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Map 6, Quadrant B-7, 50 15 N 45 16 E

Confirmation certificate for Alexander L�hm

Correspondence pertaining to village

2006 Village Coordinator Newsletter

Map of Unterdorf and listing of person living in homes at the time 1911-1912. Drawn by Katherine Steinbrecher Behm. Donated by Gayle Behm.

Leaving Our Homeland by Katherine Steinbrecher Behm. Donated by Gayle Behm.

The Story of Jacob and Marie nee Stricker Steinbrecher by Katherine Steinbrecher Behm. Donated by Gayle Behm

1909-1929 Naturalization indices for Arapahoe Co. Colorado for Conrad Steinbracher submitted by Louise England

List of villages in Canton Krasnoyar with suggested reading list and map of region

Correspondence pertaining to village

Map 2, Quadrant B-5, 47 04 N 29 56 E

Description of village with photos and maps of village layout and surrounding area

The Vakarskiye Connection II donated by Herb Poppke 7 March 1992. Contains 6 additional maps

Herb Poppke Photo Album, 1993 CD available.  Ask to view.

Map of German Settlement Areas in the Russian Empire submitted by Herb Poppke.

Article from MuClusky Gazette, August 22, 2002 Vol 96, #31.  Poppke shares trip to Ukraine. Submitted by Herb Poppke.

From Newsletter Victoria Chapter of AHSGR, October 2004,  article on Bessarabia and the origin of the name. Submitted Herb Poppke.

Article taken from GRHS Newsletter - German Head of State Has Bessarabian Roots. Herb Poppke, submitter.

Article taken from GRHS Newsletter - The End of Microfilm?  Herb Poppke,  submitter.

Article taken from FEEFHS Journal Volume XII - Tracking Graves By Satellite. Article written by Dave Obee. Herb Poppke, submitter.

Map of village from Heimatbuch 1957

List of villages and origins of settlers. Source: Archives of Russian Geographical Society, St. Petersburg, Row 34, Inventory 1, Number 14

Volga Villages and Origins of Settlers, (1858, Row 34, Inventory 1, Number 14) from Archives of Russian Geographic Society, St. Petersburg. Submitted by Col. Joseph Dietrich.

List of Populated Points of the ASSRNP, with current name (1990), from German Autonomy on the Volga, by A. A. German. Compiled by Richard Rye.

List of Germans deported from the western provinces to Skatovka (Straub) in 1915

Polish Volhynia - Map 29

 Ukrainian Volhynia - Map 3

Various sources listing place names in Volhynia

Various lists of sources for microfilmed records pertaining to Volhynia

Information pertaining to World War I deportees from Volhynia

Information from and correspondence with Historischer Verein Wolhynien

Information on various research sources

Various maps of region

Volhynia Information compiled by Herb Poppke, including:

List of organizations dealing with Volhynia

List of settlements of Volhynians in North and South America


List of pertinent AHSGR articles

List of pertinent GRHS articles

List of individuals researching Volhynia

Polish word list

1875 Request by Prussian citizens for right to settle in Volhynia

Index of Rozische Marriage Lists, 1862-1872

Sagen der Deutschen in Wolhynien und Polesien by Alfred Karaset-Langer and Elfirede Strzygowski

"Die Deutschen in Wolhynien: Erinnerungen von Pastor Reinhold Henke aus Rozyszcze"

Correspondence from historical societies and individuals

Information from GER-RUS Listserve on projects regarding Volhynia research

List of Germans deported from the western provinces to Skatovka (Straub) in 1915

1998 Village Coordinator report

Land Laws Pertaining to Germans in the Southwest Provinces, Kiev, Podolia, and Volhynia, 1864-1915. Based on descriptions in Die Deutsche Frage By Dietmar Neutatz, provided by Dr. Richard Benert.

Sagen der Deutschen in Wolhynien und Polisien: herausgegeben von Alfred-Langer und Elfriede Gtrzygowsti mit Zeichnungen von Friedrich kunisser Polen 1938. Historiche Gestellschaft fur Polen Verlag von G Hirzel in Leipzig

Alphabetized list of "Ortsnamen" in Polish Volhynia from map 29 (AHSGR) 11-12-1993

Unalphabetized list. Graphed Map of Map 29 Polish Volhynia 11-12-1993

Gorschik First Settlers by H Poppke (26 September 1994) w/map

Colony Lesovschina Land Purchase by H Poppke w/map

Lesowschtschina Banishment by H Poppke w/Map

Korist Banishment, by H Poppke w/map

Families of Special Interest by H Poppke

English Translations. (Bibliography of Articles in Volhynia and Poland (as found in the AHSGR Newsletters and Journals (continued from June 1990 issue) Ron Neuman, Co-editor. "Wandering Volhynian, December 1990.

Village Coordinator Report 1998

Fasowkaja Rudnja Banishment by H Poppke w/map

Information on indexes residing in LDS Salt Lake City Geneological Library

Polish Volhynia, Place names, 1933-1934

Place Names: Polish Volhynia. Compiled by L Schmidt Janke. Indes of places in he Polish Republic, years 1933-1934

Volhynia 1875, request by several Russian citizens for right to settle and keep property in Volhynia

Births and Baptisms, Heimtal, Volhynia, 1903

List of Germans deported from the Western provinces to Skatovka (Straub) in 1915

Information on WWI Deportees from Volhynia

Immigrants from Volhynia to St. Paul, MN

Polish Army maps donated by Leona Janke

"Als russicher Soldat im 1. Weltkrieg. By Joseph Weiss from the Volhynische Hefte 4. Folge. Translated and donated by Leona S. Janke.

Index for Wolhynische Fefte - 12 issues. Translated and donated by Leona S. Janke.

The Eastward Migration of Germans. Donated by Leona Schmidt Janke for the AHSGR Convention. Denver, Colorado. June 23, 1993.

Volhynian Legends. Donated by Leona Schmidt Janke. Folklore Symposium. Chicago, Illinois. July 12, 1991.

Homeland For A Time, The School District of Julianow-Boratyn 1875-1940. By Josepf Weiss. Part I. 1875-1913, Founding, Purchasing Freedom, Flourishing. Part II. 1914-1940, Deportation, New Beginning, Dissolution. Translated by Leona S. Janke.

Key to Poland & Polish Volhynian Maps

14 photos with Map of the Solodyri area of Volhynia. Donated by Richard Benert in 1995.

Understanding the Russian Influence on Germans from Poland and Volhynia. Article and donation by Jerry Frank. 9 pgs.

E-Mail Information on Christina Reinhardt from Michailow, Ukraine, Volhynia from Gustav Kraft, Germany. English/German text. 2 pgs.

Article on the Records from the Russian Department of Police by George Bolotenko.  Taken from Avotaynu Volume XI, Number 4, Winter of 1995.  Submitted by Ted Gerk, 11 pgs.

2009 Newsletter from John Vogt, Rector of St. Sophia Seminary.  4pgs

E card for Klara Blank b. 25 Feb. 1906 in Ossowa, Shitomir, Ukraine. 1pg. German Text.

Index of births from 1858-1872 from the St. Petersburg Consistory for the Rozyszcze Parish, Volhynia, Russia.  11pgs.  Donated by Leona Janke.

2009 Village Coordinators Report

June 2009 Newsletter from the Ukraine, 4 pgs donated by John Vogt.

Surname database (2010)

Surname database (2012)

Departation of Germans in 1915


Map 6, Quadrant B-6, 50 44 N 45 16 E

List of villages in Canton Kamenka with suggested reading list and map of region

Hand-drawn map of village

Family Trees for emigrants from Vollmer, Schuck and Pfeifer to Canada, recorded by Rev. Thomas Schnerch, Michael W. Stang and George J. Stang

Correspondence pertaining to village

1996 Village Research Coordinator Report

Report of current conditions of village from Dean Engroff, October 1999

The nine entries of census information on settlers of the Volmer (Vollmer) colony (from 1748 to 1857), translated by Ruth Freehling, donated by Helen Philbert

Schmidt Ancestry by Lillian Schmidt Pavelick

Family information on Johann Jacob Raisch and Anna Katharina Sauer.  3 pgs.

Village description with list of founding settlers

Founding of village

Founding seettlers


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