambertus Church Bechtheim, Rheinhessen, Germany 1676-1779. CS 71 .A67 2002.

*Dudek, Pauline Brungardt. The Legacy of Georg Andreas Brungardt and Elizabeth Barbara Pister. CS 71 .B785 1979x

*Dudek, Pauline Brungardt. A Voice From the Past: A History of the Heinrich H. Rehn Family. CS 71 .R435 1987

Dueck, Peter H. Abraham L. und Elisabeth Dueck und ihre Nachkommen, 1841-1965. CS 71 .D832 1965x

*Dyck, George. Kornelius Ens 1819-1884: A Record of His Descendants in Canada and the United States. CS 71 .E577 1988x

Dyck, Peter and John P. Dyck, editor. Troubles and Triumphs 1914-1924: Excerpts from the diary of Peter J. Dyck, Ladekopp, Molotschna colony, Ukraine. CT 275 .D9T768 1981x

Dyke, Sandralee. The Albrandt Family History. CS 71 .A38 1900zx

Eastwood, Harland, Jr. The Kanzler Scrapbook. CS 71 .K369 1986x

*Eastwood, Harland L., Jr. The Story of Henry Koch. CS 71 .K62 1991

*Ebel, Esther Eitzen Hiebert. The Family of Abraham Eitzen, 1830-1969. CS 71 .E479 1969x

Ebenezer Family History. CS 71 .E24 1991Oversize

Eckhardt Evans, Doris. Descendants of Johann Jakob Eckhardt: Born 15 Aug 1743, Nidda, Hesse, Holy Roman Empire. CS 71 .E24 1995x

Eckhart, Katherine, editor. Carl Henry Eckhart "A Homesteaders Son" (1895-1988), A Collection of Stories, Transcribed Recordings, Letters and Writings, by and about Carl H. Eckhart of Lincoln County, Washington State. CT 25 .E24 1990

Eckhart, Carl Henry. Carl Henry Eckhart "A Homesteader’s Son." CT 25 .E24 1990

*Eckman, Josephine Welder. Eckman-Harr Heritage Book. CS 71 .E32 1982

Eckman, Josephine Welder. Joseph Welder Heritage, 1630-1979. CS 71 .W44 1979x

Ediger, David G. The Family History of David G. Ediger. CS 71 .E33 1992

Edwards, Ernestine Ratcliffe. A Story of Two Tennessee Famililes. CS 71 .E26 1993

Egbert, Edna M. Dirks Family History. CS 71 .D57 1996

Ehrlich, Clara Hilderman. My Prairie Childhood. CT 226 .E37 A3

Ehrlich Family History, Shattuck, Oklahoma. CS 71 .E374 1979x

*Ehrlich, Johannes. The Letters from Russia. CT 235 .A4 E3 1991x

*Eichman, Isabel. Family History of Katherina Elizabeth and Henry Reinhardt. CS 71 .R4454 1994b

*Eichstaedt, Helen. Alla Lizzie. E 184 .R85E38 1995

1892-1992 Centennial Brott Reunion: Driving Tour. CS 71 .B768 1992

* T. Biography of Theophil and Frieda Ricker. CS 71 .R524 198lx

Eisenbeis, Clyde T. Eisenbeisz Family Genealogy CS 71 . E353 1984x

Eisenbeis, Clyde T. Eisenbeisz Family History and Genealogy. CS 71 .E353 1988x. Second Edition

Eisenbeis, Clyde T. and Albert Eisenbeiß, Dennis Eisenbeis, Henri Eisenbeis. Eisenbeiß Family History & Genealogy. CS 71 .E353 1998. 5th Edition

Eisenbeis, Clyde T. and Albert Eisenbeiß, Dennis Eisenbeis, Henri Eisenbeis. Eisenbeiß Family History & Genealogy. CS 71 .E353 2001. 6th Edition

Ekk, John. Heinrich Cornelius Ekk Family and Descendants. CS 71 .E455 1979x

Elsasser, Rosa I. Family Tree of Konrad Ochs. CS 71 .0165 1978x

Elsasser, Rosa I. Family Tree of Philip Schneider. CS 71 .S361 1979x

Engbrecht, Nita M. (Nita Marlene). In Memory of David Engbrecht, 1824-1908 and Maria Woelk Engbrecht, 1829-1902. CS 71 .E56274 1983

Engel, Joseph and Catherine Younger. Two Pioneers in America. CS 71 .T86E54 1949

Ennis, Theresa Rose Wegner. Our Forefathers and Family As Was Told to Me by My Mother. CS 71 .W424 1978x

Enns, Harold J. A Dutch Connection: A Descendant of Russian-Mennonites Discovers Ensz Family Origins in 16th Century Holland. CS 71 .E578 1991

Ensminger, Raymond. Jakob Ensminger (1852-1924) Family History Newsletter. CS 71 .E575 1982x

Ensz, Edgar. The Claass Epp Genealogy 1700-1992. CS 71 .C52 1992

Ensz, Virgina A. Heinrich Thimm Genealogy and Family History. CS 71 .T56 .E6 1996

Epp, Elsie H. Friesen. Episodes of the Prairie Pioneers. Five Branches From the Family Tree of Heinrich Epp: Heinrich, Cornelius, Peter, Johann, Gerhard. CS 71 .E66 1991

Epp, David. John B. Towes,editor and translator. The Diaries of David Epp 1837-1843 BX 8143 .E75A3 2000

Epp, David H. Johann Cornies. BX 8143 .C67E66 1995

*Epp, Johann. Epp Family History. CS 71 .E66 1900zx

Epp, Michael J. The Deckert Story. CS 71 .D424 1984x

Esau, Elma E. Russia Letters. CS 71 .R87E83

Eslinger, Clara A. Genealogy and Lineage of the Zwicker-Brieher-Helfenstein Families. CS 71 .Z842 1970x

Evans, Doris. Andreas Eckhardt of Frank, Russia. CS 71 .E24 1992

Ewert, Maria Julianna Franz. The Peter Ewert Family Genealogy 1800-1970 . OVERSIZE CS 71 .E937x

Excerpts of Lehn Family Diary. CS 71 .L435 1900zx

*Faiman, Elizabeth Claus. Our People CS 71 .C528 1969x

Family Directory, July 1994: Descendants of Rev. Nicolai and Meta Clara Nahnman. CS 71 .B33 1994

Family Histories. CS 71 .S754 1981x.

"The Family of Michael Still" by Doug Still

"Treasured Memories and Life History of Bertha Rast Jones" Bertha Rast Jones

"The Legacy of the Allan ‘Zerrs’" by Edward Zerr

"Mary Elizabeth Gieswein: My Mother, A German From Russia" by Nettie M. Dawson

*Family Histories. CS 71 .S764 1900zx

Contents: "Peter Stoll Family" by Harold Stoll

"George Bechthold Family" by Harold Stoll

"Jacob and Elizabeth Wilhelm Family" by Lonna Malone

"Flight From Terror by Barbara" Christy Wagner.

*Family Histories. CS 71 .Z577 1978.

Ch. A: "Our Family" by Katie Hepfner Wittkas (Hepfner family)

Ch. B" "The Otto Family" by Mrs. Ruth Anderson Lyons

Ch. C "The Zitterkopf Glassmaker Families" in Breitenborn (Hessische Familienkunde) by Heinrich P. Göbel

Ch. D missing

Ch. E. "The History of the Hertz Family who Pioneered and settled in Neuberg, Russia." by Henry Hertz

Ch. F. "The Olenbergers" by Carl F. Olenberger

Ch. G. "Life Story of Gottlieb Martsch" as told to Viola Hawkes

Ch. H "The Descendants of Frederick and Amalia Rupp"

Ch. J. "The Life of Jake Schlagel" by Jake Schlagel

Ch. K. "Old Records" by G.P. Siegfried (Siegfried family)

Ch. L. "Ackermann Family Record" by Henry Ackermann

Ch. M "Fritzler History" by Paul Fritzler

Ch. N "The Biography of Florian Becker and Barbara Leibel’ by A. Becker

Family Histories, Ganje Familien Chronik. CS 71 .G364 1900zx

*The Family History: Sonnenberg’s. CS 71 .S61 1982

Family Record of John Wahl and Margaret Engelhardt. CS 71 .W34 1900zx

Family Reunion of George Adam and Margaret Karst, June 9, 1996 . CS 71 .K377 1996

Faiman, Elizabeth Claus. Our People. CS 71 .C528 1969x

Farina, Geraldine Fay. The Kraft Family History . CS 71 .K723 1983x

*Fast, Irma Ross. The George Ross Family. CS 71 .R677 1972x

Feicker, Hilda. The Life Story of Karl Wacker. CT 260 .W115 1935x

*Feickert, Viola. John George Feickert. CS 71 .F443 1978x

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