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AHSGR is dedicated to carrying out the mission established when it was founded in discovering, collecting, preserving, researching, and disseminating information and data on our ancestors who settled in the Volga, Black Sea, and Volhynian areas of the former Russian Empire.  The cost of getting information from Russia and Ukraine is becoming more expensive and requires more funds in addition to their translation and publication.  Maintaining the headquarters facility that houses our archives, extensive genealogical and historical collections, and a world class library has become more expensive with rising energy costs, printing costs, postal rates, maintenance, etc. While these costs have increased, our dues have remained at the same level for over two decades.

Your past responses in identifying what you think is important has enabled us to increase our collection of information from Russia and Ukraine, translate and publish increased amounts of historical, genealogical, and cultural information. While the Endowment Fund managed by IFAHSGR has been most valuable in providing needed funding for AHSGR programs coupled with membership dues and additional donations from members such as you, additional funds are needed if we are to continue to carry out our mission at a high level.

Please join us in providing additional financial support to your organization.  Below you will find a form that describes the various designations for your donation. Using it, please seriously consider contributing money now so that we can better serve you and provide the continued support to research our ancestry during 2012 and the years beyond. 

Thank you for your consideration and support of AHSGR.

The following support categories are offered for your consideration in making a donation:

  • ENDOWMENT FUND: Established in a restricted account with the interest earned used to provide general support of programs and activities of AHSGR.

  • OPERATING FUND: Provide direct general support programs and activities of AHSGR.

  • MEMBERSHIP SUPPORT: Enables AHSGR to undertake programs to recruit new members.

  • PUBLICATIONS: Provides support for the translation and publication of genealogical, historical, and cultural information related to Germans from Russia.

  • ARTHUR FLEGEL LIVING LEGACY: A matching fund program providing support for high priority programs and activities of AHSGR.  Established to honor Arthur Flegel's name and contributions to AHSGR.

  • OTHER: May be designated be YOU for a specific purpose.

If you would like to make a DONATION to any one of these categories, click HERE to download a donation form.


2012 Spring Annual Appeal Letter
(Click on letter to download)

2012 Spring Annual Appeal Letter
(Click on letter to download)