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American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, International

Online New/Renewal Membership Application and Data Form

To make payment to AHSGR by check or to provide credit card information by mail or fax, use your printed Summary Report.

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General Information

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Please select whether or not to publish your information to other AHSGR members. Please note, that to be listed in Clues, the genealogy helper publication, select "Publish"

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Section 3 - Membership Information

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Membership Catagory

Individual, Family (husband and wife), Youth (14-years old and younger) and Organization

Membership Levels & Dues: (Dues are payable in Canadian and United States Dollars)

AHSGR members receive the following benefits and publications except where noted
Members receive all benefits, voting rights, Open Access and Members Only GR-Research*, convention invitations, special notices and annual appeals including Journals, Newsletters and Clues.
Annual Membership Level and Dues
  • Annual Membership Level and Dues
    • Premium: ($100.00) Receives all
    • Standard: ($50.00) Receives all except NO Members Only GR-Research* or Clues
    • Basic: ($35.00) Receives all except NO Members Only GR-Research*, Journals, Newsletters or Clues
    • Student: ($15.00) (15-years to 24-years old) Receives all except NO Members Only GR-Research* or Clues
    • Youth: ($8.00) (14-years old & younger) Receives Open Access GR-Research*and Jugendzeitung, a Youth Newsletter, except NO Members Only GR-Research*, voting rights, Journals, Newsletters or Clues
    • Supporting Organization: ($50.00) (Identified as Commpany, Firm, Group, Organization, Society, Chapter, Club, League, Association, Corporation, Library, College, University) Receives Journals and Newsletters except NO Member benefits, voting rights ,Members Only GR-Research* or Clues
  • Life Membership and Payment:
    • Life: Receives all
    Select full payment or annual installment payment over a 5-year period
    Full Payment Annual Installment Payment
    40 years old & younger $1,050 $210
    41 years to 55 years old $900 $180
    56 years old & older $750 $150

* Research Your German Russian Ancestors (GR-Research), with no fee or masking of search results. Visit and explore the AHSGR GR-Research website at Open Access GR-Research is accessible byte all members & non-members. Members Only GR-Research includes Open Access GR-Research plus additional research data that will be available to authorized membership levels sometime in mid-2015. See the full GR-Research description at

Section 4 - Payment Information

Membership Dues
Total Amount

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