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Map 6, Quadrant B-7, 50 19 N 45 00 E

Map of Oberdorf

Oberdorf History

1999 Annual Village Coordinator Report

Oberdorf photographs from Freddie Baker's tour of Oberdorf

Oberdorf Extracts from Colorado Naturalization Records

References for Oberdorf immigrants

Oberdorf 1939 List of inhabitants

List of Surnames associated with Oberdorf

Partial List of Oberdorf 1857 Population Revision List (Census)

Spreadsheet of Oberdorf Surname Collection as of June 2001 (Known Residents of Oberdorf (AKA List of Surnames Associated w/Oberdorf),

Hand out from AHSGR Convention 2001

CD submitted in October 2003 by Former Village Coordinator, Teri Helzer.  Ask librarian to see.

Partial list of Oberdorf 1857 Population Revision List (Census) Contributed by Elaine & Harold Asmus, Freddie Baker, Teri Helzer, Heide Langenbeck, Kristen Meyer, Dan Schafer, Steve Schreiber, Ruth Thomason, and Elena Mercedes Vega.

Asmus from Grimm
Daubert from Stephan
Daubert from Schwab
Grauberger from Holstein
Fritzler from Grimm
Meier from Holstein
Schaefer from Stephan
Schimpf from Dobrinka
Schmehr from Norka
Schneider from Shcherbakovka (Tscherbakowka)
Schneider from Schwab
Stehle from Grimm

1998 2003 Village Reports

1998 2003 Email Correspondence

Friedrick Lorenz Letters from Russia

History of Oberdorf

Oberdorf Researchers Contact List as of July 2003

Oberdorf Immigrant Ship References

Oberdorf Migration

Oberdorf Obituaries

Oberdorf Surnames and associated family data in Excel format as of October 2003

Oberdorf 1857 Census documentation

Oberdorf House Architecture by Walter Lorenz

Oberdorf Schimpf Surname Listing

Oberdorf Surname Contact List

Letter Requesting Assistance for Those Left in Russia circa 1920

Stories About Oberdorf

Rosenberg Parish and Its Daughter Colonies

George Jacob Heinze Digital Photo Album

Lorenz Digital Photo Album

Miscellaneous Digital Photo Albums

Schmick Digital Photo Album

Schneider Digital Photo Album

Stehle Digital Photo Album

Miscellaneous image files containing letters, confirmation certificates, tombstones, seals, money transfer, recent photographs of Oberdorf village, and family photos (not in albums listed above)

List of farmers for Oberdorf for the year 1909

Oberdorf Village File Submittal by Teri Helzer, Oberdorf Village Coordinator 27 December 2007

CD Content:

Head of Household List from the 1858 Revision List, Saratov Gubernia, Kamenka Uzeds, Colony Oberdorf, State Archives of Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast, Russia, translated and donated by Teri Helzer.

Oberdorf History by Minkh.doc 
Oberdorf excerpt from History and Geography Dictionary of Saratov Province by A.N. Minkh, Published: Saratov, 1898, pages 696-700. (Ober-Dorf, Oberdorf, Kuptsevo, Kuptseva Mill (Mel'nitsa), Bechers Khutor.) Translation and notes by Dr. Lyudmila I. Koretnikova. Donated by Betty Guenther and Steve Schreiber.

An index compiled by Teri Helzer of Church Book entries and associated image files from the Rosenberg Parish for the villages of Erlenbach, Oberdorf, and Unterdorf. The research was commissioned by Carol Evans, Betty Guenther, Teri Helzer, Heide Langenbeck, Kathy Stahlman, and Willard Keller and donated by the same. THESE ARE NOT THE COMPLETE CHURCH BOOKS.

Spreadsheet containing all known Oberdorf residents, including as available their vital statistics, family connections, immigration, and source of all data.

Archived copy of Oberdorf web site.

Email correspondence for the Village of Oberdorf for the years 2004 through 2006.

Oberdorf Resources from Teri Helzer

1858 Oberdorf Census donated by Mike Meisinger.

Additional random pages from 1858 Oberdorf Census donated by Mike Meisinger.


Map #6, Quadrant E-2, 51 44 N 46 51 E

List of villages in Canton Katharinenstadt with suggested reading list and map of region

Letter and Story sent to Pam Wurst, Research Librarian from Helen Leichliter on the Dreher family of Kansas and their journey to America. 3 pg.

Information on Joseph Wendler and Catharina Unrein family who went to Argentina.  7 pgs Cyrillic and English text.

Information on Rosa Wendler.  9 pgs Cyrillic and English.

2009 Village Coordinators Report.
2009 Village Coordinators Report for Neu-Obermunjou, daughter colony.

1848 History and description of region

Register of Renaming Colonies, 1819, Fond 6, Inventory 1, file 1245 from Odessa State Archive

Inventory of Odessa Archives, Fund 6, Inventory 1, Microfilm. Compiled November 15, 2000 by Tim Janzen

Eisenzimmer Family History, Donated by Kelly Mitchel

Passport to travel from village of Novo Nikolayehvsck for Nikolaus Adam Kleyn and wife Yehkaterina and children Khristina, Yogan, Stepan, and Adam

Information on the Christian George and Rosina Orman George family. 5 pgs.

1920 and 1922 Execution lists. 3pgs.

Incomplete list of Names of Germans from the Odessa in the years 1937/1938 (Namenliste der 1937/1938 ub Odessa erschossenen Deutschen.  (Unvollstandig).  7 pgs.  German text.

2009 Village Coordinators Report

State Archives of the Odessa Region, Fond 6: Board of Guardians for Foreign Settlers, Files related to Mennonites from Inventory 1, stored on six DVDs: Files 5299-5617, Files 5622-5722, Files 5723-5733, Files 5734-5808, Files 5846-5933, Files 5936-6300.

List of villages in Molochna Mennonite colonies with suggested reading list and map of region

Information from RFA on Gomer Family originally from Donhof

Map of village, from Heimatbuch1966
Map 6 Quadrant E-1, 51 46 N 46 54 E

Article from AHSGR Journal, v. 3 #1, p. 23-38, with map of village and description of map

Image of church in village

List of villages in Canton Katharinenstadt with suggested reading list and map of region

List of individuals born/baptized in village, taken from records of nine Chicago, IL area churches where immigrants were members

Village Research Coordinator reports, 1992-1996, 1999

Correspondence pertaining to village

Ancestry of Ivan Gotz donated by Carol Nesewich

Ancestry of Cheryl L Edwards donated by Cheryl L Edwards

Descendants of Amalie Geringer submitted by Leslie R Slattery Hanmay

1798 Village Census donated by Carol Neswich

From Carol Neswich Village Coordinator: Two Orlovskoye village maps. The former Village Coordinator, Irma Eichhorn obtained these large maps from Woldemar Lehman, who was from this Volga Village and later went to Germany. They are not to be altered in any way and would be available for viewing only with no copying right to AHSGR. Carol has the original and she will provide copies to interested AHSGR members.

Orlovskoye photos, photographer Irma E. Eichhorn submitted by Carol J. Neswich

Small plat map of village and maps of other areas, ie. Talass River Villages and Middle Asian villages. 1 pg.
Map of region

List of village residents


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