charitable gift annuities

Have you thought of charitable giving as a one-way journey for your money?  It doesn’t have to be!  You can make a gift to the International Foundation of AHSGR and actually have an income stream paid back to you and receive income tax benefits at the same time. 

A Charitable Gift Annuity from our Foundation can give donors enhanced after-tax income for the rest of their lives. With the Charitable Gift Annuity, donors do two things at once: Make a charitable gift, and secure a fixed-rate lifetime income. The IRS allows a charitable contribution income tax deduction, part of the lifetime income is tax-free, and if the Gift Annuity is funded with appreciated property, a portion of the capital gains tax liability is avoided. Additionally, the Gift Annuity passes outside of the estate, so there are no probate costs or estate tax consequences.

Please see the brochure below for more details on charitable gift annuities, or call the AHSGR office, 402-474-3363, for more details.