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VC Newsletter Editor Thelma Mills

Ährenfeld / Aehrenfeld, Saratov, Volga

Aehrenfeld Web Site ~ with the village of Kratzke

Brent Mai M160 / L

Fellow Researchers:

From this Village Coordinator for Kratzke, it has been a busy year. Bob Berschauer in California graciously maintains the main Kratzke/Ährenfeld website listed above.

I have received approximately 200 requests for information from those doing research on the families from Kratzke and its daughter colony of Ährenfeld. (Ährenfeld is also a daughter colony of many Dietel, Kautz, and Merkel families, so there is a lot of overlap in research among those colonies.) There are too many to keep an exact count, but I receive 3-5 a week (the majority via email). Most of the questions come from Canadian and U.S. addresses, but there were several from individuals who now live in Germany and a couple from those who now live in Argentina and Brazil. It is exciting to hear from these far-away places! A special thanks goes to Dr. Dona Reeves-Marquardt of Austin, Texas, who provides most of the German translations work necessary for some of these communiqués!!

It was a pleasure to speak personally again with Dr. Igor Pleve during the AHSGR Conference in Modesto this past May. 

The only outstanding Kratzke-related research for which we still await is for the Deines family (which originally migrated to Dönhof, and later resettled to Kratzke).

There has not been a lot of newly acquired information from Russia this year. To-date, the following information is available:

  • Nearly complete charts (founding through about 1855) for the following Kratzke families:

    Deines (includes Kratzke, Norka, & Dönhof)
    Krug (includes Kratzke & Dietel)
    Mai (includes Kratzke & Holstein)
    Maier/Meier (includes Kratzke, Dönhof, Shcherbakovka, & Merkel)
    Schwien (includes Kratzke & Holstein)

  • Complete or partial charts for the following Ährenfeld families:


  • Because of its relationship to Ährenfeld, complete charts for the following families from Eckheim have also been acquired:


  • Census information is available from Kratzke for the following dates and families:

1767 all families

1798 all families

1834 Gideon, Gross/Grohs, Jaeger, Kindsvater, Mueller, Schroeder, Templing

1850 Bender, Blehm/Blahm, Boxberger, Deines, Dietz, Fabrizius, Knaus, Krug, Mai, Michaelis, Schneider

1857 Gideon, Gross/Grohs, Jaeger, Kindsvater, Mueller, Schroeder, Templing

  • Because of their relatedness to the families from Kratzke and Ährenfeld, I also have census data for the following:

1834 Blehm/Blahm families living in Shcherbakovka

 Blehm/Blahm families living in Dobrinka

Deines families living in Dönhof

Suppes families living in Hussenbach

Jung families living in Dietel

1850 Blehm/Blahm families living in Shcherbakovka

Blehm/Blahm families living in Dobrinka

1857 Deines families living in Franzosen & Dönhof

Mai & Schneider families living in Eckheim

Blehm/Blahm families living in Strassburg

Jung families living in Dietel

Kindsvater families living in Dietel

Foos families in Merkel

It is a pleasure to work with other researchers on putting all of this information together! Thank you!

Alexandertal (Neu-Schilling), Saratov, Volga

Alexandertal Web Site

Richard A. Kraus K056

During this year, I accomplished the following:

  • I uncovered a few more Alexandertal descendants
  • I made some updates to our web site
  • I used DNA to prove the relationship between the Stahl-am-Karaman, Dönhof, Unterdorf, and Alexandertal Kraus families.

We had three Alexandertal searchers attend Village Night at the Modesto Convention where our meeting was combined with our mother village, Schilling.

Alt-Danzig, Kirovograd

Curt Renz R002

Combined report for Alt-Danzig and Neu-Danzig:

During this past year, I have completed the following projects:

  • Photocopied and extracted all births, marriages, and deaths from the St. Petersburg Consistory records that pertained to those Alt Danzig families found in these villages: Josephsthal, Elisabethgrad, and Alt Danzig.
  • Photocopied and extracted all births, marriages, and deaths from the St. Petersburg Consistory records that pertained to those Neu Danzig families found in these villages: Nikolayev and Neu Danzig.
  • Updated all Alt Danzig and Neu Danzig family groupings and published them on under Collections - Village Compilations - Renz Compilations.

Bangert, Samara, Volga

Paul E. Koehler K287 / L

There were no inquiries this past year for the village of Bangert. I do have 5389 entries in the Bangert database.

The Village Night at the Modesto Convention was combined with the Stahl am Tarlyk table and it was a lively session.

In the village file at the Lincoln Headquarters, there is a copy of the Brudershaft (Brotherhood prayer meetings), 272 years of history. This religious activity was mostly about our ancestors’ lives along the Volga River. I made this presentation at the Convention and about 100 people attended. 

This past year, 103-year-old Fred Bork passed away in St. Joseph, Michigan. He had donated a pair of felt boots to the Lincoln Museum a few years ago. These boots had been made in Bangert and brought to America by his uncle. 

Bergdorf, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson

Map 2, Quadrant B-4, 47 20 N 29 34 E

See Glückstal Colonies Research Association

Borodino, Bessarabia

Borodino Web Sites:



Judy Remmick-Hubert H048

I have been very fortunate to have so many people helping me with my Borodino, Bessarabia web sites. They have sent family histories, history, photographs, and corrections. Therefore, I want to thank everyone, especially Ingrid Reule and Alfred Hein, who have given me hours of their time.

Alfred has sent me all kinds of photographs. His collection of the Heimatmusceum de Deutscha aus Bessarabien in Stuttgart gives us a view of the many items you can see when you visit .

Ingrid’s son has set up her own web site, but she still sends pages of new data. Go to “R” in my Borodino, Bessarabia Genealogy Site linked above.

My two web sites are found are found at the links above.

If you have anything to add or think some item needs to be corrected, do not hesitate to contact me.

If you'd like to see my personal history go to my directory and click on any of the subjects and you'll find a great deal of information which you might find interesting.

Again, thanks everyone.

Brunnental, Samara, Volga

Brunnental Web Site


Sherrie Gettman Stahl S621 / L

This year has been a very busy year for me. Last October we moved from our home in Portland, put everything in storage, and moved to our beach home in Manzanita, Oregon. During midweek, we come to Portland and live on our 43' powerboat. Therefore, I'm currently commuting back and forth, with a computer in each location. Daily, I get inquiries from those who have roots in Brunnental. In between inquiries, I work on the Brunnental Data Bank, which now has over 25,000 individuals.

Last year I subscribed to, and began the task of going through every entry in my database trying to extract all relevant US CENSUS information (1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930). This often gives me additional family information (example: children or other relatives that I didn't know about, new birth dates, new birth places which gives me hints on where they lived at various years). This is an ongoing project and has become a treasure trove of new information. As I discover new facts, I try to contact families who have been in contact with me previously, so that we can share this new data.

I'm also searching on for SSDI (Social Security Death
Index) information. Many states have birth & death indexes (example: California, Oregon, and Washington), which sometimes give additional information such as mother's maiden name, spouse’s name, exact birth or death dates, etc. All of this new information has helped us match up families and further our research. I also search at for newspaper or periodical index information, and I am finding great articles in newspapers across the country. Another great source has been the Ellis Island site showing passenger list information (I can search by the name of the village in Russia, i.e.:  Brunnental, Brunnenthal, Brunnendal, etc.). Another interesting new source of information on has been the WWI Draft Registration (c.1918) Records. This has provided new data such as birth date, birthplace, address where they were living, next of kin and relationship, etc.

Weekly, I write letters to "new found" family members who I discover while doing the above projects. Some answer back and some do not, but I've added a lot of new information using this technique and continue to reach out to new contacts. I keep a special listing of all those that have email addresses and are researching Brunnental. If anything new pops up, I can contact everyone with the new information.

I've also started two new compilations of data for Brunnental:

1) Passenger Listings by date for all those from Brunnental
2) Naturalization Records by name for all those from Brunnental

Last year we also started a LISTSERV, which is an online discussion group for those researching their ancestors from Brunnental. You can join online by sending a message to the server, and then you can easily post a message to the entire group.

We got off to a good start, but I have noticed that participation has slackened off in the last few months. I find that people email me directly and don't always want to share their information online, where it can be viewed by the public. You can read about this new listserv and join by check out this link:

We have a web site, which includes the following items:

1) Artifacts of Brunnental
2) Passenger Lists of those leaving Brunnental
3) Back issues of the Brunnental Newsletter (still available)
4) Five past issues of the Brunnental Newsletter online
5) Village History and Interviews
6) Surnames and Family History
7) Maps
8) Locating Relatives (queries)

Old & New Records from Brunnental

We currently have for sale the Re-Settlement Records for Brunnental ($10) showing those who left the villages of Kolb, Walter, and Norka and resettled in Brunnental (these records are from Russia). We have some records of those who left Frank, but those records are extracted are from the Surname Charts, which had been created for particular surnames. We are currently collecting these and hope that in the future we get the original records from Russia.

The most exciting news of the year is finding the Church Confirmation Records for Brunnental. We have just translated these records and will be offering them for sale in the near future. The exciting thing about these records is that they show the name, birth date, confirmation date, and the name of the father! I have looked through them, and they are "exact matches" to our Brunnental Data Bank, giving us new hope that our data is correct. These are the first official church records we have found for the village, and it give us great hope that more church records are found in Russia. As soon as these records are available, we will post information on our website and email everyone. (If you've changed your email address, please email me with an update!)

Cäsarsfeld, Samara, Volga (destroyed 1774)

David F. Schmidt S422

Last year, I received no contacts or inquiries for Cäsarsfeld. This village was destroyed or abandoned in the 18th century, and there are few families that can trace their origins back to this village or that identify themselves with it. In the years th havat Ie served as Village Coordinator, only one or two families whose ancestors formerly lived in Cäsarsfeld have contacted me.

Cäsarsfeld typically is listed as having been destroyed by the Kirghiz in 1774. However, Dr. Pleve has mentioned archival records indicating that Cäsarsfeld actually was abandoned later due to unproductive soil, like other colonies on the Little Karaman River. The 1798 census entries for neighboring colonies, which list colonists that formerly resided in Cäsarsfeld, seem to bear this out. Judging from the 1798 census entries, Cäsarsfeld may have been abandoned sometime after 1780. One future research goal is to document the true date and reason for abandonment of Cäsarsfeld.

My personal goal for 2005 is to create web pages for the three villages that I coordinate: Boaro, Cäsarsfeld, and Stahl am Karaman.

Dinkel, Saratov, Volga

Leroy Nikolaisen N017

The assistance given to the following items during the past year seem to be the usual flow of information for a year. There is not much action for Dinkel, a village that had a population of 3200 at its peak.

  • Between six and eight inquiries were answered regarding surnames from Dinkel.
  • Three booklets covering the history and geography of Dinkel were sold.
  • I am still waiting for the chart of my family ordered from Russia.

Dönhof, Saratov, Volga

Karen Kaiser K247

Richard & Judy Leffler

Submitted by Dick & Judy Leffler.

The year 2004 was a little slower than usual for requests received from people researching their ancestors from Dönhof. We had exactly nine requests this year and answered all of them as well as we could from the data we have available.

Attendance at the AHSGR convention in Modesto was also smaller than usual, but we did get to meet two researchers from the new chapter in Las Vegas. It was also nice to see and hear Dr. Pleve speak. 

Work continues on our database, however at a snail's pace. We now have 6640 individuals entered in it. I am sure this will increase when the SOAR project is completed. The good news is there are now five charts on order, so when they arrive, there will be a lot more data available. The surnames for the charts that are on order are WOLF, LIND, ERBES, STOLL, and KURTZ.

Submitted by Karen Kaiser.

I have received a few inquiries from Dönhof researchers, and I continue to work on building a database of obituaries, etc. I have also been working on updating files.

As I mentioned in last year’s report, my husband and I moved a German-Russian church in Sterling, Colorado, that was built in 1906. We have spent this last year restoring the inside of the church, but it continues to be a work in progress. Now that the church is mostly restored, I plan to spend this next year collecting pictures, family histories, and other memorabilia that would document the early German-Russian history of the church and it’s congregation. I am in search of German hymnals and bibles from the early years and would appreciate any donations.

One of the most interesting parts of the restoration came as we were scraping paint in the sanctuary. As my son and I scraped, we found blue paint and beautiful old stenciling and stippling between the windows and on the altar of the church. The stenciling had since turned to a dark brown, but I believe it was gold at one time. I have inquired into the history of the decoration, but no one knew it was there. I traced the stenciling pattern and we took pictures of the placement of the patterns. I plan to restore the stenciling. If anyone knows if this was a common practice of decoration in German-Russian churches, please let me know.

Our son was the first to be married in the church since we restored it. His wedding was May 1. We have had one other wedding and a renewal of vows since then. We have had a few visitors, mostly people from the Sterling area. The church will have its 100th anniversary in 2006, and we have been asked if our current church might have services in the old church. We would be honored to do so. I plan on compiling pictures of the move and restoration and sending those to the coordinators online.

Dreispitz, Saratov, Volga

Dreispitz Web Site

Submitted by Ardath Herbel

I have answered about 10-12 queries this past year. When I couldn't answer the questions, I was sometimes able to connect the person making the query with someone who was researching the same name.

I have not received any new information to add to my data bank. I'm hoping that people will let me know when they have new information and are willing to contribute it to our present data.

Enders, Samara, Volga

Randi Bolyard

This year, I commissioned someone to go to Enders and check for Volga Germans who still lived in the village. I requested that she ask them genealogy questions about themselves and anyone about whom they had knowledge. I also asked her to look at the cemetery and record the names and dates of any Volga Germans there.

The families that are still living in the village have the surnames: ARNOLD and LUTSOW. Ancestors of the Arnold family are named Mitelstadt (sp?), born close to Zitomir, Ukraine. Ancestors of the Lutsow family are named Miller.

There were families that moved to Germany. These included the families of BIEHL, BORGARDT, SHRAM, ZIMMERMAN, LUTSOW, and RUSCH.

There is a cemetery near Enders. It has the following surnames: MILLER, EHLERT, SHRAM, EGER, and BORGARDT. I cannot claim to be 100% sure of the spellings. If someone has ideas about alternative spellings, please let me know.

I have additional data on the cemetery and on some of the people still living in Enders. I also have pictures of some of the headstones. If anyone has an interest, I can scan check to see if I have a picture of the headstone and scan it to him or her.

I have received a number of inquiries this year about Enders and have corresponded rather extensively with some of these folks. Some have sent me pictures and other data, for which I am grateful.

I have moved since my last report. My new street address and email address are listed at the top of this report.

Fischer, Saratov, Volga

Fischer Web Site

Roger A. Toepfer T095

Proem (Reiterate of 2003 Report)

 The interchange/exchange of data and general assistance for Fischer / Herzog continues to be handled through the Fischer and Herzog web sites. This has been a suitable method of assisting researchers and our fellow members.

I receive many queries for members of other villages, and we attempt to assist them by posting their queries on the queries page on our site.

Coordination and Support for Fischer and Herzog

This has been another slow year regarding help with data requests from family relations in Germany. Requests are still pending.

Query Support

In the 2003 report, I reported that we had received 9012 visits to the Fischer / Katharinenstadt site since January 1, 1999 (Site statistics are provided by Jerry Braun, Webmeister for the Herzog web site). The visitor count now reads 10637. This is an increase of 1625 in visits from last year. This is why I believe that the use of the website for coordination is very effective. This year there were 18 requests for family research, about 5% less than last year.

Some of the surnames and their villages listed in these queries are: Hermann (no village listed); Lap, Fuss (no village listed); Henniger, Weltz (from Brazil); Stoh, Wormsbecher, Karlin, Meis, Sanders (from Katharinenstadt); Lackmann, Batt, Bangert, Ring, Foos, Michael, Fleger, Lind, Weinmeister (all from Dietel); Houtz (from Boaro); Hirschfeld, DeChants, Urbans (from the Volga Region); Dreiling, Schueler, Sanders, Bissing (all from Catherine, Kansas); Starkel/Staerkel, Diehl/Thiel (no village listed).

The queries of the surnames noted above can be found within the Fischer/Katharinenstadt web site by clicking on the links Please Sign In, View Guestbook, or Our Query Page. We provided data about family connections, ancestral data, and help on how and where to search for further information. All of the queries were answered, but not necessarily solved! If any of these families are of interest to you, please visit these pages for further brief. Follow the link to the Fischer web site listed above and then click onto either Our Query Page or View Guestbook.

VC Information Exchange Surname Searches

The following web sites have a very comprehensive listing of surnames and the name of the person who purchased these searches:

  • Herzog Home Page: Jerry Braun
  • Mariental Home Page: Tony Leiker
  • OberMonjou Home Page: Kevin Rupp
  • The Fischer/Katharinenstadt Home Page: Roger Toepfer

All are invited to log on and review the listings. It could save you a good deal of time and money upon learning that a list you are about to order has already been researched. We are willing to help you in the searches of our ancestry, history, and notable heritage.

The web site addresses can be found on the AHSGR Villages pages on this site.

Frank, Saratov, Volga

Combined report for Brunnental, Frank, and Kolb submitted by Doris Evans.

Brunnental Web Site


Frank Web Site

Frank Mail List

Frank Russia Village Coordinator

Doris Eckhardt Evans E094 / L

Brunnental Village Coordinator

Sherrie Gettman Stahl S621 / L

Honorary Historian & VC for Frank & Brunnental

Gerda Stroh Walker W002 / L

Kolb Russia Village Coordinators

Sarah (Kanzler) Hammarstrom H419

Thelma (Koch) Sprenger S653 / L

Doris Eckhardt Evans E094 / L

Honorary Historian & VC for Kolb

Pauline Dudek D018 / L

Galka, Saratov, Volga

Submitted by Jayne Wunsch Dye:

Galka was founded in the 1760's on the Bergsite of the Volga.

Merrill Yonkin, the other Galka village coordinator, planned to attend the Modesto convention and will have the information about what occurred there in regard to Galka and Village Night.

Here is my contribution:

Last year I finished and printed the English translation of Maximilian Praetorius' Doctoral Thesis in Economic History related to Galka. It was available at the convention in Modesto but no copies were purchased. It has been sent out this year to several interested persons and there are currently four copies on order waiting until I get back home.

One copy went to a Professor (History of Economics) at Waseda University in Japan who was writing a paper on Galka this year. He used the English version as one of his sources and did compliment me on it - after he had already read the original version in German. I have not seen his paper, published since the last VC reports, which is in Japanese in any case.

There has been sporadic interest in Galka and three new researchers this year. I help all I can by connecting people with other searchers looking for the same surnames. I have not uncovered a lot of new information. Eldon Laubhan’s book came out and does mention some Galka-born persons, descendents, and also some from Galka who went to Erlenbach. This was very interesting and new information to me.

I have made several new contacts this year. This has been very helpful.  I have also received pictures and letters from my own father's family descendents who are now in Germany.

Best of luck to all searchers and VCs.

Submitted by Dorothy and Merrill Younkin:

The inquiries this year for the Galka village has been the about the same as for the past several years. There was one significant exchange of information from a person living in Maine about the Germans from Russia who were sugar beet farmers in Colorado. I was able to provide information about her relatives who lived in that area.

I continue to support the efforts of The Lower Volga Villages Sheets and thank Rolene Kiesling for continuing the effort of Kathy O’Malley in publishing this newsletter. I believe this newsletter provides valuable information about Galka and surrounding villages of Dreispitz, Dobrinka, Holstein, and Schwab.

I am now spending time reviewing records of the inquiries from past years to determine if there may be some benefit to making some kind of a follow up. I have had some repeat requests for additional information, but I often wonder if the information we are providing is accomplishing the long-range goals of AHSGR.

My plans for attending the Modesto Convention were cancelled at the last minute due to recurring medical problems. I was looking forward to this convention.

As Village Coordinator for Galka, I will continue to be active in supporting this effort for AHSGR.

Glückstal Colonies Research Association

Includes colonies: Bergdorf, Glückstal, Kassel, Neudorf, Grigoriopol, and Hoffnungstal

Glueckstal Web site

Margaret Freeman F052 / L

The year 2004 was a banner year for the Glückstal Colonies Research Association; a group organized to research and preserve the history, genealogy and folklore of the Glückstal colonies of Glückstal, Neudorf, Bergdorf, and Kassel, and their daughter colonies. The Glückstalers of New Russia and North America, A Collection of History, Genealogy and Folklore, an 800 page book was published by the Glückstal Bicentennial Committee and presented at the Germans from Russia Heritage Convention in July. The accompanying documentary, Heaven is our Homeland, the Glückstalers of New Russia and North America, premiered on the West Coast during the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Convention in Modesto. The Midwestern premier took place several weeks later on July 21 in Bismarck, in front of an overflow crowd at the State Historical Society of North Dakota Auditorium, and was cosponsored by the State Historical Society of North Dakota and GCRA.

Ron Vossler, with assistance from Jan and Thomas Stengl, Allyn Brosz, Barbara Horn and James Klein wrote the documentary script. Road Show Productions produced it for GCRA, with Bob Dambach and Homer Rudolf as executive producers. Allyn Brosz was narrator for the documentary and Ryan Schumacher was the graphic designer for the DVD and VHS jacket.

Many thanks to the Bicentennial Committee, under the direction of Homer Rudolf, Ph. D., chairman, and Harold Ehrman, desktop publisher. In addition to the 800 page book, there are 2 CDs that contain an additional 2000 pages of information. The committee included: Jan Huber Stangl, Thomas Stangl, James Klein, Allyn Brosz, Sally Gross Sologuk, Barbara Geiger Horn, Gwen Pritzkau, Penny Raile, and Margaret Freeman. Additional support came from Rev. Ross Merkel, computer preparation by Richard Sandmeier, genealogy preparation by Herb Tabert, and Russian translations by Donn Koenig.

Ordering information for the book and documentary is available at the website listed at the top of this report. Our website is popular and received many “hits” this year, reports web master Penny Raile. GCRA maintains a List serve at the NDSU site. Information regarding participation in the List serve is available from the GCRA address or by writing to me at the email address above.

The twice a year the GCRA Newsletter continues, now publishing 64 pages of research information and Glückstal colonies news annually. Sally Sologuk has generously taken on the editorship of the newsletter.

Another huge task, the managing of finances, has been taken over by Gary Schlaht.

Our 2004 accomplishments are truly a result of our working together to achieve the goal of celebrating the 200th anniversary of the establishment of our Glückstal Colonies.

Glückstal, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson

Glueckstal Web site

Margaret Freeman F052 / L

Glueckstal Colonies Database

See Glückstal Colonies Research Association

Glückstal Daughter Colonies

See Glückstal Colonies Research Association

Gnadenfeld, (Neu-Moor/Moor), Samara, Volga

Gnadenfeld Web Site

Irma A. Waggoner W098

Gnadenfeld is a small daughter colony on the Wiesenseite of the Volga, formed from the mother colonies of Moor, Balzar, Hussenbach, Norka, Dönhof, and others.

Due to the small population of Gnadenfeld, I do not receive many requests for information. Occasionally I get an inquiry from someone researching Gnadenfeld, Bessarabia, Russia.

I have four people wishing to purchase 1857 Gnadenfeld census records from Russia, but have received no response from Russia when I email regarding these records.

I continue to collect surnames from Gnadenfeld and Moor, including ship records, declarations of intent, naturalization records, census records, and obituaries.

Since I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, I am available to look up information at AHSGR for researchers.

Graf, Samara, Volga

Kevin Rupp R311 / L

As with my other villages, I still get a few inquires from these colonies.

Most of my spare time has been used to compile the 1873 family listing of Katharinenstadt, which I hope to have done soon so that I may concentrate more on my regular colonies. I am in contact with a family from Louis, Russia, who has sent me a few items on the Pink family. I still have the 1893 family list of Graf that I need to compile.

It is good to see that other Village Coordinators are getting census data out of Russia.

Grimm, Saratov, Volga

Grimm Web Site

Grimm Mail List

Ken Leffler L259

This year was again a slow year for data on the Volga village of Grimm (Lesnoi Karamysch). There are 114 surname charts on order from Russia. These charts are not among the charts that were committed to be delivered by the end of the year 2004. I was told that these charts will be delivered in 2005.

Through the hard work of Grimmers John Groh, working with Luydmila Koretnikova from Volvograd, we did receive some village meeting data and some birth and baptism records from the late 1800s. Thanks to Dona Reeves Marquardt and Lyle Hettinger, most of the German script and Russian have been translated, while some are still being translated.

Please excuse the tardiness of this report and any typing errors. I suffered a major stroke on August 10th and am still in the recovery process. Thanks to all the Grimmers who sent cards, messages, and prayers my way during this time. Lets hope that 2005 will be a better year for us.

Güldendorf, Grossliebental, Odessa, Kherson

Curt Renz R002

I have completed the following projects during this past year:

  • Extracted births, marriages, and deaths for Güldendorf family members recorded in the St. Petersburg Consistory records concerning families that have moved to the daughter colonies of: Annental, Eigenfeld, Gnadenfeld, Lichtenfeld, and Wilhelmstal.

  • Found approximately a dozen obituaries for those having Güldendorf connections born in Russia and added these to my files.

  • Updated all Güldendorf family groupings and published them on  under Collections - Village Compilations - Renz Compilations.

Herzog, Saratov, Volga

Roger A. Toepfer T095

Jerry Braun B489 / L

See Fischer village for combined report.

Hoffnungstal, Akkerman, Bessarabia

Curt Renz R002

During this past year, I have completed the following:

  • Found additional obituaries for those having Hoffnungstal connections born in Russia and added these to my files.

  • Updated all Hoffnungstal family groupings and published them on  under Collections - Village Compilations - Renz Compilations.

Hoffnungstal, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson

Harold Ehrman E126
Data Assistant

See Glückstal Colonies Research Association

Huck, Saratov, Volga

Huck Web Site

Dennis Zitterkopf Z005

Russian researchers continue to report there has been no change in status in the availability of Huck records for the period of 1858 to 1888. This is particularly frustrating and disappointing because many of the inquiries I've received are asking for information during this dark period (especially for those from Argentina). I received another inquiry about the village this year from a person living in Saratov.

The web site has been moved to a new address and now lists over 50 researchers for the village. Ray Peterson received another surname chart and the 21 surname charts known to exist for the village are listed with instructions about how to obtain a copy (many are privately owned and not available through AHSGR).

 A new series of photographs, taken during a 1993 visit to the village by Lela Miller and others, has been added to the photograph section of the site. We have not located any photographs taken during the early 1900s but continue to be hopeful some will be found.

Translations of Huck related letters indexed in the AHSGR booklet "Letters from Hell" are being posted on the Huck site as they become available. Copies of the German text from Die Welt Post have been distributed to researchers who volunteered to provide translation help for the project. The letters add a personal touch for Huck descendants to the stories of starvation and hardship that our ancestors endured during the 1920 and 1930 period. Translation help for the remaining issues is still needed.

Village Night at Modesto was well attended by persons interested in Huck. Our biggest problem was being able to talk in spite of the background noise in the large room. That is a problem that has plagued Village Night for several years because persons for all the villages are seated in one or two large rooms.

The big announcement for the year was the long awaited roll out of the Huck village surname database. It certainly is not complete because not every researcher has agreed to share their surname data, but it does exist and I can now use it as a tool to help other researchers. Completing what we have in the database is the result of the work of four good volunteers: Jeanne Reynolds, Marcie Fox, Bev Rayburn, and Shirley Haslam. 

Hussenbach, Gashon, Samara, Volga

Hussenbach Web Site

Paul Lais L235 / L

Submitted by Louis Potter.

There are two Hussenbach villages. The original Hussenbach village, Linevo Ozero (Linevo Osero), lies on the west side (Bergseite) of the Volga. The Hussenbach daughter colony known as Gashon (Gaschon), lies on the east side (Wiesenseite) of the Volga. Linevo Ozero was founded in 1767, while Gashon was founded in 1850.

Neither village received much in the way of inquiries this past year.

I was unable to attend the convention at Modesto this year due to illness. However, Shirley Hurrell graciously hosted the Hussenbach table and was able to help several people with their research.

The Hussenbach descendants know that Russian researchers have not been able to come up with a list of Original Settlers, so I have begun a project that might possibly bridge that lack of information by gleaning what I can from the documentation that came with the charts (in German) received from Russia. It will also be helpful to see what the GO Project produces for Hussenbach. I appreciate the hard work of those involved.

Hussenbach, Linevo Ozero, Saratov, Volga

Hussenbach Web Site

Louise Potter P051 / L

See Hussenbach, Gashon, Samara, Volga above for combined report.

Johannesdorf, Karlsruhe, North Caucasus

Bonnie J. Anderson

The Caucasus villages, which number over 150, remain a major chapter of our GR history that is just beginning to unfold, through the Caucasus Research Project for AHSGR and GRHS, and through individual VCs. These project coordinators and VCs are a small but dedicated group.

Because of setbacks in Russian translation from the loss of Rick Rye's availability, my heavy work schedule, and a series of computer problems, progress for the Caucasus project slowed greatly last year. Research inquiries continue at a light, but steady pace for co-coordinator Arthur Flegel and me. The year's personal highlight came through an inquiry about Johannesdorf that led to the discovery of my Schilling relatives living in Kazakhstan.

VC status for Johannesdorf, Karlsruhe and Katharinenfeld
(with Caucasus project overlaps):

  1. Johannesdorf (and other N. Caucasus villages) - A contact in Stavropol has agreed to provide research information from several North Caucasus archives. If all goes well, this would be a major step in accessing archive information for AHSGR and GRHS members.

    Another contact for archival retrieval in Baku concerning S. Caucasus German settlements in (now) Azerbaijan is available; however, a Russian-language intermediary is needed for e-mail correspondence.

    The Russian guest speakers at the AHSGR and GRHS conventions from the Odessa and Saratov archives indicated willingness to check for documentation of Germans migrating to the Caucasus. From other sources I recently obtained (copies of) two Russian archive documents of this type.

  2. An evaluation of Fatma, a historical novel about a South Caucasus German family in Katharinenfeld, is in process through GRHS member and journal editor, Jim Gessele, to gauge interest in translating this work.

  3. New professional translators have been contacted concerning two newer Russian books about the North Caucasus Germans, however, the cost is daunting. Meanwhile, source searches continue for archival information, and older and new publications of historical interest in German, Russian, Georgian, Azeri, etc.

  4. Planning for a tour to Caucasus German villages was begun in 2003 through Robert Schneider, a GRHS member and travel agent. The tentative itinerary: visits to South Caucasus villages located in Georgia; tour of the capital, Tbilisi, and surrounding historical sites; retracing the route taken through the Greater Caucasus Mountain range in 1817 by the earliest German settlers. Travel routes and possible inclusions in the N. Caucasus also are being researched.

  5. Some archive records, such as a 1941 deportation list, were obtained in 2003 from the Georgian Central Archives by a GR traveler. Through continuing contacts in Georgia, we hope to retrieve copies of additional archive information, including church records.

  6.  Information on Caucasus villages and individuals remains paper-based, due to time and computer issues last year, plus the variety of information types. Approaches to digitizing and where the information should reside remain under consideration.

  7. A new Caucasus VC: Milo Bauder, a GRHS member, has generously volunteered as GRHS VC for Elizabethtal, S. Caucasus. His 2003 trip chronology to several S. Caucasus German villages and related Bauder ancestry was presented via Powerpoint this year to a large audience at the GRHS convention. He recently published an English translation of a Georgian book about the Germans who settled there. Milo also has other translation projects in process, including a German video. His work and information is be available to AHSGR members. For further information, please contact me or Milo Bauder.


Johannestal, Berezan, Odessa, Kherson

Johannestal Web Site

Ray Heinle

Having moved to Arizona, I was faced with moving the Johannestal website from its old location on to The new URL is listed above. This site is in need of updating, since it has changed little in recent years.

I prepared a number of family histories for various descendants of Johannestal. These included reports on the Will, Delzer, and Eissinger families. I hope to begin updating the huge Johannestal database soon, and add more information.

I have been receiving by e-mail various files scanned by Valentina Fromm at the Mikolaiv, (Nikolaev) Ukraine Archives. Many of these files concern Johannestal residents who were verschlepped (put into prison and quite possibly executed) by the Soviets from 1937, 1938, 1939, and maybe1940. Harold Ehrman documents this in his website:

Other files concern deaths and marriages in various Black Sea colonies. Most of this data is being digested by the BDO (Beresan District, Odessa) organization, but I would like to go through these and add some to the Johannestal website.

Josefstal / Schwabe Khutor, Saratov, Volga

Josefstal Web Site

Edward R. Gerk G054

This has been a good year for obtaining archival documents, among which are the births, death, and marriages for Josefstal for 1908 to 1914. Also obtained were various village government decisions, featuring the signatures of all males in the village old enough to vote.

Passport applications for various years were also obtained, along with a list of villagers who left Josefstal for America in 1892.

On order are the military draft records for the village, for various years. This includes names and dates of birth of those males drafted into the army.

The 1858 census is also on order. Although published in an earlier issue of the Journal, I found that some important head of household data was missing, for whatever reason, and not published. I intend to put the complete census on the web site.

We now have a complete inventory of what files are in the Josefstal village archive held in Volgograd, for the period 1858 to 1917. Also available now is the village inventory for the period 1918 to 1941, covering the Soviet period.

I continue to get some inquiries from my web site dealing with Josefstal.

Copies of all documents I received go to AHSGR. 

Jost, Samara, Volga

Jost Web Site

Taryn M. Holmes

The following surnames are currently being sought. It is the most activity Jost research has had in the last three years: Dellos; Reinhard; Flach; Buschel/Bischel; Stier; Schabenland; Wenig; Merk; Ehoff; Shimmel; Metzler; Fuchs; Termer; Ring; Grusser; Meisner; Horn; Brase

A Jost database is beginning to take form. Two family connections were made through these records. I would like to transfer this information to the website so that it is easily accessible. A completed index for the 1798 census is posted at the site.

There have also been two live contacts in Germany with the Termer family. Both were born in Jost and returned to Germany with their families. I am hoping that the communication continues.

I am actively searching for Mrs. Pauline Lampel of Germany. She had previously written a letter to AHSGR naming many families from the Jost village and may have further information.

Kamenka, Saratov, Volga

Kamenka Web Site

Rosemary Larson L033 / L

There have been numerous requests from researchers during the past year. Many requests came from Volga Germans in Argentina, Brazil, and a few from Canada.

The Kamenka website has been updated and I have added the known vorsteher (Town Mayors) of Kamenka and the priests that served St. Mary's Church for many years.

Karlsruhe, Burlatzki, Caucasus

Map 13, Quadrant H-3

Bonnie J. Anderson

See Johannesdorf village for combined report.

Kassel, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson

Randal Boschee B395

See Glückstal Colonies Research Association

Katharinenfeld, Luxemburg, South Caucasus

Bonnie J. Anderson

See Johannesdorf village for combined report.

Katharinenstadt, Samara, Volga

Katharinenstadt Web Site

Raynona Bohrer B444 L

We have been in contact with cousins living in Germany and in Katharinenstadt/Marx. They are working on getting the city hall records that still exist. We now have a map of the town and will be making copies as requested. We will send it in a mailing tube, so there will be no folds.

There were no inquires this year, but we are still trying to get records any way possible. Marvin is still above ground so far. 

Kautz, Saratov, Volga

Kautz Web Site

D. Michael Frank F244

On the 20th of May 1767, 30 emigrant families, 141 people (74 males, 67 females) from Germany settled the Volga German community of Kautz, Russia, approximately 68 miles southwest of the present city of Saratov. The village of Kautz no longer exists, having been bulldozed. Surnames of Kautz are: FRANK, REITER, SCHREINER, KNAUB, GRADWOHL, HARDT, FUCHS, POPP, FRICKEL, KLEIN, MICHEL, OSTWALD, SCHUMAN, WEBER, NEUBAUER, GLOCKHAMMER, RIEL, STAHLEY, HERMONY, MEIER, SCHONEMAN, and ZIMMERMAN.

This year I have had numerous inquiries for information concerning Kautz. Interested individuals have acquired fourteen compact disks reflecting the ten volumes of Unser Leute von Kautz. With each compact disk, I work up charts in Family Tree Maker reflecting the known family of the requestor. In many cases, new information from the requestor is received and incorporated into the Kautz database. The Kautz CD was updated this year to condense the index of all names in all volumes. That project took about 3 weeks. There have also been seven requests for copies of various surname charts.

Earlier this year my cousin, Dorothy Brandner, and I gave a small presentation on Kautz genealogy to the Rainier Chapter in Tacoma, Washington. It was a cordial event with a good German potluck.

Work for the 11th volume of Unser Leute von Kautz is about 40% complete. It will be added to the CD once it is complete and all indexes on the CD will be updated to reflect the new information.

I am also working on converting each of the 19 Kautz surname charts to GEDCOM format, so requestors will not have to enter all the information by hand when they receive a chart.

Köhler, Saratov, Volga

Joe Gareis G265

Nicholas & Barbara Bretz B296

Submitted by Joe Gareis and Barb Bretz.

The 19th century village censuses for Köhler are currently on route from Russia. We expect to receive copies in the coming weeks. Comprehensive lists of inhabitants of the village have been available for 1978, and more recently for the year 1767. However, we lacked a comprehensive listing covering the much larger village populations of the 1800s. We hope that this data will help fill that gap and provide a valuable resource. We are not exactly sure what the final contents and format of the census data will be, but we hope to make this information available soon through AHSGR.

I am still waiting for completion of the genealogical chart on the Gareis family. At least one other chart (Rickert) is also still on order.

 We have done some small-scale translation work, including a chapter from Imherr’s book, Verschollene Heimet an der Volga, containing a brief history of the colony.

Kolb, Saratov, Volga

Sarah (Kanzler) Hammarstrom H419

Thelma (Koch) Sprenger S653 / L

Pauline Dudek D018 / L

Submitted by Thelma Sprenger.

2004 has been a year of many doctor visits and lots of tests so genealogy research took a back seat.

I have received about a dozen inquiries. I was able to help a few of them, but others I could not.

Doris Evans has added all the new information we have gathered, into her Frank & Kolb database. Some of the family names added to Kolb are Adler, Kanzler, Miller, and Yuckert.

I recently went to an estate sale and purchased a confirmation certificate for Amalia Reiber. It was in two pieces but plan to repair it. These are always so beautiful. She was born in Kolb May 25, 1894 and confirmed Dec. 18, 1910.

The German church records from Philadelphia Congregational Church, Ritzville, WA have been translated and are now added to the historical records of the church. Many Kolb names are in these records.

Kratzke, Saratov, Volga

Kratzke Web Site

Ethel Lock L026 / L

Brent Mai M160 / L

Submitted by Ethel Lock.

Also see the Ährenfeld report.

I received no requests for data from the village of Kratzke this year, but I did receive many requests from people asking about the Frank and Moor villages. These were referred on to those Village Coordinators.

A lot of the last two years work for me was helping other searchers with their family lines, especially Frank and Moor villages.

I feel all of us should make more people aware of the AHSGR mass collections of their obituaries. What a wonderful help they are to a family search. 

Lauwe / Laube, Samara, Volga

Helen Bernice Madden M363 / L

The year 2004 has been rather quiet. While some of the original 101 Volga villages no longer exist, the village of Lauwe still has a small population living there. After the German Russians were allowed to return from their exile in 1941, a few German-Russian families have lived there a short time. I am not aware of any of the original residents having returned. In 1992, I did find a couple of families originally from Dinkel living in the only stucco painted houses in a village of run-down timbered houses.

A year ago in September, it was my good fortune to find Göringer and Markus relatives in Germany. A Markus exchange student from Germany to Colorado (my home state) brought this about. Her Göringer grandmother was about six years old when the family was sent to Kazakhstan in 1941. She grew up there and married a Markus from Lauwe. The family immigrated to Germany in 1996. They now live in Bad Sooden-Allendorf.

There has not been much activity from the Grasmicks, but have heard just recently that a Stieglitz / Stiglitz chart has been received by an individual in Canada.

I have not published a newsletter for two years. I am experiencing some serious health problems, so I may need to find someone to help with the duties of Village Coordinator.

My pet peeve is those people who want Lauwe information but drop the ball when I ask if they are members of AHSGR.

Leichtling, Saratov, Volga

Leichtling Web Site

Darryl W. Boyd B238

During this year, we have updated the Leichtling database five times, adding 31 new names to the Family Group Sheets and Pedigree Charts on our web site. This database contains names of persons who were born in, or lived in Leichtling, and is accessible on the web site. A “newer” version of the database was also added. Both versions are updated at the same time.

Four new names of persons coming from Leichtling to the United States were added to Leichtling Ship Lists.

We had 31 inquiries about Leichtling and were happy to help them. We keep all e-mails by surname. With this information we were able to link several people working on the same lines.

We are still looking for a photo of the Leichtling area, but have not had much luck. If anyone knows of one, please e-mail me. Also, we are always hunting for more information on anyone who lived in Leichtling.

Louis, Samara, Volga

Louis Web Site

Thelma Mills M357

I am excited about some new projects I that have begun this year. I do find them interesting and rewarding.

  • I now publish a newsletter for Mariental & Louis. I rather enjoy this project, and I have had a good response to my request for material to use. If there is anyone interested in receiving a copy of my newsletter via e-mail, please let me know. I also send copies to those “Mariental and Louis searchers” who are unable to use the Internet. There are approximately 25 issues mailed out each time. I use the information in Clues to collect these names, so I am awaiting the next issue for more “searchers”.

  • At present, I am producing a database for Mariental. In the future, I will set up a database for Louis.

  • During the year, I have received and responded to approximately 95 inquiries concerning the surnames from these two villages.

  • I am also gathering obituaries as I find them, and I will start publishing these sometime next year, if possible. Often this project is neglected, because I am also involved in the Soar Project.

  • My next project will consist of gathering passenger lists for the Mariental and Louis surnames. 

Marienberg, Odessa, Kherson

See Glückstal Colonies Research Association

Mariental, Samara, Volga

Mariental Web Site

Thelma Mills M357

See Louis village for combined report.

Messer, Saratov, Volga

Robert L. Weigand W342

Greetings to all other Village Coordinators from Messer (Ust-Zolikha). I have been the Village Coordinator for Messer since the Seattle Convention in 1992. This has been a slow year. The database has 1,735 names and 637 marriages. This village was established on July 7, 1766 with 397 residents, and by 1926, the town population consisted of 3,575 residents. The farmland allocated to this village was not good for farming, so this village was known for its industry. At one time, there were more than 600 Sarpinna (a type of cloth similar to gingham) weavers.

I have a mailing list of forty-eight names for Messer; eight of these do not belong to AHSGR but have submitted data for the database. I have updated a comparison of the Messer 1775 and 1798 census records in alphabetical order.

I was not able to attend the 2004 convention in Modesto.

This year I have had one query about Messer, and it was by e-mail. This was down from two last year. The family being researched was Diehl. I answered this query to people who are not members of AHSGR. I sent a surname list of my database and the Messer village history, and told them about AHSGR. If they join, I will send them the details of my database. I never hear from most of them again.

Neu-Danzig, Nikolaev, Kherson

Curt Renz R002

See Alt-Danzig for combined report

Neudorf, Glückstal, Odessa, South Russia

Gregory Dockter D112

See Glückstal Colonies Research Association

Neu-Glückstal, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson

See Glückstal Colonies Research Association

Neu-OberMonjou, Samara, Volga, Russia

Kevin Rupp R311 / L

See Graf for combined reports.

Neu-Straub, Saratov, Volga

Neu-Straub Web Site

Lillian Larwig L188

After all these years of searching, this year has been the greatest. I have found at least four other researchers who are looking for the same surnames that I am searching for (Keil and Heintz).

The jackpot was finding a woman now living in Germany, whose grandparents had lived in Neu-Straub and who had visited the village in her youth. She has described the village as she remembered it, and gave a history, as she understood it to be. She is now 83 years old and very alert. I still correspond with her in Germany. If anyone is interested in her story of Neu-Straub, please contact me and I will send you a copy.

Nieder-Monjou, Samara, Volga

Nieder-Monjou Web Site

Michael Grau

Steven Grau

During this past year, Mike posted the following items to the Nieder-Monjou web page:

  • Brief biographies of all the pastors who served Nieder-Monjou as well as other Wiesenseite colonies.

  • Images of four pages from the Nieder-Monjou church books. These pages were received from a researcher in Russia with Nieder-Monjou roots.

Throughout the past year, we received requests for information concerning the following Nieder-Monjou surnames: Biesterfeld, Funk, Merkel/Morkel, Muller/Miller, Niedecker, Rauschenbach, Rieffer/Ruffer, and Walk.

I continued to research families from Nieder-Monjou who immigrated to central Kansas.

Oberdorf, Saratov, Volga

Oberdorf Web Site

Teri Helzer H491

The year 2004 has been another slow year compared to previous years. Even though I have had a small number of inquiries, we have added two new researchers to our group.

I have continued to add content to the public Oberdorf web site, such as additional ship list names and data from various sources such as submissions by Oberdorf researchers or information found on the Internet.

I have published all village email correspondence to the private Oberdorf web site to enable all who are researching Oberdorf ancestry access to the correspondence.

Ted Gerk has kindly donated a copy of a map illustrating the Red Army and White Army battles in the area around Kamyshin in July 1919, including the front near Oberdorf. I have made the map available to Oberdorf researchers on the private Oberdorf web site.

Walter Lorenz has published his Lorenz Family History book. He sent me a copy of the book on CD, and it is very impressive. He has given AHSGR headquarters two copies of his book.

Ober-Monjou, Samara, Volga

Obermonjou Web Site

Kevin Rupp

Ober-Monjou Mailing List

I don't have much to report for Ober-Monjou. I still receive a few inquires on this colony.

I have The First Settlers List and the 1850 Census list for  Ober-Monjou. I do have a few of the marriages listed from about 1893. Russian reseaarchers still tell me that there are no census lists for Ober-Monjou after 1850. I continue to maintain my web site.

Orlovskoye, Samara, Volga

Carol Nesewich N087

This year I received one inquiry for information from a woman now living in Canada with her Russian husband. As we corresponded via e-mail, she admitted that she did not know for sure if any members of her family had left Russia before 1941. She then realized that I would not be able to make any connections for her in the United States. She has since decided to try contacting the Engels Archives on her own.

There is nothing else to report except to mention again that I have the Surname Charts for my maternal grandparents: ERFURTH and BONACKER. People may contact me if they are interested in either one.

For the Orlovskoye village history and maps see the Village Coordinator Report of 1994, and for a comprehensive review of the work done through 1999, please see the Village Coordinator Report of that year. 

Paulskoye, Samara, Volga

Paulskoye Web Site

Timothy C. Weeder W372

This past year has been a quiet year. No new inquiries were received, but I did have a few previously established contacts asking whether any new information had been obtained about our village. Unfortunately, no new information had been received.

We eagerly await the publication of the Dr. Pleve’s volume, Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet, 1764-1767 (Immigration to the Volga Region, 1764-1767) that will cover our village.

As for outstanding research activities, one very patient gentleman continues to wait for his family chart to be completed.

Note: This summer I moved and had my new address updated on the AHSGR Village Coordinator List. My e-mail remained the same.

Pfeifer, Saratov, Volga

Pfeifer Web Site

Rosemary Larson L033 / L

There have been numerous requests from researchers during the past year. Many requests came from Volga Germans in Argentina, Brazil, and a few from Canada.

The Pfeifer First Settler List and Pfeifer 1850 census are available from Kevin Rupp

I published Holy Cross Family Register of Pfeifer, Ellis County, Kansas, which I have available for purchase. This publication has all of the families that lived in Pfeifer, Kansas since it was founded in 1877 to the 1970's.

There were no new additions or changes to the Pfeifer website.

Pobochnoye, Saratov, Volga

Pobochnoye Web Site

Laurin Wilhelm W022 / L

Pobochnoye was founded in 1772 about 40 miles NW of Saratov. It grew rapidly until 1855-57 when about 1,150 villagers, nearly 50% of its population, left to help found Schoendorf, Schoenfeld, Schoental, and Neu Jagodnaya, which are located about 60 miles SE of Saratov. By 1890, folks were emigrating from Pobochnoye to Russell, Hoisington, and Otis, KS and to Longmont, CO.

I have received fewer inquires this year. I no longer publish the Pobochnoye-Schoenfeld Newsletter.

One item of considerable interest for the past year is that two cousins, Dan Wagner of Brighton, CO and Fred Werner of Longmont, CO and I have located a lost branch of the Philip Wagner (1858-1940) family, my grandfather. In his 1940 obituary, it was mentioned, "a nephew attended the funeral". After many years of research, we have learned that this nephew, also named Philip Wagner, had lived for many years and died in 1968 in Brighton, CO. He had seven children with two different wives. One son, Fred Wagner of Brighton, now 84, and his wife received us for a nice family visit in late June 2004. He remembered traveling with his parents to Longmont, CO to visit "Uncle Philip Wagner" in the 1930s.

After serving in the Army in WWII and going through the D-day landings on Normandy Beach, Fred Wagner returned to Brighton, married, began farming, and buying land. Now his three sons have taken over the farming operations. Fred was very interested in our family history, although none of his six siblings seems to be interested.

Recently Ken Stuckert of Seal Beach, CA located the original birth and baptismal records of the oldest four of Philip Wagner's twelve children who were born in Pobochnoye in 1886, 1888, 1890, and 1892. These were my mother's older siblings. He has acquired part of the Pobochnoye church record.

Reinhard(t), Samara, Volga

Margo James

There has not been much activity this year with the Village of Reinhardt. I have answered about 4-5 inquiries from people wondering if I have any information on family members they believe to be from Reinhardt. Reinhardt was a small village and this is typical of the requests I get every year.

From the minutes of the convention, I learned that someone has requested a surname chart for the name Reinhardt. I am hoping to find out who commissioned this chart and if the surname is for the village of Reinhardt.

Rosenberg / Umet, Saratov, Volga

Rosenberg Web Site

Dr. Richard McGregor M236

This has been another quiet year as far as Rosenberg village is concerned. There have been a small number of additions to the collection of family data, which now extends to 213 pages. I have received some interesting images, which will eventually make their way onto the Rosenberg web page. Among these were photographs, obits, and a Declaration of Intent for Henry Manweiler; a 1930 census image for Balser Seifert as well as other recent Seifert photos; a Fritzler passport scan; a photo of Maria Morkel at school and her confirmation certificate. Other families about which I have received information or general queries for are: Siefert, Buchammer, Martin, Rahmig, Kuhlmann, Kuxhaus(en), Schiebelhut, Felde, and Erdmann.

I also received from Patti Sellenrick a truly monumental two-volume family history based around the Stricker family. Patti has drawn on a very large number of sources to create an historical record liberally illustrated with family photographs, documents, and scenes. There are now a number of family histories from Rosenberg, which are held by AHSGR, and they are all very detailed and interesting. Those I know of are for the Martin, Weitzel-Ziegler, and Stricker-Ziegler families.

I no longer produce a snail-mail newsletter as the expenditure for postage and copying became expensive. However, the Rosenberg web site is full of information, photographs and memories. It also contains the text of all newsletters sent out over the years. I hope that Rosenbergers will find plenty there!

Rosenheim, Samara, Volga

Randi Bolyard

This year, I commissioned someone to go to Rosenheim and check for Volga Germans who still lived in the village. I requested that she ask them genealogy questions about themselves and anyone about whom they had knowledge. I also asked her to look at the cemetery and record the names and dates of any Volga Germans there.

The families that are still in the village have the surnames: GITLER, WAGNER, and DECKERT. Gitler ancestors are Schiller from Katharinenstadt and Gitler from Enders. Wagner ancestors are Oelberg, Enders, and Deckert. Deckert ancestors are Schneider.

There is a cemetery near Rosenheim. It has the following surnames: WEINGARDT, WALTER, HARTMAN, SCHEIDT, FUND, KENT, DIEHL, GUNTER, GEIB, RIMMER, MOOR, WAGNER, LIBERT, HENNEBERG, ZEITS, HORST, KROMM, MILLER, HARDT, and LIDER. I cannot claim to be 100% sure of the spellings. If someone has ideas about alternative spellings, please let me know.

I have additional data on the cemetery and on some of the people still living in Rosenheim. I also have pictures of some of the headstones. If anyone has an interest, I can scan check to see if I have a picture of the headstone and scan it to them.

I have received a number of inquiries this year about Rosenheim and have corresponded rather extensively with some of these folks. One of my disappointments was that I have all the census except for the 1874 and revisions. Therefore, I will not be able to help anyone with census data unless they know of ancestors that would have been on the 1850 census.

I have moved since my last report. My new street address and e-mail address are listed at the top of this report.

Rothammel, Saratov, Volga

Nicholas & Barbara Bretz B296

Joseph Gertge

Rothammel Mail List ~ email Kathy Frank Jones to join

Submitted by Nicholas and Barbara Bretz.

We have census data for 22 surnames and have arranged to purchase the complete census of Rothammel for the years 1834 and 1858. Once the records have been received, they will require translation, and then we will make them available. We have census data for three Seewald surnames and will order census data for the entire village if it is available. As we receive more donations, we will try to purchase church and other village records.

At least nine Genealogical Charts have been received for Rothammel and about four more are on order. Charts on three Seewald surnames are also available. Nick is in the process of merging the charts into one large database.

Joe Gertge continues to be our database coordinator. He reports that that he has received about 35 requests for information. The database contains over 17,000 names, excluding those on the charts, which will be added later. He has somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 waiting input. Please send Joe your family information to be added to our village database. Joe has also collected 37 new obits this year. Remember to send copies to him.

We have notice of several Rothammel family reunions being planned for 2005. Please send notices to our mail list, which Kathy Jones maintains. To be added to the free list, please contact Kathy by clicking on the Rothammel Mail List link above. At present, we have about 110 members on the list so it is a good resource.

A new Logan County, Colorado, history book, which contains many German-Russian names, will be available in December 2004.

Schönchen, Samara, Volga

Schoenchen Web Site

Terri Dann

Denise Grau

We have received and responded to inquiries regarding the surnames SAUER, WASINGER, and MUNSCH.

Several photos were added to the Schönchen web site.

Schöndorf, Samara, Volga

Schoendorf Web Site

Laurin Wilhelm W022 / L

Schoendorf, located 65 miles ESE of Saratov, was founded in 1855. Mostly folks from Jagodnaya Polyana settled Schoendorf, although there were many settlers from Pobochnoye.

There has been very little activity this year with the Schoendorf village.

Schönfeld, Samara, Volga

Schoenfeld Web Site

Laurin Wilhelm W022 / L

Folks from Pobochnoye founded Schoenfeld in 1857, some sixty miles southeast of Saratov. It grew and prospered until emigration took many of its people to Russell, Hoisington, and especially Otis, KS, starting in the late 1870s. Emigration ceased c. 1918.

I have received fewer inquiries during the past year regarding Schoenfeld. I no longer publish the Pobochnoye Newsletter.

One item of interest this year is the correspondence with Waldemar Weigandt of Hamburg, Germany. His family was deported from Schoenfeld in 1941 to Kazakhstan. After many years of brutal hardship, the family gradually recovered. Waldemar was born c. 1949. His training in the Russian school system was as an electrician. Several years ago, c. 1992, the family was able to emigrate to Germany.

Waldemar has long wanted to immigrate to the U.S. and has visited the area around Ontario, Canada twice. He had planned to visit San Antonio, TX, in August 2004, but due to paperwork requirements by the U.S., he has not been able to do so. He had to get a paper from the Kazakhstan police authorities stating that he is not a criminal. The Kazak authorities state that the Russians were in charge when Waldemar lived there, so they will not issue such a paper. The Russians say that it is a Kazak matter. Waldemar is caught in the middle without clearance papers. He will not be able to visit the U.S. this year. He is seeking employment in his electrical trade.

Schöntal, Samara, Volga

Schoental Web Site

Laurin Wilhelm W022 / L

Schoental, located 65 miles ESE of Saratov, was founded in 1855. Mostly folks from Jagodnaya Polyana settled Schoental, although there were many settlers from Pobochnoye.

There has been very little activity this year with the Schoental village.

Schuck, Saratov, Volga

Lola Stattelman

During the past year, I completed the following:

  • Provided Schuck Census information to Carlos Albereto of Argentina on the following surnames: Burghardt, Breit, Heinrich, Kress, Rolheiser, Kohlman, Derr, Schmidt, and Kammerer.

  • Provided Schuck Census information to Stephan Appelhans on the following surnames: Sieben, Freihaut, Zum, Beilman, Derr, and Gotte.

I have not heard from either person letting me know if my information was helpful to them.

Schwab, Saratov, Volga

Schwab Web Site

Rolene (Eichman) Kiesling B334

Schwab is one of the smaller villages on the Lower Volga. It was founded in 1767 and by 1772 had a population of 187. By 1912, its population had grown to 2,295, but by 1926 had decreased to 1,133.

In the last year, I have had 11 queries, all of which have been answered with due diligence.

Apart from being Village Coordinator for Schwab, I am the editor of the Lower Volga Villages Sheet, which covers the villages in the two parishes of Galka and Stephan. Since I took over for Kathy O'Malley a few years back, I have published it twice yearly, usually November and May, which had been Kathy’s scheduled publication dates.

Seewald, Saratov, Volga

Nicholas & Barbara Bretz B296

See Rothammel village for combined report.

Solodyri, Volynsk, Volhynia U

Dr. Richard Benert B160

I have not sent a report because I haven't done a blessed thing regarding Solodyri. I've gone off on other topics, such as the Deportation of 1915, and some translating projects. I have no plans to concentrate on Solodyri in the immediate future, but I am always happy to know if someone else is working in this area.

Stahl am Tarlyk, Samara, Volga

Paul E Koehler K287 / L

I have had four inquiries this past year. The information flow has been rather slow. I do have over 17,000 entries in the Stahl am Tarlyk database.

About ten people attended the village night at the Modesto Convention. Numerous items and people were discussed. It was a lively session.

In the village file, at Lincoln Headquarters, is now a copy of the Brudershaft (Brotherhood prayer meetings) which contains 272 years of history. This religious activity was very much a part of our ancestors' lives along the Volga River. I made this presentation at the Modesto Convention, and 100 people attended it.

We have discontinued the der Stahler news letter due to a lack of new information for this village.

Strassendorf, Samara, Volga

Strassendorf Web Site

Laurin Wilhelm W022 / L

Strassendorf was founded c. 1857, some 70 miles ESE of Saratov. The settlers seem to be a collection of people coming from neighboring villages and not a single "Mutterkolonie".

Richard Popp of Little River, KS, whose parents came from Strassendorf, remains interested in the history of the village. We have recently conversed about Strassendorf and its people.

Straub, Samara, Volga

Sharon White

Early in 2004, I became the Village Coordinator for Straub.

During this year, I received inquiries on the following Straub surnames: Schwabenland, Seher, Winter, Will, Karle, and Rudolph.

While attending Village Night at the AHSGR Convention in Modesto, I met six people whose ancestors came from Straub. They promised to send me the information they have concerning their ancestors.

I started a Straub database this year, and since I live near Salt Lake City with access to many records, I have been gathering all of the information I can on Straub families.

 I have also published a Straub newsletter, available for five dollars per year (two issues).

I would appreciate receiving obituaries, genealogies, birth records, photographs, concerning surnames from Straub. I am hoping to hear from more Straub families.

In the future, I also plan to develop a Straub web site.

Vakarskii Khutor, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson

See Glückstal Colonies Research Association

Vollmer, Saratov, Volga

David Easterday E106

The village of Vollmer currently has no nucleus of descendents who are members of AHSGR and are interested in or capable of conducting any comprehensive research projects. Compared with some of the groups I have been reading about, we have not even begun.

Apparently, the only cohesive groups of Vollmer emigrants settled in South America and Canada. Moreover, not many, if any, have joined AHSGR. As far as I can tell, there are only scattered individuals in the US, Germany and CIS who claim Vollmer as their ancestral village.

The year 2004 has been a typical year. I received about five inquiries concerning family names. In one case, my ability to fill in a missing blank was greatly appreciated. Typically, I did not receive any input.

Just recently, I joined a group to obtain and translate the 1834 Vollmer census. It should be available in several months. Copies will be available through a proprietary source.

In an effort to stimulate interest in Vollmer genealogy, I am advertising for individuals to form groups, for the commissioning of surname charts of family names of mutual interest. Vollmer names that I would personally contribute for are: Hergenreder, Dietzel, Stang, Schmidt, Vollmer and Schönfeld.

I intend to start a web site, and I will be contacting many other members for suggestions.

On a positive note, I am planning to be a much more effective coordinator in the coming year. This, after spending the past four and a half years contending with multiple myeloma and permanent lung damage. I have been in complete remission since August of 2000 but have not been fit enough to do everything that I would like.

I am anxious to see my annual report for 2005 to see how much we have accomplished.

Warenburg, Samara, Volga

Warenburg Web Site

Sharon White

Ronald E. Brott B310

Submitted by Sharon White.

During the past year, I have been working on the following items:

  • I have had inquiries about the following Warenburg families: Andreas, Leisle, Stumpf, Diener, Kinzel, Boos, Kramer, Kaiser, Kisling, and Funkner.

  • I am compiling a Warenburg database and have received the following Warenburg genealogies: Kramer, Leisle, Bier, Constanz, Kinzel, and Eisner. I have also received photographs and other items of interest of some Warenburgers.

  • I have received eight pages of Warenburg Memories as told by Marie Leisle Doering, who was born in Warenburg in 1926. The Warenburg Memories are on the Warenburg website under Stories.

  • During Village Night at the AHSGR convention in Modesto, California, I met five people with Warenburg ancestors. They promised to send me their genealogies, photographs of their Warenburg ancestors, obituaries, etc.

  •  I started a Warenburg newsletter. The cost is $5.00 per year for two issues.

  • I would appreciate receiving birth records, obituaries, genealogies, photographs or other items of interest concerning people who were born in Warenburg.

  • I have been in contact with Rev. Olav Panchu who travels from Saratov to Warenburg once a month to conduct church services. I am hoping to receive more information about Warenburg from him.

Wittman (Soloturn), Samara, Volga

Kevin Rupp R311 / L

I have been getting a few more censuses for various names for the colony of Wittmann from Russia. I have the 1890 family list. I do get a few inquires from the colony.

 I also maintain a web site for this colony.

Yagodnaya Polyana, Saratov, Volga

Yagodnaya Polyana Web Site

Kris Ball B465 / L

Elizabeth A. Meyer M368

Patrice (Morasch) Miller M410
Database coordinator

The village of Yagodnaya Polyana is blessed with many descendants and former residents who actively work to preserve its history. Three of those are Kris Ball, Patrice Miller, and Elizabeth Meyer who continue to answer numerous queries from our newsletter and web site. We are also fortunate to have many from our village who visit Yagodnaya Polyana and Germany, and keep in touch with relatives from the village, and who share their stories with us. Their contributions keep the village history alive, though very few German-Russians are living there today.

Elizabeth Meyer interviewed Viktor and Maria Scheuermann, former villagers. Viktor's family had been deported to Kazakhstan from Yagodnaya Polyana. They returned to Yagodnaya Polyana in 1968 and in 2000, they completed their journey by settling in Germany. They were one of the few remaining German-Russian families in Yagodnaya Polyana, and graciously welcomed many visitors from the US and Canada into their home.

Usu Leut, our village newsletter, continues to be published twice annually. Our Spring issue covered the deportation from Yagodnaya Polyana to Kazakhstan in 1941. We also reported on a nearby colony, Neu Straub, through our Yagodnaya Polyana contacts.

Kenny Stugart makes trips to Germany, Saratov, and Yagodnaya Polyana. From information he has found at the archives, Patrice Miller constructed a chart of Yagodnaya Polyana births in the early part of the 20th century. Kenny also keeps in touch with relatives who have immigrated to Germany, and he sent us a wonderful picture of the 1941 school staff in front of the Yagodnaya Polyana schoolhouse (complete, of course, with Stalin's portrait looming darkly over the group in the background).

Richard Scheuerman led a tour to Siberia. The tour included lectures by Dr. Scheuerman concerning the region and about Yagodnaya Polyana. Patrice and Kris met Richard's son, Karl, at the 2004 Convention in Modesto. Karl has visited Yagodnaya Polyana twice and speaks Russian. He and Dr. Pleve (who remembers Karl's dad fondly) had great conversations in Russian at the convention. Richard also published a book this year entitled Palouse Country, A Land and Its People, Oral History Edition.

Beth Simmons from Loveland, Colorado, is writing her doctoral thesis about the heavily German-Russian area of the Colorado Front Range. It is of interest to our village, as it follows the history of the Lahnert family and its descendants, as well as documenting the people of the region. She hopes a documentary will develop from this project, and a CD copy of her wonderful paper has been donated to AHSGR headquarters in Lincoln.

Village Night at Modesto was well attended. We shared stories, books, pictures, and marveled at all the new material continuing to be discovered. We were very encouraged at some of the discoveries coming out of the Saratov Archives, such as the Yagodnaya Polyana kulak deportation lists.

Zug (Gattung), Samara, Volga

Kevin Rupp R311 / L

See Graf for combined reports.