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(destroyed 1774)

List of villages in Canton Katharinenstadt with suggested reading list and map of region

CANADA   top
Information on naturalization and citizenship record research in Canada

Information on census list research in Canada

Application for a Search of Citizenship Records in Canada

Addresses of Canadian Government offices for research

Cemetery listings at St John's Cemetery near Denzil, SASK and St. Joseph's colony in SASK. donated by Eileen Ackermen 1988

Article on Mr. & Mrs. Sam Abramenko

An die hochwurdize Geistlichkeit und die mitlieder des Volksperiens.  Dated June, 1923. 1 pg German text. Donated by Ted Gerk.

Materials about North Caucasus Germans in the Collections of the Russian Archives, from Bulletin of the International Union of German Culture (IVDK), 3/1997, July/September
List of villages in Canton Mariental with suggested reading list and map of region.

This village has a Newsletter.  Please ask librarian for assistance in seeing copies.  Known as Mariental, Louis and Chasselois Newsletter Published 3 times a year starting 2004.

2009 Village Coordinators Report  

1848 village history

Map of village, from Heimatbuch 1957

List of villages in region with suggested reading list and map

Journal entries of David Epp in Chortiza, January 1, 1837. Handwritten German text. 2-1/2 pg.

CRIMEA   top
List of Parishes in region as of 1905 naming villages in each parish

"Germany - Crimea - America", article from Business Express, 1996, Simferopol, Crimea

Information on Crimea German settlements, Feodosia (Herzenberg), Friedental, Heilbrunn, Kronental, Neusatz, Rosental, Simferopol, Sudak, and Zurichtal. Bibliography.

Birth, death and marriage records from 1833-1876 for Rabe-Schmidt and related families from Belovezh and Crimea (see Belovezh file)

Family History of Theophil and Frieda Ricker submitted by Clyde Eisenbeis

Story by Jean Siemens Four Little Graves.  May 6, 1993

Information on Alexander Albrand b. 1892/1893

Letters and postcards correspondence from Weigum family.  1922-1925 34pgs.

Galina Cheresneva's Story. 26 pgs Donated by Gordon L. Schmidt.

Issue 1, #1 of the Krim-GR Genealogy Newsletter Winter of 1999 9pgs.

Issue 1, #2 of the Krim-GR Genealogy Newsletter Summer of 1999 15 pgs.


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