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2015 AHSGR Convention
Storytelling Contest

An exciting component of every convention is to learn who the winners of the Society Storytelling Contest are and to hear their stories. This year is no exception and we anticipate another group of excellent stories to be submitted.

If you are interested in entering AHSGR's Storytelling Contest, here is what we're looking for...A good, interesting, unpublished story that pertains to the history, culture, folklore, language, or life experiences of the Germans from Russia.  Examples:

  • Memories of village life in the Old Country (festivals, food ways, visits by Gypsies)
  • Stories about immigration to the New World (the Great voyage, Ellis Island, early hardships)
  • “Believe it or not” stories, ghosts stories, humorous stories, inspiring stories, etc.


  1. Each entry must follow the following format or it will be disqualified:
  •  Typewritten , double-spaced, and in clear, dark print on 8 Vi x 11” white paper with one (1”) margins, in standard 12 point font/type.

  • If using computer, submit in Word Perfect, MS-Word, or RTF not PDF documents.

  • No story can be longer then (5) typewritten pages.

  • Contestants may submit as many stories as they wish, but each entry must be separate and accompanied by a separate and completed entry form.

  • Send five (5) printed copies of each story.

  • ·Send CD of Flash Drive (if possible) which includes: 1) your story, 2)any pictures that enhance the story (in jpg format), 3) a short biography of yourself as author, and 4) a picture of yourself.

  • Photos should be 300 dpi and unedited. If unable to send original photos in jpg, send physical copy of photo to be scanned.

  • You will be notified via e-mail upon receipt of your packet.

  1. The name of the author/submitter should NOT appear on the story itself.  Complete the ENTRY FORM (SPANISH FORM) (RUSSIAN FORM) (GERMAN FORM) and attach to your entry with a paper clip.  Upon receipt, each story will be assigned a reference number (to assure fair and impartial judging).
  2. Entrants who are 14 years old or younger must indicate their current age and their full birth date (month/day/year). These individuals will be entered in the "Youth Division."  All entrants 15 years old or older will be judged in the "Adult Division."
  3. The title of the story should appear that enhance the story on the first page of each entry.
  4. Each story must deal with some aspect of the Germans from Russia.  To help put your story in context, you might want to begin with something like - "This story is based on an actual incident that tool place about 1890, in the Volga village of Straub.  The story was often told by my grandfather who was born in Straub in 1875 and who immigrated to the United States in 1970."
  5. If submitting a story in dialect German or Standard German, a full translation (in English) must be included.  Both versions must still be within the 5-page limit.
  6. Each entry must represent the story of/by the entrant.
  7. Submitted copies of the story will not be returned.
  8. All stories will be evaluated by a sub-committee of 3-4 AHSGR members.  Entries will be evaluated using a score sheet and the final results will be announced at the upcoming AHSGR Convention.  Three  prizewinners and one or more "Honorable Mention" winners are possible in both the Adult and the Youth Divisions.

All Entries must be received by MAY 15, 2015.  Entries received after that date cannot be considered.

  • Adult Division (15 years or older)

  • First Place Award - $100.00

  • Second Place Award - $75.00

  • Third Place Award - $50.00

(Awards for ties will be prorated)

Honorable Mentions are also possible

Youth Division (14 years or younger)

First place Award - $50.00
Second Place Award - $30.00
Third Place Award - $20.00

(An AHSGR Youth membership will be included with each of the above awards)

Honorable Mentions are also possible


Contest Registration Forms and Instructions






Please send the entry form, along with 5 printed copies of your story, a copy on a CD or Flash Drive (if possible), any pictures that enhance the story, a short biography and a picture of yourself, to:

AHSGR Storytelling Contest
631 D Street
Lincoln, NE  68502-1199



Winners of the 2014 Storytelling Contest

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Second Place

Third Place